Sunday, November 29, 2009


U've made me worried 1 whole nyte my dear..

U didnt reply my msgs, MESSAGES.. Not 1.. With an 's' there.. Bout 5-7 msgs. I couldnt sleep.. Every single hour I woke up. And checked my hp if ever u've texted me. I was thinking of u all nyte.. Seriously shit! I was worried and I m still worried.

I've cried for missing u sooooo badly.. I miss ur voice.. 2days now dat I dnt hear ur voice at all!. And I understand y u didnt call.. U r jz bz.. I knw.. Its jz dat I miss u..

And bcz u r missing in action. I called u this morning. And u didnt pick up the fone. Well. It certainly made me even woried!..

And I texted u even more. Then u finally replied at3pm!. I was like very happy.. When u started to tell me what happened, I was WOrried again! Yet he still with his laugh with what had happened..

Still waiting for him..

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am missing some people..
Family ayah.. Abang2 sedare ku.. Kakak2 Sedareku.. Sepupuku yg gile. ;)

Well, I close to some of them.. Abg Azly, Ziyad, Iwan, Arif and Izyan..
Well my father's family is full with BOYS! hahaha..

I dont have any big brother.. They are like my big bro. They care bout us, their cousins.

I miss them so badly. It's been a long tym since I met them. I miss the moment when we are gathered. Almost all of us.. I love being with them..

All the trips that we've gone thru together. The Genting thingy. Huhu.. The Family Day in Melake. That was when I know u guys care for us..

Some of the abg are married. And they have children. Loads of them. I dont remember some of their names. heheh. Sorry.

Now, Abg Azly je blom kawen haa.. Kalau die kawen, kitorg rase sedih plak t.. Huhu.. Sbb ktorg tau. Bile die da kawen, he wont be our Abg Azly anymore. T_T..

Tp ne la tau kitorg kawen dulu.. heheheh

Rindu each and everyone of u..


Friday, November 27, 2009

He's Back!

I got my Bf back..
Lately, he's being not him and now he's back to wat he is the first tym I knew him.

This is him.

This is Wan Muhammad Khairul Syafiq I knew before we declared!

Thx for being the old you!


You Are So Cruel My Dear..


U know I miss u damn much. And yet u keep making me miss u even more! Cruel u! huhu..
Wats wit ur romantic voice u gave me juz now?
I am MELTING like hell!...
Wats with the poem u gave me? Ohh.. U put me in the cloud nine..
Wats wit ur reminder of ur perfume? U juz know if I ever smell ur perfume, I'll be crazy missing u. When I smell I feel like u r beside me. But u r not.. ;( That perfume is sooo not helping at all!..

We have another 2days to meet... The first thing I want to do when I see u back is I want to say I miss u n I love u damn much.. U juz 'left' me for 2days. And Im like this.. Imagine if evr u are to leave me. No!!!!

p/s: Ohh.. Ya.. No romantic voice plz when gayoting.. I will DAMN melt! U r like seducing me wit that voice. And I AM seduced by it.. Hmm..

WMKS is cruel for letting me miss him like crazy! ;)
I love u sayang.. Kite CHENTA awak lebih ok!


Rules:It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : dayang amalina hussin

2. A four Letter Word : dadu

3. A boy's Name : dudi hahahah

4. A girl's Name : dianne

5. An occupation : dancer? uhhh

6. A color : dark purple

7. Something you'll wear : dress

8. A food : ding dang

9. Something found in the bathroom : d mirror? hahahahah boleh tak?

10. A place : denmark

11. A reason for being late : duh! bgn lmbt. heheh

12. Something you'd shout : dodol tengkorak kau la haa!

13. A movie title : Duda berhias ad ke?

14. Something you drink : drinks

15. A musical group : Dloyyd

16. An animal : donkey

17. A type of car : ddddddddd...?

18. The title of a song : Dayang Sayang KAmu.. heheheh

Missisippi? hUhu

Sayang....... I dont know why I cant stop thinking of u. Im missing u ssoooooooooooooooo badly. Thx for ur little perfume u gave me. The thing is the perfume jz makes me miss u even more. :(
Every single second it is u in my mind. There's no one else. And there will never be..
I love u sayang moooreeeeeeeeeeeee than u love me.. I will to do anythng for us!

