Saturday, December 18, 2010


new update.

well. nothing interesting to share. being at home for the whole wikens. nothing much to do. eat and eat and eat. Fb is getting annoying day by day. I mean it's boring man! i cant do much with it. Blogging...?? malas.

i am putting my weight i think. haih. i keep on eating like non stop. like seriously non stop. haih. and to add it up. tomorrow will be the day of finally, my sis who's taking kulinary arts will make chicken chop for us,. like finally. after 2 years of studying, only tomorrow she'll cook us somethng special. urgh. huhu. but cant wait!

my youngest brother, azin has had his khatan yesterday. he was like lying on the sofa for the whole yesterday. and today, he is walking, climbing the stairs to have his PS. and sitting on the chair just to check his FB. haih. he is active today. the only thing is that. he wear ayah's sarong. he doesnt tie it. and when he wanted to stand, the sarong almost fell over likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee urghhhh! haha. my dad even said to him 'kalau camtu tak pakai kain pon takpe'. haha.

we had watched malaysia's game against vietnam for the second leg of the semi final in hanoi. we got thru to the finals. but, if the players are consistently doing what they did just now, we will never win the cup . we are to defeat indonesia in the finals. err herlowwwww. plz recall back our game against indonesia peringkat kumpulan. it was embarrassing ! i mean, its not that im saying the players cant play. mentality and strategy. a game , any game is all about ur bran and how to strategize and put ur strategy works! that is all. yes. a game is always about luck. but we can try our very hardest , cant us? we support u all the way malaysian team! malaysia boleh! :)

ha. and thats all for my post today. boring kan..? haha.

p/s : dah kul 12 malam ni kawan2. selalu 12 malam , dyg watpe ekk?? HAHA. till then!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nawwal Nafisah!

my lil cousin .
she is soo adorable. and cute. and she has a very cute cheek that u wanna kiss it all the time.
she has cute hair. and when she walks, it looks sooooo cute. and she has a bantal busuk. she will hold it whenever she sees it. and the bntal busuk also is cute. so smallll! and when she calls her sis, kakak2. ohhhhhhhhhhh. how cute!!

these are the pictures of hers. have a look and enjoy the cuteness.

i know.

i know sometimes , i would rather choose to be with my frens than to let you be with me.
i know sometimes, i dont reply ur text juz cz.
i know sometimes, i take u for granted bcz i know that u love me so much and u wont leave me.
i know sometimes, i cannot be the one u want me to be.

And. All that sometimes to what i did to you, often i cry thinking of what i've done. becoz i did that in the position of me realizing it but yet again to do it accidentally. i am being so egoistic to let you feel at least loved.

This scar is this heart is soo deep.

Not to bring up the old stories.

Not to have the hatred again.

Nor to blame anyone.

I am just saying of why am i being like this.

The scar is sooooooooooooo hard to be healed. It takes time. And that I dont want to be hurt again. So it is for you to be hurt than I am! That is what i'm thinking and i know i am being soo unfair to you and our relationship. I know. But every time i try to be nice and to let you win over me, i just cant. Cz the scar in my heart tells me to stop doing it. I am sorry!!

I cant be a good one for you. I know. u deserve to be treated better. ! i am trying so hard.!
Bare with me. Thank you.

With Love

the new sem has started last monday.

and so far, i had fun with my roomies and my classmates. i had lots of laughing . HAHA.

Add and drop thingy...?? alhamdulillah. I have got all the subjects i want to add. except for halaqah. will try to add it later.

Girls' talk everywhere. After a month of not seeing each other, girls gather just to share their own stories and recalling old2 stories. huhu.

I had fun!

Nurul Akmar Zainuddin

Nur Syafiqa Ismail

Nurul Nabilah Razali

Hasmawani Mat Hussin.

I love each and every single of you. I meant it. Like seriously. I swear to God twice. I hope this semester will be a great one for us and let's us search for a dean's list this sem. Yeah . we can do it!!!!!! and........................................ frenship never ends sayangs!!! Love you all so much!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


award lagi!!

hye korg!!!! i received another tagged award from bilaa sayang!.
Thanks for liking this blog yg berhabuk dan bersepah nih :))

okay. now , to answer all the questions below. let's get started!

Pernah hilangkan barang rakan dan buat2 tak tahu saja?
haha. penah je rasenye. :)

Pernah tak meniru dalam ujian/peperiksaan?
-duhhhhhhhhhhh, penah lahh. sape tak penah sumpah paling nerd di dunie. haha

Blog sendiri dibuat berasaskan apa?
i usually write my heart,. :)

Berapa kerap anda blogwalking?
jarang sekali. huhu

Perkara paling memalukan dalam hidup anda?
byk sgt lahhh. hahaha. hmm. haha. tayah lahh. memalukan je.

Berapa anak anda impikan selepas berkahwin?

