Thursday, February 25, 2010

:) -> :(

For the first time I am smiling. But then u took that away again.

I juz dont understand why do u like me to forget u. Its hard u know! U said that I chose to not forgetting u. Ya! A definite yes to that. Bcz I love u that much u see. Its easy for you to say that I am going to forget u 1day but if I say that I dont want to, what say you? "Entahlah. Takpaham ngn awak. Cane nak phmkan awak pon tatau. Cakap elok2 dah, cakap tak elok pon dah tp takpahm gak." Mmg kite sakit igt kat awak tp kan wak bialah kite sakit. Im used to it now. Its ok. Dont bother to worry bout me. U know what I am happy to live my life with ur love and pliz let it be that way. Even I dont get any of ur love now. Ur love before is enough to make me happy. And ya I choose to love u n to recall all those things that we have done together. Salah ke? Ok fine! Awak tanak kat kite. Ok la. Kite tak pakse pon awak nak kat kite. So pliz la jgn pakse kite untuk lupekan awak. Boleh tak? Kite merayu sgt wak. Tq.

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