Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have a fever today. But I have nobody to talk with. So, I post something in my blog. I am not feeling right. I dont know what to think anymore. U must have forgotten me ea? That fast! Huhuuhu. I am juz missing u more n more. T_T


I am sorry kalau ade terbuat awak sgt stress. Cz I dont have intention to do so pon. Kite tau awak stress ngn kite. Awak tertekan. Sorry. I do nothing juz loving u. T_T


See! You are such an unpredictable person. Today, no you at all. I dont want to start texting you cz I know 99% sure that u wont reply. And it hurts u know. Do u hate me or something.? I bet u do. Sorry that I am chasing u like crazy cz I have said I cant live without u. This is the prove. I cant!! U r my soul see!! Hmm. Today, I am not happy and sad and cry again! T_T.. I miss you so much. Juz 1 call a day from you wud b enuf for me though.


I miss when he said 'I love u' to me.
I miss when he said 'Kite cinta awak sgt2.'
I miss when he called me sayang.
I miss when he called my full name when he is mad at me and when he wanna warn me. "dayang amalina! jgn wat tu jgn wat ni.'
I miss when he makes fun of me. 'Puase la wak'( nak cakap aku gemuk kan. huhu)
I miss when he is being a very sweet talker. He is!
I miss when he comforts me when I am crying.
I miss when he is damn worried bout me.
I miss when we have fight out of nothing and terus baik pastu. Huhuhu.
I miss when we have fun together.
I miss when he doesnt allow me to do things that for him is not gud for me.
I miss when he tries to give his money that I reject to take. And finally, I have to take. huhu.
I miss when he laughs.
I miss when he smiles.
I miss when he is being blur. Comel gile.
I miss him.
I miss you.
I miss us.

Thanks for all the memories.
I miss you. Everything bout you, T_T

Love Story

Today my sister shares her love story with me. She has been with someone for like almost 2years now. And now, there is someone. For her. She said that that new guy seems to understand her that much and cares for her more than her own BF. I said to her choose someone that u think that there is no regret for u to choose him. She said jht la aku kalau pilih the new guy. And I said to her jhtke aku tgglkan seseorg untuk seseorg yg lain. She said jht la.

I've been thinking bout this u know. Jahat ke aku ? I am in love with somebody else when I was with someone else. Coz that somebody else treated me like a princess back then. He understands me until now. He always be there for me every single time I need someone. My Bf at that time was too bz with his work n stuff. So, I've told to this particular guy that I dont think I have a BF. He was like.." Takpe dyg.. Teruskan je ngn die. He loves u. U love him kan." I was like so kind of this guy. He was my Dr. Love back then. He tried to solve my problems with my Bf. Until one day he admitted and confessed to me that he likes me. And I was like.. Hmm "I need u more than my BF". I said that in my heart. i said to him 'Jgn letak harapan, kite still GF org , kite jht..'. But then he kept on trying and trying. And my heart wanted him that much at that time. Tapi ye lah. Pikikan my Bf at that time. Tanak la kan. Tapi aku da stat syg die. Aku tanak hilang die. Sampai la 1day ni he asked me to be his GF. Igt lagi. Time tu bulan pose. Berbuke ngn die. Die smoke jap kat lua kete n aku dalam kete. He texted me "Sudi tak awak jd Gf kite?" hahah. So sweet of him kan. I replied "Nak sgt wak. Tapi takleh." He then replied "Takpe wak. Kite sggp." Aku tak jawab. He gave me time to think mase balik tu. He said he will call me. He sent me home. And ask about that and I agreed to b his Gf. 17hb September 2009. But then he said that I am not happy with him bile dah cpl. Pape tah. org happy gile. Pastu the next day die mintak balik to b proper. 18hb September 2009. Our official date la kan. Time tu I was still someone's Gf. 19hb Sept, he came to my house nak anta tudung he bought for me for raye. Kete die accident. so basically he didnt have ant transport at all nak anta. Aku cakap. Takpe la wak. Its ok tudung tuh. Die insist gak nak anta. Naik moto. Ngn kawan die. Tym tu dah ptg. Ujan lebat kat umah aku. Aku risau. Tapi die sampai gak. Dgn basah lencun. Sian die. He gave me a tudung and 2 letters. ;).. Thanks. How u love me at that time. Sian. But that what have he done for me. Many more. He has loved me so much. After weeks, aku pon break off ngn Bf lame aku.

