Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hopes All Gone!

After the other post, I thought I'll make up for the next next papers.. But I've screwed up every single thing! And I hate that.. LINGUISTICS just sucks my day! Oh.. I mean DAYSSSS!! Damn. I initially love to learn lingy. But after the mid exam, I gave up my whole life..

Well, Its not that I didnt study, I did! And for ling, I've studied hard than ever.. When I got o the paper, I was like... OK!! That is it! Im stupid! I felt n still feel stupid! What the!!! I did study!! But I cant answer the paper with confidence.. What do I do next? I give up! Give up to even aim high this sem! Shit! I want scholar that badly.. And I thought of striving this sem. But apparently, half of the way, Im screwed!!! Screwed enuf to give up all my hopes..

And to all...
Stop thinking that Im that gud in this course.. Stop having high expectations! Stop saying Dayang mesti leh wat.. I jus dont!!!!! Throw all the thoughts away.. Coz i jz hate it!! Sorry...

Ya Allah, tlg la hambamu ini untuk mencapai kejayaan dunia dan akhirat... Sesungguhnya ak berserah kepada-Mu..

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