Berapa lama boleh tahan nafas?
yg penting tak lame. haha

Jika anda terkentut dalam lif yang penuh dengan orang, anda buat apa?
buat as if terbau bnde busuk. padehal kentut sendiri. haha

Apa haiwan yang anda rasa orang lain tak tahu wujud tapi anda tahu?
tatau lahh.

ohhh kene tanye satu soalan kat si comel.

dayang comel takkk?? haha

tag 2 org blogger yang layak terima award nie

Monday, December 6, 2010

result sem 1, 2010/2011

Resul last sem telah pon diketahui. Alhamdulillah. Menepati sasaran.

Selalu nye previous2 sems. Semangat je nak tgk result. HAHA. kalau kol 5 leh tgk, kol 4 dah ade dpn laptop. Semalam, siap tdoq . 430 bru bgun. Haa. Sume dah cek.

Alhamdulillah . Sebab ade result2 yg tak disangke. Target lain dapat A, yg lain dapat A. Tp takpe lahh. Yg penting result overall.

Poetry : Tak sgke dapat tggi tuh. *takde lahh tggi mane pon, Haha. Tp saye rase cam dapat C je. Nak at least B, tp memandangkan final saye tak dpat buat. Takleh nak letak as B pon. Hmmm. Carry mark okeh. Tp final leh tarik kann2. Ha. Tp alhamdulillah!!! It went beyond expectation sebab finals 1 soalan je confident jwb. and and soalan 1 tak yg bernilain 12 markah tu tak dijwb. ade lahh sikit. tp bodoh2 je. haha. and and scansion yg lain jwpnnye dgn org lain. Thanks miss sheena! :) *poetry nih lagi tggi dr dengan miss hanita dulu! *an achievement lahh tuh. haha

Bm : Dgr Bm cam sakai2 je kann. Tayah study pon takpe bagai. tahi! paling susah BM lahh! haha. study gile2 pon, BM lahh yg spoil ! cett! Tp mmg target B pon. huhu. syukur tak dpt C.

Writg : Haaaaaaaaaaa. 60 marks on assignments! and assignments yg diberi sejak awal sem disiapkan overnight! hebat tak hebat. haha. and and marks for research papers tuh ok lahh. sebab last min kannn. huhu. and and result overall pon ok la even writg is one of the worst. haha. sebab final tu pon saye merepek sajo. haha. tq bro sham!

Linguistic : Target A SOLID ye kawan2. SOLID. Tp tak dapat. HAHA. saye rase saye spoil kat ABC tuh. byk hentam. Tp ok lahhh. Saye suke linguistics. Miss Maimunah byk membantu! :)

SOQ : Haaaaaaaaaaaa. Soq nih saye rase saye leh dapat A SOLID. Sebab carry mark tggi gak ahhh. Final leh wat ! HAHA. Tp kann tak dapat pun! Tensionnye!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA. tp thanks Prof Israr, sekurang2nya jwb exam soq tak setension jwb paper lain. sebab anda mmg lecturer yg best!

Rasuk : HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ni tatau nak target ape sebenarnye. Sebab tym final tu, leh lahh jwb tp jwpn cam lain dgn kawan2 yg lain. hahahhaha. so ilang konfiden di situ. HAHA. tp ni lahhh yg pling cemerlang antara sume! Thanks dr usmani! :)))))

Overall, alhamdulillah. Tp kene improve lg. Sebab drop sikit dr sem kat Nilai. And my mom and my dad tak puas hati. HAIH. Nak 3.7 je. cet! pyh okeh. insyaAllah next sem 4.00! :)))

Thanks Allah atas nikmat yg diberi! :)

Friday, December 3, 2010


hye people! apa di atas2?? ha... the first ever award lahh katenye. interesting blog award. persoalannya?? Interesting ke?? HAHA! thanks to my lovely fren, Pika for tagging me khennn.
Di bwh ade soalan2 yg perlu dijwb. jom3.

blog |almari U.S.A.N.G| di mataku...

cool! ekspresi yg diekspreskan thru words. die nih very the poetic value. so, post2 die kadang2 pon very the poetic value tau. haha

nama blog.dan knp ltk nama tu...

checkmate. HAHA. ade satu hari nih kat kafe HS pas minggu bahasa tuh . Ade 2 org abang nih main chess yg hebat gile kann. so, sbb minat kat abang tuh yg ensem. tuka name blog. haha.

url blog dan dr mn dtgnye...
taking advantage of dayang nurfaizah's song.

kaedah penulisan blog ini....

kaedah...??? Dari hati :)

perasaan bile tgk blog org cntek dan blog aku xcntek....

jeles ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tp malas nak make up blog hahaha

bila blog ini wujud....

september 2009 kot.

sape owg ptma y follow blog ini...

hmmm. tak igt lahhh. maybe pika, biilaa, jowie, akmar or phye.

tag 5bloggers....

kak az