Monday, November 7, 2011

Introducing Me New Familia.

It has been sooo long since the last time I blogged. Yeah. New sem has started and I have been very busy and stuff. Doing things that I need to do. Firstly, as a student. So many assignments , presentations and exams. Secondly, as one of main boards in a society. Attending meeting and stuff. And yeah one more. As a cast in a theater. Yeah. So this sem, finally I have the courage to go for the audition. And alhamdulillah. I am selected to be part of the theater. Yeay! Yippi! 3 commitments in a sem. That's a whole lot! Seriously imma not kidding you this. It's hard even to be at your room. '-_-

I wanna tell you guys what happened on my birthday. I know it's pretty lame. I know it was on the last last Saturday. Lame! Well who cares! Haha. On my birthday, as usual. I had EXAM. yeah bebeh yeah. ARABIC MIDTERM EXAM. And what's with that? I have been spending my birthday night with Arabic notes all over the place. Sheesh. Im not kidding. While having the whole lot warm wishes, I was studying like very hard. And nothing much happened. I know my birthday would end just like that. urghh. To make it even worse, I flunked my Arabic paper. Cool? Yeah. I know it is indeed.

BUT, it did not end there. My birthday continued till the next Monday where my theatre mates had a plan to prank me with tepung and stuff. '-_- They obviously did that dengan berjayanya. Well. What do you expect. Kau dikelilingi pelakon - pelakon kot. Harus lah lakonan menjadi! Duhh. Dan pengakhirannya........? Ramai yang tertipu . Cait.

Yeah. These are the gambar that we've got. Let's!


Err. Confuse dengan watak sendiri. Haha.

Yeah. This is Aiman! Comel kot dia. Well. He acted innocent tapi dia tahu what was going to happen. '-_-

Meet my scene mate and Arsenal mate. CAPIX. Eh. Syafiq. Si arkitek yang sombong. Oh. This is the mastermind. Muka sumpah konon takkan ada apa2 yang berlaku.

Syafiq, Tasya, Me, Nazmi.
We're having fun ambik gambar, aren't we? Tasya looked super gorgeous! :) She is also my scene mate. A great actress she is. Nazmi tu Used to be assistant director. :)

we looked clean, no?


Yang depan sekali tu, Sue. Our Assitant director. She is great. Tegas dan fun. Dan she is pretty.

Sebelah Sue tu Farid. Assitant director. Yang juga tau apa yang akan berlaku. Pandai farid berlakon! '-_- Dia garang but i know untuk kebaikan kami. Yeah yippi.

A group photo. How comot we were. Ofcoz lah aku yang paling comot kan. Grrrr.
Yang berbaju kurung itu adalah Fatin. She is so cool. We can talk about serious and not serious things together. Sometimes, i think the way we think pon sama. :) lelaki berbaju putih sebelah fatin itu adalah Shah. Newbie. Hopefully dia takkan back out. Yeah. :) Yang berbaju merah sebelah baju biru itu adalah Man. Pemilik gambar2 ini. :) Dia suka buat lawak dan main - main. Tapi I know he's got something to show to us! :) Yang buat tanduk kat aku tu, Qawy. The tallest man in UIA. HAHA. Dia garang gilaaaaa okay. Haha. Tp dia sgt professional.

The most favourite picca of all. :) Depan Tasya, si Aizan. Sifu Bahasa Arab. Dia lah yang dengan rela hati mengajar kami Bahasa Arab. :) Tq Ustaz. yang berbaju oren itu adalah Rams. Orang Sabah yang lucu dan sangat random. Ketua kampong yang berjaya! haha. Lelaki bercap itu pulak adalah Syafiq jugak. Syafiq ohsem kitorg panggil dia. Dia mmg ohsem dan dia punya BM. Errrrr. haha. Lelaki yang berbaju biru Everton itu adalah Afiq. Dia merupakan mastermind jugak. Seorang yang gila. Dan minat Chelsea yang kalah dengan Arsenal 5-3 aritu. Hhaha. Perempuan bertudung putih itu adalah fana. Cantik dia ni. Tinggi dan putih dan kelakar. Haha.
Yang tudung hitam tu, tayah nak introduce lagi kot. HAHAHA. Phye. :) Yang paling hot. Haha.

Yeah this is me! Look like whatever u wanna call it. I dont mind.

Yeah. I am done introducing all my theatre mates. Except for the director yang takde malam tu. Nanti saya buat post baru khas untuk director okay? :)

They are now my new family. I love them so much. Seriously and I miss them during this one whole break. Sobsobsob.

Dear theater mates,

Thank you for the birthday prank. This is really my first time untuk dapat tepung and stuff masa hari jadi. Haha. But thank you . Terharu. :') You guys really made my day. I wanna let you guys know that every day i'm waiting for the training sebab i know you guys can cheer me up even im having a really bad day. We are a family now. I know we can do the very best for the theater! Jyeah kawan2. Semangat2.

p/s : kepada next empunya bday, just be prepared.