Jahat ke aku? Aku tatau. As I said to my sis, buat pilihan yg kau takkan nyesal. Tu la yg aku wat. Ak pilih tuk cpl ngn die n tgglkan Bf ak sesuatu yg takkan penah aku sesalkan. Even pd tarikh 18hb Feb kitorg break, tp ak tak penah nyesal cpl ngn die. He is my love forever.
I know he loves me that much despite all that have happened. He always wants me to b happy. I am his priority I know. But that is history. Tapi aku takpenah nyesal ngn die. Despite everything yg jd! I wont! and aku sgt bahagie dgn syg die sampai skang. Even aku da tak dapt syg die. Tapi syg die yg dulu2 da cukup byk untuk wat ak hidup.

So to my sis, again.. Buat la pilihan yg kau takkn nyesal. jht tak jht tu kau pk la sendiri. ;)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Again. I am juz missing u. Hmm.


Baru terigt .. I had a dream malam td. And its about him. The dream is sooooooo us before. See.. How can I forget u? Mimpi ni dtg bukan dipinte. And ya we were happy in that dream. Something happened. Its juz too personal to be talked about. But ya. I am happy. Yg aku igt dalam mimpi tuh, he brings me for a walk kot. Kat mane tatau. There were somebody else tp tatau sape. Yg ak igt aku n die je. Hmm. How happy We are in the dream. How happy I am. See. It has been more than a week now we broke it off, but I still cant get over you yet. I am jz missing u even more,. Luckily, ur perfume tu da takde. Kalau tak makin gile meroyan aku. so, ade gak la hikmahnye die buang perfume tu kan. hmm..


Hmm. I dont know today what is gonna b!.. I hope he is in a gud mud that what makes me real happy. Hmm. Hopefully. He will do something that makes me happy as in a call from him wud b enuf. I am juz missing u some more. :(


Malam td I dont know what happen. Dah tdo kol1130 tu then kol1230 terjage and I cud think was him. I called him and he sounded good. My body has all the pain you know. It hurts. And pastu rase tak sedap ati gile. I cudnt sleep . He advised me to read ayat2 berkenaan, And dah kurg tak sedap hati tu. Tapi sakit still ade. Try nak tdo, tp pas subuh baru tdo. Tatau la knp. and as I said sakit badan tu pg2 die hilang. Yup! Tol la tu tak sakit pon skang. Kene tggu ptg japg ni. Haisy. PMS kot. Oh ya.. Thanks cz I really dont know what to do las nyte.

In Real Pain

Okay.. Sakit ak dtg balik.. Meh ak cite bile die dtg.. Stat kol6 onwards dtg gile die. Haisy! Rase malas nak bgn. Nak baring je .. Tak larat. Pastu kaki ak cam bisa. Aduuuhhhh! Tatau la ni. The next morning I'll b ok. Pastu kol6 camtu stat la sakit die. haisy...


I am happy today. I am!!! After crying in the morning tu, u called. Thank u. U clmed me down though. But I know my happy today wont b my happy tomorrow. Meaning, my happy today wont guarantee my happy tomorrow. I might end up crying like hell, being abandoned like yesterday tomorrow. well.. I am quite ready for that. Not ready 100% but quite. For tomorrow.
Awak.. Seriously, I dont want much. I juz want u being u in treating me. TQ.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I am juz missing him.


Siti Amirah Desa. Childhud fren ak. Said I am no longer me. See! I've told you. DAYANG AMALINA YG DULU DAH MATI.

Get Well Soon for me!

Ok. What am I dealing right now? Hati aku mmg dah lame sakit dah. Skang ni bdn aku lak sakit2. From head to toe. Especially bahu n pinggang. Sakit gile. Cam berbisa. Sakit sendi pon ade. Aku ngadap komputer ni apatah lg sakitnye. Badan aku rase sgt berat. Nape ek? Tbe2 lak tuh. Haisy. Effect sakit hati ke? Takkan la kan. Semoga cepat sembuh, dyg.!

Hey YOU!

Hey you! Yes you! Dgr ape ak nak cakap....

