Thursday, February 25, 2010


Thanks frens for being with me. Thanks phye for the post.

Kita bg nasihat kat org senang. To do it by ourselves susah kan. I am heartbroken. And I never felt like this before as if he is my first BF. He is not but yet he is my love. Its not easy though to let him go after all the things that we have gone thru together. I was strong all this while bcz of him. I am not now.

Me to b better? I juz need him. Or else I'll b suffering thru out my whole life. It hurts though. Penat but what I can do. Suruh ak lupekan die,? Awak suh kite lupekan awak?

IGT SENANG KE?!!!! Susah. Ak maybe takkan sampai thp bunuh diri phye. But then I dont know what might happen. As I said Dayang Amalina yg dulu dah mati. Kau takkan jumpe die yg dulu. I am a new me. Which I dont think that a new me is better cz I am not. So, berserah..

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