Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HAppy New Year

Away 2009.. Year comes and goes..

Thru out this one whole year, I've learned a lot and I've gained loads of experiences. Sweet and not that sweet. Well. That is life though. It cant be sweet all the tym. And all those not that sweet thingy had teached me how to be strong, how to make gud decision, how to make frens and cus gud frens..

Nilai is the place which I lay all my life diz year.. Most of my 2009 memories were all happened in Nilai. Nilai which I thought at first will be like hell!! But apparently, I love Nilai as the way it is.

Having new frens, a bf, enemies, and all...
That colours my life in 2009..
2009 is for me a drama year... Loads of drama with the crying and emotional scene happened.
That colours my life too..

Coming .. Year comes and goes..

Will be 20? Im that old? That fast? Huhu..
Hope 2010 wil be a bettr year than ever

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hopes All Gone!

After the other post, I thought I'll make up for the next next papers.. But I've screwed up every single thing! And I hate that.. LINGUISTICS just sucks my day! Oh.. I mean DAYSSSS!! Damn. I initially love to learn lingy. But after the mid exam, I gave up my whole life..

Well, Its not that I didnt study, I did! And for ling, I've studied hard than ever.. When I got o the paper, I was like... OK!! That is it! Im stupid! I felt n still feel stupid! What the!!! I did study!! But I cant answer the paper with confidence.. What do I do next? I give up! Give up to even aim high this sem! Shit! I want scholar that badly.. And I thought of striving this sem. But apparently, half of the way, Im screwed!!! Screwed enuf to give up all my hopes..

And to all...
Stop thinking that Im that gud in this course.. Stop having high expectations! Stop saying Dayang mesti leh wat.. I jus dont!!!!! Throw all the thoughts away.. Coz i jz hate it!! Sorry...

Ya Allah, tlg la hambamu ini untuk mencapai kejayaan dunia dan akhirat... Sesungguhnya ak berserah kepada-Mu..

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Reminder..

Starting my half of the day with gud stuff.. I got my IRK result. And it satisfied well.. Well, after that, I think my day has been changing the mood atmosphere. I dn have mood at all this evening,, juz before the exam. I wonder why.. Maybe cz the exam itself. BMW. I dont study, study means reaaalllly studying. I juz go thru the notes.. When I tried to read, it jus cant go into my head! Something bothered me that much. I thnk cz too relax dring the holidays made me become like that! And when I was with the paper. I was like WHAT THE HELL! I feel stupid! I am not even sure even 1 of the MCQ. God! My aim this sem is high. But I realise I didnt put much effort to it. Whose to be blamed? ME la of course..

Dayang.. Plz..Dn be that playful. Focus!! Dun thnk too hard on the stupid thngs.. Study.. There is ur future.. Well its vital.. And plz.. Ignore the laziness.. Go to class.. Dnt skip. Not even a class. U'll be outdated. And it certainly makes u even more and more stupid!.. Think of ur mom and dad at home. Their hopes are with u. U r the eldest.. Need to show gud example to ur adik2. Inspire them to be better by being a better person urself.. Dun eva forget to pray.. U r not that baik. By praying, it will protect u to do stupid things.. To involve in such bad things..

It is hard to be Dayang Amalina,, The hopes of people are very heavy to carry. Hoping that Dayang wil be like this, wanting Ina to be like that, follow Along's footsteps. Stress with the hope n expectation..

Hope I can do better.. Hmm.. ;(

Friday, December 18, 2009


Nur Syafiqa Ismail and Nurul Nabilah Razali..

I love the two of you.. Even kite dah jarang hang out same, ak tak penah lupe korg.. Korg antare kwn2 ak yg ak caye.. Huhu..Ape je yg ak tak cite kat korg.. Every single thng.. Tgh rindu korg nih haa.

Thx for everythg.. Korg mmg baik gile doe.. And sorry if ade wat korg terase.. Tak sengaja tuh. ;).. Love u two so much!!

p/s: I hope I am still ur bunnies.;)

Happy 3d month Anny..

Happy 3rd month Anniversary!!!

It has been 3 months since we are together.. Loads of thg we have gone thru together. The hopes of not even say the break thingy in the 3rd month ni tak jadi kenyataan.In fact, we broke off for several tyms diz month. When I told the gang I broke off with u,they didnt belive.. They said:
"Ala, kau jgn ngade2.. Japg sambg balik tuh."
Hahhahah. Well Im glad la bende tu betol... And every single anny mesti nak break.. Yg ni takde lasampai nak break. Tp hampir la.. Gadoh tak hengat.. Tp bes gado kan wak..:).. And I realize dat half way of the month kite da jarang gado. Tatau sebb ape but I know it is for gud. :)

Awak.. Makin lame we're together.. Makin kite kenal awak. And awak pon camtu. I love u as the way u r. I hope u too. Thx for acceptg me as the way I am. Wpon kite gemokke tembam ke.. Awak still sayang kite kan. :)..