Kau aggp ak ni ape pade kau skang? U said u wanna be frens with me. Tapi harini. What happened? Once u made me happy and smile and treated me well. But the next day, kau jd org lain. Aku tak paham tau tak!! Kau ni nak main2kan aku ke ape? Mainkan perasaan aku. Aku manusia,perempuan yg ade perasaan. And ak tau kau pon ade kan. Ak mintak tak susah pon. Treat me well. Thats all. Kau tanak cpl ngn aku balik. Ok fine la! Takpyh. Tapi lyn ak elok2 la sikit kawan. Kau tak sehat. Ak sian kat kau. Sumpah ak sian. Aku tanak wat kau risau. Tapi kau risau ke pasal aku sbnrnye? Tah. KAu je tau. Taknak bg ak nangis, taknak bg aku sakit. Huh? Kau sendiri tau cane ak akan sakit kan. Post ni ak publish sbb ak sakit. Sakit pk nape ngn kau.

Kau tak sehat. Kau igt ak sehat ke? Ha. Kau tatau. Takpyh la tau ak sakit ape skang. Kau cakap ak yg carik hal taknak lupekan kau. Kau igt senang ke? Semalam kau ok. harini ? Tak phm. Ak kol kau bukan sebb ak nak mintak cpl balik ngn kau la. Jgn la risau sgt. I was trying to be away from u when u suddenly called me yesterday and treated me well and said that we are frens. And now? Aku tatau la. Kau sngaje ke ape wat aku cani? Ak makin sakit!

A statement for u n for me..

you: Dont act like u super care to me when u r not.

Me: I hate the fact that I still love you.


Finally, the day has come... Ayah came to me to have a heart-to-heart conversation...

"Ina.. Kenape sbnrnye. U seem to hve problems and I dont want u to hide it from me. Ayah tak nampak anak ayah dah dalam diri Ina skang. U r too cold dgn sume org. Tiap2 kali ayah balik keje tgk mate bgkk. Ayah tgk Ina cam tak sehat pon ade. Knp ni? Jgn teruk sane na. Ayah tgk Ina da truk ni."

"Ina takde ape yah, Ina ok. Ina sihat je."

Thats all I can say to my dad. Sorry yah. I cant tell u much. Im sorry that I lied to u. I am not ok. And memang rase tak sehat. Badan sakit sgt dr ujung pale sampai la ujung kaki. Terutame bahu, pinggang n kaki. Bisa gile and I dont know why. Nak kate PMS, ak baru je period. Tah. Pinggang sakit sgt. Sakit die dtg tbe2. Japg kang ak jerit sorg2. Hahahah. Klaka. But nobody knows. :)

Thanks ayah for the care and the love.

I Swear!

I've tried very hard to forget u. But I juz cant. I am missing u. And us before. I swear I have tried. I have tried to not to remember you n I have tried to hate you. But obviously I cant! I promised you not to cry but I cant. I dont know wht happened to me n what is wrong with me. The conclusion is Im weak. Very weak.

To find a Bf in a month is waaaaayyy impossible! In a short time how can I find love from somebody else. n how can I forget u that fast. How is that possible?! And u said that "Oh.. Simple. To forget me, juz find a new BF. What the....?!!! I mean I need to love that guy more than I love u to forget u. Or else I'll have a new BF but not happy. So, it is the same thing. Juz let me live with ur love some more time. I am happy with ur love. Ya. It does hurt sometimes. But juz let it be. I'll b okay one fine day. For the mean time, I'll b okay if u treat me well. Or else.. I'll be suffering like hell!!

Dayang yg dulu gagah tanpe lelaki, yg dulu takkan menitiskan airmate untuk lelaki da lame takde. Dayang skang Dayang yg sgt lemah dan biakan hidupnye dibayangi kaum yg bername lelaki. ;(

Thursday, February 25, 2010


But u certainly have made me happy juz now. U have made me laugh out of nothing actually. Juz ur funny jokes n u!

"Jangan menangis bertenanglah.."

Hahahah. So sweet of u. Cz sepnjg we were together, u never ever sang to me n for me except for the bday song see. See! Only u can make me smile n happy. I am serious. And ya u have a pretty gud voice though. Hahhaa. serious shit. No kidding. I am serious. After days of crying, at least now I cud smile. Thanks. Well, I know u still love me despite the thing u said to me that U dont want me anymore and u have a new GF named Lisa. Whatever! I know it is a lie. Duhhh! Try harder to make me hate u cz I'll never will. My love is juz sooooo strong. I love u! Ya I promise not to say that. And u said I can if I said that in my heart. My blog is my heart. So, its ok ayte? I love u so fucking damn much n forever!

:) -> :(

For the first time I am smiling. But then u took that away again.

