Thursday, May 26, 2011

Al- Fatihah.

Aku kalungkan doa dan Al-fatihah untuk arwah Pak Teh yang baru saja meninggalkan kami pagi tadi. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Amin Ya Rabb.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review Nur Kasih The Movie.

After almost a week NKTM nih was out, baru hari ni dapat tengok. Semangat nak tengok cerita nih dah lama dah. HAHA. Ok straight to the point.

Nur Kasih secara keseluruhannya was great. Though ada flaws. Biasalah. Mana ada movie yg perfecto. So, I am saying that it wont be a waste to watch this. For me lah. And for those yang follow cerita nih from the very beginning, you people should watch this. Because nih dah macam ending betol2 and dah takde kesinambungan cerita selepas nih. And ramai orang kata cerita ni sedih. Kena bawak tisu. Hmm. Well yes! Dalam panggung, ramai kot dok ter sok sek sok sek. And I have read this one review saying that she cried for most of the scenes dalam cerita tuh. Mula2 tu I was like, takkan lahh start2 sampai habis sedih je. Hmmm. Well, YES! For most of the scenes, I have cried. Dah lah tak bawak tisu. Meleleh air mata. HAHA. Sedih bukan sebab apa. Sebab pelakon berjaya memainkan peranan mereka lah. Sedih sedih sedih.

If korang nak cari cerita kekeluargaan, NKTM sangat sesuai. NKTM is not about those lovey dovey things . Cerita jiwang yang orang selalu pk. Tak tak tak. It is about family . Your family . And of course Islam and Allah. Sebab ada value2 yang macam nih lah yang buat NKTM is all worth it to be watched. Korang , p lah tengok. It is recommended .

p/s : maybe ada yang takkan nangis. hati keras sgt kot. haha. aku hati tisu. fragile.

p/s/s : Keluar wayang, Aina dok gelak tgk muka saya. Nampak sangat kot kesan nangis. Mata still berair. Takde tisu nak lap. Muka idung suma merah. Malunya. And kluar tu pon still nak nangis. Tak pham.~!

p/s/s/s : Anak Aidil, Ilyas. Suka tgk dia. Tym kecik. Dr kecik dah nmpak kewibawaan sebagai abg. Mia buat orang ketawa. Comel! :)

Enjoy the movie, y'all!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

umar zachery .

So, if u dont really know who I am. I would say i am the eldest of 4 siblings. And my mother is the eldest of 12 siblings. So, logically I am one of the very eldest grandchildren of my late grandparents . And another so, I have loads of cousins. Including me, it is almost 40 cousins !! 40 ? Yeah. 40. So I have quite young uncles and aunties. quite. not so young. HAHA. And my lil cuzzies are a lot! Very small. I feel very old. haha. Everyone calls me KAK INA. They are very small u know. Sometimes, I feel like they can be considered as my nieces and nephews. Cz they are too small. I have nieces and nephews in my father's side.

The story goes............ If u ever read my tweet and my FB's status, recently, it is always about this one name. UMAR ZACHERY. Oh. He is my lil cuzzie. Not even a year old boy. he is 6 months old. His babysitter went to Bandung for a week. And we got to jaga him. We as in me, my sis, and my mon of coz. For a week, man! I had fun with this lil boy. He is super damn cute. It is not hard to take care of him. He is simply a good boy.

1 week is over and I miss him a lot. :( . Adik Umar. Rindu bebeh. hehe.

if u ever wonder how Umar looks like. This is him!!! Comel kan. I miss kissing his cute cheeks! :) Muah muah muah adik! :)

Johny johny yes papa eating sweets no papa telling lies no papa open ur mouth a a a. HAHA :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

love and life.

When everyone talks about their love life, I mean not everyone. Every blogs I have just read just now. HAHA. I am thinking what about mine? How would I say?

There is nothing to be shared. As simple as that. Not that our relationship is soooooooooooooo boring. Its just that nothing big happen between us. I mean our fights and arguments. It often lasts for what 5mins? and so yeah. He always asks why is that there is not much on him? Well. The answer is I dont like to share u with the others. HAHAHA. and it is as if there are people who want him?? huhu. No. I mean. I think it is better for us to keep our relationship as ours u know. No one knows about what we had fought for. No one even bothers why this and why that. I prefer this way than to have everyone konon cares for our relationships. And as if they are taking care of it more than we do. I'm just saying u know.

Biarlah sakit and bahagia tu kita rasa berdua je. No need to tell anyone how awful I am and how annoying you are. HAHA. Just make it a secret. I know no matter how big the problem is, we can solve it by our own. That is why Allah gives us brain. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

favourite genre.

If people ask me, what type of movie do I like? I'll answer it with "I just dont like action movies." It's funny , u know. People ask on what u like, u answer it with what u dislike. I just dont really know what type of movies I really like.

The thing is that, I went home and felt like I really need to watch movies and I didnt find much in my sister's lappy. There are less than 10 movies and all is not updated. The only movie that I havent watch at that tym was A WALK TO REMEMBER. And so I watched it.

I just like that movie so much! And so yeah, romantic movies will be my choice. How sweet Landon Carter is! I was just melted by the way he treated his gf, Jamie Sullivan. I know its freaking hard to find a bf like him. Nama pon movie. Very fantasy. Haih. And now, I am dreaming if there is A bf like him in this whole world. All the girls in this world would go and chase for him. Aww. He is super damn sweet man! Arghhh.