I love u and always missing u..

With love,

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Saye bgge saye anak MALAYSIA!
Tarikh keramat 17hb 12 2009.. Perlawanan akhir bola sepak Sukan Sea Vientien Laos di antare Malaysia and Vietnam.. To be in finals pon rakyat Malaysia patot bersyukur..
Apparently, org2 Msia senang mengkritik.. Bagi la mereka peluang menunjukkan kebolehan.. Asal kalah hentam bagai nak gile.. Bile menang baru la puji melambong.. Tu la kite.. Yg players nye pulak, bile dikritik mintak peluang, bile da mng lupe diri..

BUT THEY DID WIN!!! YAHOO!! Semangat je tgk bola dgn family haa.. Dok jerit sane sini.. Ahhahah.. Min ke 85 satu-satunye gol.. Own goal oleh penjage gol Vietnam.. Ngee.. Saye bgge..

Aidil Zafuan n Zaquan Adha
.. HAhahah.. Kembar yg sgt ensem.. Ai laikk.. Wpun kau laki n bapak org Aidil, still ak minat kau.. HAhahha.. Wpun kau bf org Zaquan, still ak minat kau gak. Hahahahah.. Minat as peminat la haa., Bukan leh kawen pon.. Tp dorg ensem dan bergaye.. Saye suke!!! ;)

Tahniah kpd pasukan Msia... Ole Ole Ole Ole Malaysia Boleh!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ipoh to Natrah

Well.. Supposedly, last saturday tu ak turun Ipoh ngn the melodrama hatiku gang kan.. And jus b4 Saturday, my sis asked me to accompany her to a theater.. And I was like.. Ok ! Ak tersepit.. And that is when I decided to think diz way

If WMKS is not going, then I wont go either. Bcz I juz have the instinct dat he couldnt go..

And he couldnt! And ak pon tanak la p.. Bukan sbb ape.. Sbb I thought that way n that will it be.. N I dun like last minute plan.. yes kite da plan awal2.. Tp dak2 laki kan suke last min.. Ak tak suke.. Ak nak plan btol2.. Baru la feel nak ikot. heheheh.. So ak n WMKS n Muq tak folo.. WMKS anta ak. Muq ade sekali.. Dorg makan nasi mnyk kitorg makan mcd kat highway. ;) Seronok ape. heheheh..

And ya! Theater!! At first my sis said to me...

"Ina, jom Sabtu ni tgk teater kat Istana Budaya."
"Teater ape plak kau ni ha."
"Natrah. Ade Adam.. hehehe "
"Hah? Adam AF ke?"
" Waklu Adam AF. Adam Nur Kasih.(Remy Ishak)"
"Ohhhh.. I'll thnk bout it."

I was like REMY ISHAK?!!!! PUHHHHLIZZZZZZ.... Tolong la.. Nak tgk Remy je.. Haila.. Tapi ak temankan gak kan.. Sebb pakcik ak kije kat situ sng la.. But we didnt expect to sit in front.. In front means in front of the stage. Right in the front of the stage. We can even see the sweat of the actors/actresses.. hahahha.. Sangat dekat. N I was impressed dgn kecanggihan IB. Well apparently, that was ny first tym watching theater at IB.

And Natrah is not bad at all!!! I mean it was GOOD!! Only now I know about Natrah yg org slalu cakap tu haa.. How Natrah or her actual name was Maria, was given to a Malay lady from a Deutch mom.. Natrah was a Deutch. But when she was raised by Malays, she converted to Islam. When she was 8, her actual parents came all the way from Netherland to take her. And that is when the conflict urged.. Parents Melayu Natrah n Parents Belanda Natrah berebut. Natrah wanted to stay in Terengganu where she thought she belongs to. And even when she knew that she was adopted she still wanted to stay in Tnh Melayu. Mak melayu nye CikAminah, upah a lawyer.. And that is when Mansor Adabi wanted to marry natrah. They fell in love with each other. Imagine. Natrah 8thn kahwin ngn org tue. What people say? But they did love each other. In the end, natrah was given to her actual parents. Ap yg org takot is Natrah mungkin murtad.. Itu yg mereka tak nak. But her parents wanted Natrah@Maria to be a Roman Catholic again. It was sad when the ending was Natrah involved in Christianity again.

Well.. According to the true story,We dont know whether Natrah is dead as a Muslim or not.Only God knows. Perjuangan org Islam di Singapura really touched me. They wanted to preserve Natrah's religion. And Natrah also wanted to be Muslim..

Kite ni yg dah dilahirkan sbg Islam, bersyukurlah.. We dont have to deal with such conflicts.. But we have to deal the BIGGEST conflict of all. The conflicts are OUR DESIRES, OUR LUST n OURSELVES n . Jage agame insyaAllah kite akan terpelihare. ;)

Happy Birthday

To my girlfrens..Jowinilah Jais Siga and Nur Syahirah Saiful Maznan..