I juz dont understand why do u like me to forget u. Its hard u know! U said that I chose to not forgetting u. Ya! A definite yes to that. Bcz I love u that much u see. Its easy for you to say that I am going to forget u 1day but if I say that I dont want to, what say you? "Entahlah. Takpaham ngn awak. Cane nak phmkan awak pon tatau. Cakap elok2 dah, cakap tak elok pon dah tp takpahm gak." Mmg kite sakit igt kat awak tp kan wak bialah kite sakit. Im used to it now. Its ok. Dont bother to worry bout me. U know what I am happy to live my life with ur love and pliz let it be that way. Even I dont get any of ur love now. Ur love before is enough to make me happy. And ya I choose to love u n to recall all those things that we have done together. Salah ke? Ok fine! Awak tanak kat kite. Ok la. Kite tak pakse pon awak nak kat kite. So pliz la jgn pakse kite untuk lupekan awak. Boleh tak? Kite merayu sgt wak. Tq.


Thanks frens for being with me. Thanks phye for the post.

Kita bg nasihat kat org senang. To do it by ourselves susah kan. I am heartbroken. And I never felt like this before as if he is my first BF. He is not but yet he is my love. Its not easy though to let him go after all the things that we have gone thru together. I was strong all this while bcz of him. I am not now.

Me to b better? I juz need him. Or else I'll b suffering thru out my whole life. It hurts though. Penat but what I can do. Suruh ak lupekan die,? Awak suh kite lupekan awak?

IGT SENANG KE?!!!! Susah. Ak maybe takkan sampai thp bunuh diri phye. But then I dont know what might happen. As I said Dayang Amalina yg dulu dah mati. Kau takkan jumpe die yg dulu. I am a new me. Which I dont think that a new me is better cz I am not. So, berserah..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Read This Pliz

After days of crying and being weak, pg ni ak bgn, Im totally a way different person.

Hati aku dah sgt keras untuk org2 lelaki. I wanna b strong but then again it takes way loads of tym see. Tapi serious. Hati ak sgt tertutup to have love in my heart again. Cz it hurts. It hurts to know that I might end up breaking off again. It hurts!

Aku dah cakap kat kau byk kali. Aku syg kau lebih. Tapi kau cakap kau syg aku lebih. Ak cakap ak takleh idop tanpe kau. Kau pon cakap bnde same. See.. Ak yg betol2 takleh idop tanpe kau. U can hv ur life on without me. U totally can. I hv tough life. Mmg ak takleh idop tanpe kau. Sebab Dayang Amalina Hussin yg kau knl dulu dah mati! Dah mati. Dayang yg selalu gelak dgn kau dah mati. Sebb skang Dayang yg ade ialah Dayang yg selalu nangis tok kau. Dayang yg selalu happy dgn kau dah mati. Sebb yg ade ialah Dayang yg tak pernah happy dgn hidop die skang. Dayang dah mati. Dayang sakit. Sgt. Aku janji dgn kau nak cari bf baru. Kau igt senang ke? Susah. Nak lupekan kau pon susah inikan nak cari bf baru. Pk logik k. Aku dah janji taknak nangis da. Kau igt senang ke? Malam td pas kau ltk fon ak nangis lagi. See. Mmg Dayang dah mati. dah takde dayang yg kau knl, kau sayang dulu. Kau mungkin senang nak lupekan aku. Tapi ak tak.

Aku tak penah salahkan kau ape yg jadi. Aku phm. tapi ak nak kau phm nape ak camni. Dulu tym ak nangis kau pujuk ak. Skang ak nangis kau marah ak. Cane la ak tak makin nangis.

Kau nak ak cari bf baru? Ok fine! Ak amek je kat Fb yg dok kacau2 ak since ak dgn kau yg ak takpenah btau kau. Ak amek je sape nak kat aku. Ak bia die nak wat ape je kat aku. Sebb ak da tak kesa pasal idop ak lg. ok? that what makes u happy. Aku sian kat kau. Tapi kau sian tak kat aku? Aku sian. Aku kol bukan nak nangis dpn kau. wat kau risau. Tapi bile ak kol kau layan aku macam tah, ak jd sedih.

Aku ni seorg perempuan yg sangat menyayangi kau. I gave EVERYTHING to u. EVERYTHING. EVERY SINGLE THING. Kau tau ape je ak takwat untuk kau. So treat me that way pliz. Semalam kau bersumpah atas name Allah yg kau syg ak. Harini ak tny kau cakp kau tatau. That hurts.

