Thursday, February 25, 2010


But u certainly have made me happy juz now. U have made me laugh out of nothing actually. Juz ur funny jokes n u!

"Jangan menangis bertenanglah.."

Hahahah. So sweet of u. Cz sepnjg we were together, u never ever sang to me n for me except for the bday song see. See! Only u can make me smile n happy. I am serious. And ya u have a pretty gud voice though. Hahhaa. serious shit. No kidding. I am serious. After days of crying, at least now I cud smile. Thanks. Well, I know u still love me despite the thing u said to me that U dont want me anymore and u have a new GF named Lisa. Whatever! I know it is a lie. Duhhh! Try harder to make me hate u cz I'll never will. My love is juz sooooo strong. I love u! Ya I promise not to say that. And u said I can if I said that in my heart. My blog is my heart. So, its ok ayte? I love u so fucking damn much n forever!

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