I love u guys.. Mase mule2 knl n mase mule2 rapat ngn korg.. Hehehe..
Tymflies away.. Mase mule2 knl kat dalam kelas.. Mase mule2 rapat tym kite hang out same2.. Tak sangke leh jd rapat ngn korg...

I trust u guys n bcoz of that la i told u guys each n every single thing bout me.. U guys r my close frens.. Korg baik sgt ngn saye.. U guys always b there for me .. Thx!

Happy bday once again.. I give my love as the gift for u guys boleh? Sayang korg sgt..

p/s: Sorry Im not with u guys bile bday korg macam korg ade for me on my bday.. :(

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dedicated to org gile..

Org gile!!!!
I miss u la.. Even awak da makin gile.. But I still love u!!!
As the way u are! ;)

Kite rindu awak..

Hope the tym flies away fast..
When the tym comes, we'll meet..

Our 3rd month anniversary is coming.. Hope u don forget dat.

p/s: If awak tak igt anny kite, I will never forgive u even awak gile! ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Copy and Paste

1)Beside your lips,where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
Dahi dan pipi.. Kat mane lg pon yg boleh dicium haa. hahahahha

2)How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
MAlas tnkg of class dat I need to attend. Kalau tak warning letter..

3)Who was the last person / people you took photo with?
jowi n akma..

4) Would you consider yourself spoiled?
nope.. Im independent. uhhhhhhh.. hahaha

5)What are you listening now?
bunyik kipas berpusing. hahaha

6)Do you want someone to be dead?
Someone yg nak ak mati la hahahahah

7) What does your last text message say?
I wrote 'ok tcare ily' to my bf WMKS

8) What are you thinking right now?
thnkg of WMKS yg 4 sure tgh tido..

9) Do you want someone to be with you right now?
yup! Someone who is in my mind now. Whom Im tnhkg of now..

10) What was the time you went to bed last night?
after 12am..

11) Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
got it from my aunty.. thx Cik Marlia.. Ramai org puji baju ni ahahahah

12) Is someone on your mind right now?
a definite yes,, Wmks

13) Who was the last person who text you?
WMKS, hahahahaha


Apakah benda paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
Handphone yg ade creds dalam tu ;)

Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan duit sendiri?
Kuih n soya kotak tok bfast td..

Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
Well.. I dont tnk much on this, kat umah pon boleh,, Tp kalau kaye, nakwat kat Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel.. Uhhhhh hhahahahaah

Berapa lama hubungan kamu berkekalan?
I hv 4 EXes, 3 of them lasted 3months only.. Currently dgn WMKS.. we are approaching the 3rd month. And I hope it will last forever.. Sweet tak saye? hahahah

Adakah kamu dilamun cinta?
kalau phye tny apa itu cinta, ak nak ckp cinta tu ape boleh? hahahah

Di manakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
Teabox la haa, mana laei..hahahah

Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
The thick book of Literature.. Smgt beli sbb Chali hahahahahaha

Apakah nama penuh kamu?
Dayang Amalina binti Hussin

Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
Most of the tym with my mom.. Tp kdg2 ayah lebih memahami ...

Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin berjumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?Prophet Muhammad. I wish I cud..

Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian kamu sendiri?
Selagi ade kemudahan watpe susahkan diri

Org yg kamu nk tag ???
Sape2 je la haa..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Si Baju Hijau,

Oi baju hijau!! Sesuke hati je nak pggl kwn ak gedik nape plak haa,,
Kau tak sedar ke yg gedik tu kau! Nak carik hal sgt ngn die..

Oi baju hijau! Kau tau tak yg kau kate gedik2 tu kwan ak!
Kwan ak tau tak.. Kwan baik ak plak haa.!

Oi baju hijau! Kau igt kitorg takot nak gado? (ak takot la sikit. tp kwn ak ade. gangster lg PHYE hhahaha..)

KAu balik la umah kau.. KAu igt blok tu kau pny?

apabile dyg emosi. dyg sgt tidak suke apabile kwn2nye dikutuk! Baju ijau gile!

Rmbotn ohh Rmbtn..

Ak tercekik rambutan!!!!!!

mengong!!!! Tekak ak sgt rase tak selese. Mengong,,

Jgn gelakkan ak.. Tidak ku pinte jd begini..


I believe I can fly..Font size
I believe I can touch the sky..

Feel wanna fly..
Around this one whole world..

Feel wanna touch the blue sky..
As we know we are actually flying..

And I know I wanna fly with YOU..
And touch the sky with YOU..

Coz I know it is only YOU who may fly with me
As for me YOU always make me in the blue sky and Im flew with it!
YOU is YOU. You know who you are.
Copyright D.Am

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Acute Conjuctivitis.

What a beautiful name hah? YEah. It hurted me and still hurting me! My eyes have gone red and swollen like hell! I couldnt even open my eyes. But cz of dat, I am free from classes 4 4 days! ngee..

Sesgghnye sakit itu penawar dosa.