Sekarang ak terpikir untuk accident ke ape ke kan pastu ilangkan ingatan aku spy ak da tak igt kat kau! Aku takkan kacau kau lg! Live ur life to the fullest without me. Jgn tension if u ever read this k. I didnt have the intention to do so.

Ak again tak salahkan kau. Takpenah. Paham je. Juz want to tell u dat DAYANG AMALINA DAH MATI. fullstop.

oh ya. I still love you. And I always do.

Lots of love from me.

thanks n sorry for everything.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


" Along, along da break ke?"
" Nape?"
" takdelah. Nape break. Padanlah asek2 menangis."
" Mane tau?"
" Ibu cakap kat ayah. Ajin dgr. Jgnlah break. Ajin nak kawan ngn Abg Wan."
" Ohh.."
" Jgnlah break tau."

Speechless.. Huhuhuhu..
azin is not helpful at all see! huhu ;)
At least I know, my family do care about him.
Itupon dah wat saye happy.


Ibu... Nape ibu takde dalam mase 10hari ni. Ina sgt memerlukan ibu. Siape nak dgr Ina nangis macam semalam. Ina dah takde sape2. Tira takde kat rumah. Adik, azin n ayah lelaki. Dorg takkan phm.. Ibu.... Ina nak ibu. Balikla cepat bu. Ina nak ngadu kat sape bu.. If ibu ade kat rumah ina akan ok sikit cam semalam. Sekurg2nye. Ina nak peluk ibu. Ina taktahan bu.. Taktahan sgt2.

Part of the List

Style of your hair
Shape of your eyes and your nose
The way you stare... As if you see, right through to my soul

It's your left hand and the way
That it's not quite as big as your right
The way you stand in the mirror... Before we go out at night
Our quiet time... your beautiful mind...

They're a part of the list
Things that I miss...
Things like your, funny little laugh
And the way you smile or the way we kiss
What I noticed is this... I come up with
Something new, every single time
That I sit and reminisce
The way your sweet smell
Lingers when you leave the room (you leave the room)

Stories you tell as we lay
In bed all afternoon (all afternoon)
I dreamed you now every night
In my mind is where we meet (in my mind is where we meet)
And when I'm awake
Staring at pictures of you asleep
Touching your face... invading your space

They're a part of the list
Things that I miss...
Things like your, funny little laugh
And the way you smile or the way we kiss
What I noticed is this... I come up with
Something new, every single time
That I sit and reminisce
Oh, and you'll live in my
Memories, forever more I swear
And you'll live in my... Memories, forever more I swear

They're a part of the list
Things that I miss... Things like your, funny little laugh
And the way you smile or the way we kiss
What I noticed is this... I come up with
Something new, every single time
That I sit and reminisce

Sakitnye bile rindu kat org :(..
Bile ak nak ok ni?


Ibu.. (Farizah Alias)

I would like to thank u for being a gud listener today. I am never expected to share my love story with you. U have made me feel relieved... thanks bu. At least I have u in my life!!! Thanks!!! And my other Ibu. :) I have two Ibus that make my life. Thank you God. :)

My Ibu Loves You, WMKS!

Dulu awak selalu tanye kite cakap kat kite "Awak, ibu awak sayang kite tak?"..
Meh kite jawab skang..
Ibu tanye "nape nangis teruk malam td.. Break off ke? Meh cite kat ibu.."
Kite cite sume wak.. Sampailah ke hal awak sakit.. Ibu pon reply

"Ina, sian die.. Time die perlukan Ina, Ina takde. Die tak sihat tuh.. takpe la na.. Doakan die cepat sembuh. Sian die. Kem salam ibu kat die."

Konklusinye: Ibu loves u!!!! Ibu cares for u!!..
Kite happy bile ibu cakap camtu. :)
Hope u read this.. With love, Ibu send her love regards and hopes that u will be better soon. Very soon..
Me too ;)


