Monday, December 21, 2009

A Reminder..

Starting my half of the day with gud stuff.. I got my IRK result. And it satisfied well.. Well, after that, I think my day has been changing the mood atmosphere. I dn have mood at all this evening,, juz before the exam. I wonder why.. Maybe cz the exam itself. BMW. I dont study, study means reaaalllly studying. I juz go thru the notes.. When I tried to read, it jus cant go into my head! Something bothered me that much. I thnk cz too relax dring the holidays made me become like that! And when I was with the paper. I was like WHAT THE HELL! I feel stupid! I am not even sure even 1 of the MCQ. God! My aim this sem is high. But I realise I didnt put much effort to it. Whose to be blamed? ME la of course..

Dayang.. Plz..Dn be that playful. Focus!! Dun thnk too hard on the stupid thngs.. Study.. There is ur future.. Well its vital.. And plz.. Ignore the laziness.. Go to class.. Dnt skip. Not even a class. U'll be outdated. And it certainly makes u even more and more stupid!.. Think of ur mom and dad at home. Their hopes are with u. U r the eldest.. Need to show gud example to ur adik2. Inspire them to be better by being a better person urself.. Dun eva forget to pray.. U r not that baik. By praying, it will protect u to do stupid things.. To involve in such bad things..

It is hard to be Dayang Amalina,, The hopes of people are very heavy to carry. Hoping that Dayang wil be like this, wanting Ina to be like that, follow Along's footsteps. Stress with the hope n expectation..

Hope I can do better.. Hmm.. ;(

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