Thursday, December 16, 2010

i know.

i know sometimes , i would rather choose to be with my frens than to let you be with me.
i know sometimes, i dont reply ur text juz cz.
i know sometimes, i take u for granted bcz i know that u love me so much and u wont leave me.
i know sometimes, i cannot be the one u want me to be.

And. All that sometimes to what i did to you, often i cry thinking of what i've done. becoz i did that in the position of me realizing it but yet again to do it accidentally. i am being so egoistic to let you feel at least loved.

This scar is this heart is soo deep.

Not to bring up the old stories.

Not to have the hatred again.

Nor to blame anyone.

I am just saying of why am i being like this.

The scar is sooooooooooooo hard to be healed. It takes time. And that I dont want to be hurt again. So it is for you to be hurt than I am! That is what i'm thinking and i know i am being soo unfair to you and our relationship. I know. But every time i try to be nice and to let you win over me, i just cant. Cz the scar in my heart tells me to stop doing it. I am sorry!!

I cant be a good one for you. I know. u deserve to be treated better. ! i am trying so hard.!
Bare with me. Thank you.

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