Dilande sesak nafas yg teruk tadi..
First tym cani.. Tak penah sesak nafas. Ak takde asma. Menangis teruk sgt td..
Sib ayah takde. Ak tanak Ayah tgk.. Sebb td ayah ade nak wat heart to heart conversation asking why am i crying yesterday and today.
Tatau nak jawab ape. Takkan nak cakap "Ayah, Ina putus cinte." Huhuu. nak makan penumbuk ayah. Ak jawab gado dgn kawan. He replied "Kawan ke Wan?". My dad is not stupid kan. Hmm And I was like.. tak la ngn kawan. Ayah cakap "Ayah tanak anak ayah heartbroken cani teruk. Jgn nangis lagi."
Ayah layan ak cam ak sakit arini.. Memang pon. Demam yg teruk. And sesak nafs. Sib ayah takde. Takde sape kat rumah. And no one knows. thank God umur pnjg lgi. I survive minutes after that. It takes tym to heal. So be strong. I hv no one now. Sebb ak bodoh as simply as that . Huhu :)

Monday, February 22, 2010


Dayang bodoh!! Bangang!!!!! Bodoh!!! Sial!!!!! Padan muke kau bodoh! Muke hodoh. Perangai cam sial. Bodoh! Dayang bodoh. Kadang2 B**i. Hehehheheh

i dont have life anymore

Pagi2 bgn.. Mate bengkak gile.. Huhu..
Dyg.. Plz kuat.. Stop crying... Ape pon kau tak buat kat rumah ni..
Move on..... Sakit sikit je dyg.. Sikit jee..
Jgn igt .. Jgn recall...

Cani tak terigt.. Kat gombak ni pon ade ape kenangn .. Huhu.. Kat rumah.. Port gayot.
Ya Allah.... Tolong la hamba Mu ini.. Kuatkan aku ya Allah..
Ya Allah.. Aku mohon berikanlah die kesihatan yg sempurna..
Ya Allah.. Aku mohon nampakkan lah jalan kalau betol jodoh aku bersamenye dan tutupkanlah terus pintu hati aku ini jika memang tiada jodoh antara kami..

Kuat dayang!!!!!!!!! Kuat!!!!! Dah2.. Jgn nangis.. Kat rumah ni kau sorg2.. Takde sape nmpk.. Takde sape nak lapkan airmata kau. Takde sape nak pnjmkan kau bahu that u can lean on. Kuat!!!!!!!!! jgn nangis lagi!!!! Stop!!!!!!!!

Kau yang maintak break kan? Padan la muke... Baru la aku tau knp ade org sggp bunuh diri untuk cinte :)

Love is mystery. Love is painful. Im hurted by love.
Cepatlah.. Datang lah. Another love story... That I can forget the old one..

Tell me how can I ever forget u!!!! How can I ever forget the love that still in my heart!!! Tell me how can I find a better guy when I can only see u!!!!! How can I .. How shud I! Tell me!!!!!!! I hv a very tough life.. How can I get thru it alone? When I can still see him in any ways...? I am not me now. I am weak.... Tak larat nak nangis dah. Tapi ape yg boleh aku buat????? Tell me what I hv to do?????? Teringat saat2 kite bahagie.... Happynye kite ;)

Jangan Igt!!! NAnty kau jadi gile.... Dulu die pernah cakap operate lah.. nanti die ade nak teman aku.. Aku taknak operate!!!!!!!! Bia ak sakit sampai bile2!! Sebb die da takleh teman aku..

Thx for the memories. Sorry for everything...


To someone. U know who u are..

I maybe can find someone better but can I ever love the better guy better.?
My answer : NEVER!

A Year to Remember

Sem 01 2009/2010....
Diterime masok ke UIA Nilai.. (tukar course from ICT to BEN)
Nilai bosan gile. Panas. Dah la katil atas. MAcam sauna.
Tiap2 minggu balik.
Budak Nilai sosial. PJ lg best.
Dpt masok Group5 core courses. Dapat kenal kawan kat situ.
Sebab budak baru, ak diam je .. Takde org knl ak.
Berkawan dgn Pika, Bila, Tasha, IedA n Ma. Dila n Syira juge.
Dak laki lak Paan n Khutaibah je.. Khu sebb rapat ngn Nik n Syira.
Paan lak sebb penah lepak skali...
Dapat lecturer best2. Mdm Mum, Bro Charlie, Mis Atiqah.
Had fun dgn dak2 group..
Pas midsem, rapat dgn wan n dudi lak. Lepak sekali.
Pas field trip drama kat KLPAC, kitorg p makan ngn Bro Charlie, wan n dudi kat kedai nasi lemak terbaik Nilai ;)..
PAs field trip, dak2 makin rapat. Satu kelas. Kene wat drama presentation.
Practice sampai lewat malam. Makin rapat.
Satu malam first tym overnyte ngn Dudi, wan, Phye n Jowi.
Nak anta Jowi Lcct. ON kat assalam Chempaka. Best! Start tu rapat ngn Phye n Jowi.
Study tuk Final same2. Best gile. Pokyea pon start rapat tym tu. Taqin juge.
Tym overnyte. Cuti bape mggu. Rindu kat geng2.

