Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ipoh to Natrah

Well.. Supposedly, last saturday tu ak turun Ipoh ngn the melodrama hatiku gang kan.. And jus b4 Saturday, my sis asked me to accompany her to a theater.. And I was like.. Ok ! Ak tersepit.. And that is when I decided to think diz way

If WMKS is not going, then I wont go either. Bcz I juz have the instinct dat he couldnt go..

And he couldnt! And ak pon tanak la p.. Bukan sbb ape.. Sbb I thought that way n that will it be.. N I dun like last minute plan.. yes kite da plan awal2.. Tp dak2 laki kan suke last min.. Ak tak suke.. Ak nak plan btol2.. Baru la feel nak ikot. heheheh.. So ak n WMKS n Muq tak folo.. WMKS anta ak. Muq ade sekali.. Dorg makan nasi mnyk kitorg makan mcd kat highway. ;) Seronok ape. heheheh..

And ya! Theater!! At first my sis said to me...

"Ina, jom Sabtu ni tgk teater kat Istana Budaya."
"Teater ape plak kau ni ha."
"Natrah. Ade Adam.. hehehe "
"Hah? Adam AF ke?"
" Waklu Adam AF. Adam Nur Kasih.(Remy Ishak)"
"Ohhhh.. I'll thnk bout it."

I was like REMY ISHAK?!!!! PUHHHHLIZZZZZZ.... Tolong la.. Nak tgk Remy je.. Haila.. Tapi ak temankan gak kan.. Sebb pakcik ak kije kat situ sng la.. But we didnt expect to sit in front.. In front means in front of the stage. Right in the front of the stage. We can even see the sweat of the actors/actresses.. hahahha.. Sangat dekat. N I was impressed dgn kecanggihan IB. Well apparently, that was ny first tym watching theater at IB.

And Natrah is not bad at all!!! I mean it was GOOD!! Only now I know about Natrah yg org slalu cakap tu haa.. How Natrah or her actual name was Maria, was given to a Malay lady from a Deutch mom.. Natrah was a Deutch. But when she was raised by Malays, she converted to Islam. When she was 8, her actual parents came all the way from Netherland to take her. And that is when the conflict urged.. Parents Melayu Natrah n Parents Belanda Natrah berebut. Natrah wanted to stay in Terengganu where she thought she belongs to. And even when she knew that she was adopted she still wanted to stay in Tnh Melayu. Mak melayu nye CikAminah, upah a lawyer.. And that is when Mansor Adabi wanted to marry natrah. They fell in love with each other. Imagine. Natrah 8thn kahwin ngn org tue. What people say? But they did love each other. In the end, natrah was given to her actual parents. Ap yg org takot is Natrah mungkin murtad.. Itu yg mereka tak nak. But her parents wanted Natrah@Maria to be a Roman Catholic again. It was sad when the ending was Natrah involved in Christianity again.

Well.. According to the true story,We dont know whether Natrah is dead as a Muslim or not.Only God knows. Perjuangan org Islam di Singapura really touched me. They wanted to preserve Natrah's religion. And Natrah also wanted to be Muslim..

Kite ni yg dah dilahirkan sbg Islam, bersyukurlah.. We dont have to deal with such conflicts.. But we have to deal the BIGGEST conflict of all. The conflicts are OUR DESIRES, OUR LUST n OURSELVES n . Jage agame insyaAllah kite akan terpelihare. ;)

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