Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Yesterday's Sun

The Sun was there,
Completing its jobs and its routine,
Feeding the flowers and freshen the air,
And for the moon to lean.

The Sun was so bright and shining,
Brighten the whole, entire universe,
Ensuring that all contents were with its lighting,
How they wish the time would reverse,
To the moment- that moment with no sorrow.

The stars start to dim,
They are hidden behind the darkness,
No more Sun-the stars limp,
To cure they might need a moon nurse,
But nurse is no a Sun,
Who can lighten them the whole night and month.

Today is the day,
Rain starts to fall heavily,
No more Sun-the clouds conquer all,
Forever they'll be dark and cloudy,
The brightness will eventually fall,
To the Sun-so long and goodbye,
To it the send to the high.

It felt just yesterday,
Today is not indeed the day of today.

Nine had flown through and through,
Ten is waiting to pass too,
Fast they would run,
Leaving all the forever memories behind,
Like the evergreen songs they live,
Forgotten she will never be, they believe.

We miss you,
As the day waits the night to be coming through.

Ha. This is my own poem. Dah lame nak pos. Tp baru amek dr lecturer. Nah! Bace. The bold lines to credit to HATIM ROSLAN. He gave me the idea lahh in BM. I translated it. Thnks2. :) Hang mmg jiwang. Haha. :))) Poetry is so not me. Tp bile ade mood nak tulis poem, masing2 pon berlumbe. :))

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raya Raya dan Raya~!

This year punye raye cam bese. Best lahh. Sebab raye kat kampung kan. Johor. At first, sume pakcik makcik were to be gathered. Turn johor sume tahun nih. Tp last2 yg ade seperti biase kami sekeluarge, Makpadi , Poksu sekeluarge and Mekty sekeluarge. Yg lain, last minute pny plan terpakse lahh balik kelantan lahh terengganu lahh, kedah lahh , perlis lahh. Nak dijadikan cerite pulak. This yr tak dpt nak raye umah arwah nenek. Rumah tinggal kan. Tp sebenarnye selama 7 thun raye sebelum nih mmg raye situ pon. This year, cabel elektrik abes kene kebas. Takde elektrik. So, kami menumpang tdo kat umah maklong.

Seperti biase. Aktiviti memasak akan bermule pg sebelum raye sampailahh malam raye tuh.
Menu :

Nasi impit ( takde ketupat. sedih!)
Kuah kacang
Ayam masak merah
Daging gulai kawah
Rusa masak rendang.
Ayam masak kicap (special. org johor je ade)
kuah lodeh
Sambal goreng.

Byk kaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Haha. Pnt tolong msk nih uols. (padehal tlg potong2 je hahaha).

Pagi raye. Seperti bese juge. Yg lelaki akan ke masjid. Solat sunat raye. Para wanita akan tggl di rumah. Menyiapkan ape yg patut. Dan bersiap! Heeeeeeee. Ok. Sume nak melaram lahh kan. Theme?? Hitam. Boleh faham taaaaaaaaaaaaakkk uols?? Raye2 pakai hitam? Haha. Ok. Rare lahh tuh. Bersalam2. Makan2 dan makan2 lagi. Lepas tuh baru start p beraye. :)

Perihal duit raye. Ha.. Dah besar2 nih, pyh lahh sikit nak dpt kann. huhu. Tp kalau makcik pakcik bg tuh, mmg selalu dpt lebih lahh. Ohh. Ade satu rumah sedare jauh nih. Tak bape knl. So die tatau bape umo kite kann. Saye diberi duit raye! Tra, adik saye tak dpt! Maknenye.........??? Awet muda lahh. haha. Byk kali! haha

Tak puas sebenarnye kat kg. Raye ke3 dah balik sini balik. Tak best kan. Ayah kene keje ke Indon. Tak dpt beraye!~ I miss kazen2 sebelah ayah saye sebnrnye. Huhu. Dah lame tak jumpe.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


I think i need to write something to clear things up. It happened so fast isn't it?? Be matured as your age plz. And even so, u said it is not for us, we are not stupid in analyzing it. And u r not good in lying. Trust me. We CARE! Seriously! Why did we do the so-called backtalking..??? U had done that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy before we did! I trust you. U are like my big brother. And tbe2 u didnt want to talk to me for so many times for no reasons. Ape yg kau ckp kau being emotional with reason?? Tell me that ur earlier post wasnt meant for me. Tell me those posts werent for us. I wont believe you. I am 20 and yet i know how to think.

Ni ade cite. Mase aku form5, aku tak disukai sume dak pompuan. Sbb dorg kate i am being tooooooo loud. They had a confront wit me. Respon saye? trime dan baiki diri. If org taleh ikot care kite, kite ikot care org. Not saying that we are being hypocryte, it is to at least make people see that we are trying to change. Kalau dah majority dah tak suke, maknenye kite yg silap. Igt suke ke keadaan jd cani?? I wanted us old days. Dulu. Yg bersatu. This is not us anymore. I dont wanna see this. Even i am not there to really see whats happening, but i know. I still can read and write. Do you think we are happy things become like this? We are not. Tanye je spe2. Takde sape suke. Takde sape tak kesah. Hey. It is ur right to be straight forward. And it is our right too to ask for ur cooperation to soften a bit ur thoughts. Bukan sume org leh trime straight forward. Lg2 pompuan. Lg2 pasal fizikal. U r allowed to be straight forward but plz dont be too harsh.

Hey. Dgr nih. Kami care. Kami syg frenship nih. We want to solve things. Let bygone be bygone. Lower down ourselves and we'll finally be ok. Thats all we need. :(

P/s : This is not for you. ( But somehow u feel like it was being pointed to u kan. That was what we felt.) Tq.