Sem 02 2009/2010
Start sem dgn bad news.
Lain group. Ak n Phye. Jowi, Akma, Dudi, Pokyea, Wan n Taqin. Pika n Bila.
But then still rapat.
Every lunch makan kat kawah thai kol 1.
Every dinner kol8 kat mane2 ktorg nak. Kdg2 kat kawah, abes2 sem kat teabox. Seronok.
Tapi study ak cam tahi kambing huhu.
Selaluye camtu lah rutin.
Da abes2 sem, Jowi stat hilang. Muq pulak...
Ade krisis wan n phye.
Last2 yg lepak same ak n Akma je.
Abes pon dgn bad things. Huhu.
Thx to Pika n Bila for being the same all the way! Love u! ;)

Jumpe kat Gombak!!!


Finally.. Nilai is over. Once it is heaven and sometimes hell.. Tu la Nilai.. all the memories takkan pernah ak lupe.. How I get soooo many frens there. I had a bf there. The greatest one. Huhu. So sad that I hv to go away from Nilai. and yet i am glad that Nilai time is over. Bcz lately there are soo many problems in Nilai that I want to go back. To all Nilaians frens.... Thx for being my frens and thx for all the memories..

My bunnies: Pika, Bila, Tasha..
Group 5..
Melodrama hatiku : Akma, phye, jowi, Shira, Taqin, Pokyea, Muq..
E-3-6 : Atyn, Ina, Shiqa, Misz, Ziema dll..
Childhood frens: Nik adilah and Farouq Johari.

Special thnks to Wan Muhammad Khairul Syafiq for making Nilai is the best place for me to stay as I hv u.. We are frens remember? ;)

Take good care of urselves frens.. Sorry for everything. Anything inform..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

This sem VS Last sem

Things are juz so different lately.. EVERYTHING I mean.. Every single thing. Ohh. How I wish I could make tym goes back to last sem. I had great time last sem. Serious shit!!! Pika and Bila.. How we gossiped with each other about every single thing. They knew everything bout me. And I believe that I did know almost everything bout them. I had great lecturers too. Bro Charlie,Mdm Mumtazah and all.. I had great pointer also!! I had the greatest tym!!! I enjoyed every single second..

I had great time when I am nobody. Well Im not saying that I am somebody this sem. Hmm. Last sem, nobody knows me that well except for Pika n Bila n the gang. I am a newbie. Nobody noticed me at all. I moved from PJ. In class, I would talk to only my gang and Nik and Syira. The rest? Naah.. I couldnt even remember their names. Everything changed when I was close to this one particular boy in that class. Bcoz I was close to him, I am known as his 'close fren'. I am happy with him though. Real happy!! Seriously shit!!!!

Things are different this sem. I prefer last sem though. I had great great moment.... Hmm.. How I wish I could make time goes back.. ;(


To have fight with anyone is sooooo not in my dictionary of life. I dont like fighting. I mean I hate fighting. I need to stop all those things. Even I am not the one who create the fight, I juz need to clear things up. I am not afraid though. Seriously shit, I want to stop fighting. I want to stop make enemy with people. Even though u guys dont want to make frens with me.. I juz want to make the whole things STOP!!! Because I realize that friends can also be our enemies. So, I dont want to make frens nor enemies. I need mates. Thats all.. ;)

FAmily First

Years of not publishing any post.. Loads of things happened and yet to happen..

People always said to me family first. Even without frens u can always live ur life with family. I didnt agree at first. I need frens all the time. But now I realize...

Frens are not everything. When u have nobody to trust, family always be there for you. When u are being betrayed by frens, Family always be there for u.. When u fail with ur love story, family always be there for u.. When u put ur 100% trust on ur frens, they will eventually cheat on you. Family is otherwise. Family never cheat, never lie. Family always tell the truth.. I had enough with my so called frens.. I love them tough.

Well.. having said all that... Not all my frens are not to be trusted. There are some of them that reaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllly gud frens.. But I wont name anyone. U know who u are. U do know whether u have been a good fren for me or not. ;)