I cant just stop thinking about it yet. Seriously. Oh, btw, this is an adaptation from a novel. I must find the book.! I am so lame, arent I? haha. Loser. Lambat gila.

LANDON CARTER, I am seriously in love with you! <3

Shane West, awak sebenarnya macam hensem, :)

So. in conclusion, I would say, romantic movies will do for me. I mean really do! ! Hopeless romantic? Not really. I just like to see people being romantic. I just wont.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

reasons aku.

angan - angan nak bekerja tercapai semalam. aku diterima masuk kerja kat satu shopping mall terkemuka negara. happy , excited, sume ada weh. So semalam aku pergi lah. Pukul 230 ptg smapi 930 malam.

Nak kata penat tu takde lah. Sebab aku dah biasa berdiri bagai. Dulu time kerja kat Petro pon macam tu. Tapi sebab aku dgn batuk dan selsemanya , aku pun takde mood nak buat kerja. Aku bukan apa nak kerja kat situ. Nak cari pengalaman baru lah kan. Kalau ikut, aku tayah cari kerja dah. Aku boleh je kerja kat Petro. Tapi aku nak kan pengalaman tu. Kerja dia tak susah mana. Tapi BOSAN! Tak kena dgn jiwa aku nih. Phm tak bila kadang kita dapat kerja yang tak kena dgn kita. Dia macam cannot go. And aku selalu comparekan kerja kat situ dgn kerja kat Petro. Sumpah! Petro 18ribu kali best!

And nak nak pulak ada kakak ni cakap. "Sebenarnya kitorg tanak pon org, tp adik dtg tiba2 kan, kita takkan nak halau pulak. So, Jumaat ni tggu supervisor. Tgk sebenarnya adk boleh ke tak kerja kat sini? " What the heck! And plus dia ckp jadual company bg takleh tukar2 bagai. and kita byk branch . LOT10, Isetan. Semua tempat tu takleh pakai tudung. Adik leh bukak tudung tak?
duhhh! Mmg tak lah. So, aku decide, FOR MY OWN GOOD, nak berhenti je. Sebelum aku diberhentikan! Buang masa aku je. huh! Setelah pk2 pros and cons nya, I need to quit this job.


If u wanna do part time tapi nak fleksibel tym, pergi PETROSAINS ye. sangat2 sesuai nak compare yang lain. Huh!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

sesi makeover.t

ha. entry kali ni pasal sesi make over . wah. make over sangat. masa cuti hari tu. Kakak angkat aku @ Kakju mintak tolong aku jadi model dia. Dia belajar make up nih. And of coz kena ada model lah kan. And aku jadi ah. Tym tu aku cuti. Oh. Bukan cuti. Gap seminggu tuh. Hehe. And tema hari itu is hari persandingan kot. Ha. Make up kawen2 lahh. huhu. Hampir 2jam juga muka aku di touch up dan inilah hasilnya...............................

Nih bahagian mata ye. ye. bulu mata palsu. berat uols. and and lama jugak nak wat mata je. :)

fokus idung. haha. klaka lah idung aku. dah ditouch up. nmpk lah mancung sikit. padahal... and bibir tuh. tetap bibir ikan. :)

Nahhhhhh. Inilah yang sebenar2nya. Tebal kan. Nak remove nih ambik masa setengah jam. Tapi aku suka KakJu makeup. Lawa je! :)

ps: macam artis kan. hahahahaha! ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

saya sayang JOHOR!

Being at my mother's hometown is always the best thing of all. Yeah. I've told u before. 1st may , we had our family reunion. Just imagine. All of my mom's siblings were there. Total up , it would be 11. 11 families. Imagine. The rumah pusaka was full house. If my grandparents were still alive , they would be the most happiest persons on earth. Oh. How I wish , they were here with us. I miss them so much.

Agenda : was to make some tahlil and yassin for all who have gone. And makan2 sikit . and plus gotong royong untuk bersihkan rumah pusaka kat Merlong tu. Dah bertahun tak duduk2 kan. Tapi rumah tu tak buruk pon. Macam ada org yang tolong jagakan. :)

Oklah. I think I will let the pictures do the talking. :)

nih. after tahlil. makan3. bungkus sajo. :)

proses penebangan pokok rambutan 1

sorang je buat keje. yang lain tukang tengok. ahaks.

my cute lil cuzzie, ijah!(she knows my name now!)

my uncles : poksu and pak zaman!

dah nak balik. hehe. izah with her abg ajin. hehe.

disebabkan takde elektrik, ramai terdampar di luar. hehe

ijah dengan pakmau! nama sebenarnya pakmal tapi ijah sebaut pakmau.

tebang pokok lagi!

termenung. yang lain penonton penebangan pokok. haha

mak idah and mak eton tolong cuci pinggan.

rumah nih lawa lagi! tikar pon elok lagi. hmm.


makan time! hehe. seronok makan ramai2!.

my cute father. hehe.

Lepak lu. :))

pak imam depan sekali. pak piee.

makan time 2!

aku kepanasan tym nih. pfft. :)

laman yang dipenuhi dgn kereta setelah bertahun2. :)

ini pakmi aku. suka nyakat org,

Nurdini comel!

org lelaki. :)

Nah. Banyak gambar kan. hehe. :))

Total up orang suma hmm ada 39 orang suma sekali. Meriah meriah. Hehe. I hope ada lagi family gathering macam nih. :)

kalau orang ckp aku kampung, aku bangga jadi kampung! :)