Nothing can break us apart! No one can seperate u from me! Bcz I know u love me and u know I love u.

D.Am loves W.M.K.S

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Standing by,
All the way.
Here to help you through your day.

Holding you up,
When you are weak,
Helping you find what it is you seek.

Catching your tears,
When you cry.
Pulling you through when the tide is high.

Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
All just to say, you are my friend.

Especially for SKTSians, SMKSGians, PTROSAINSians, CFS PJians, CFS NILAIians..

Love Is....

Love is the greatest feeling,
Love is like a play,
Love is what I feel for you,
Each and every day,
Love is like a smile,
Love is like a song,
Love is a great emotion,
That keeps us going strong,
I love you with my heart,
My body and my soul,
I love the way I keep loving,
Like a love I can't control,
So remember when your eyes meet mine,
I love you with all my heart,
And I have poured my entire soul into you,
Right from the very start.
Especially for u my love..


Kau begitu sempurna
Di mataku kau begitu indah
Kau membuat diriku agar selalu memujamu

Di setiap langkah ku
Ku kan tetap memikirkan dirimu
Tak bisa ku bayangkan hidupku tanpa cintamu

Janganlah kau tgglkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa
Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku lengkapi diriku
Oh sayang ku kau begitu sempurna..

My Besty.

I miss Nur Amniah Abdul Rahman damn much.

She is my BFF eversince we were in form4. She understands me. I understand her. She moved out to Kelantan after Spm. And I really lost her. I feels the lost. She knows every single thing bout me. N I mean every single tiny thing.


I love u as the way u are. I know u also accepted me as the way I am. We never back biting each other. And that is best fren for me. If I ever hurt u, u'll slow talk to me. That is y I love u damn much! I dont like wat u dont. U like wat I like. We love to argue. We fight. We are like siblings. Thx for all the memories!


Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Raya Eidul Adha is tomorrow.

I would like to wish all Muslims a Happy Eidul Adha. Hopefully, this year's raya will be the most blessing raya ever.

And we celebrate it with a rememberance of Nabi Ibrahim's sacrification. Of how he will to sacrifice his son bcz of Allah.

So, nawaitu is important. Anything n everything we do, they're must bcz of Allah n ur lives are full with bless from Him.

Thus, celebrate raya bcz of Allah.

Plus, pray for all the Muslims who are in Mecca to perfom their hajj. Hope they get the barakkah there. And hope they will come back to their hometown safely.

Allah's Servant.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Especially For You. <3

Wan Muhammad Khairul Syafiq..

U light up my life..
U give me hope to carry on.

Ur my lover.
I love no one other than u.

I miss u badly.
I need u to support me.

Thx for the memories.
Cant thx more.

Sorry for all the wrongdoings.
Juz being myself.

No matter wat happen.
I do love u with all my heart and my soul.

A hope from me.
Never leave me even for u its for gud.

Bcz the BEST thing happens to me is

It will never be a better one.

Dayang Amalina

Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, I had my Linguistics class at 1pm. We were disscusing bout all the phonetics, morphology thingy. I was like not 100% paying attention to what my lecturer was teaching n explaining. I was bz doing somethg elseS. Huhu. Ya, apparently, Im not a good student. The point is during the lecture of me not paying attention, there's this one issue dat really made me.. I mean MAKES me think bout it.

The issue is about the word NIGGER or NEGRO. Wats wit the word that really can make me pay attention to the lecture? Miss Aisyah asked us why is that the word is very offensive? And this one student answered the question. Eleda. She said that long tym ago, the word Niger is a bad word indicates the Black pipel. So they really dont like it. So do the word KELING in Malaysia. That is very offensive. We shouldnt call anyone like that. She asked Miss Aisyah back if n only if the word MELAYU is offensive. She said no. MELAYU is not ofnsive.

But the wod KAMPUNG to describe n label pipel IS offensive. She said there her fren saying that she is kampong juz bcz she doesnt go clubbing n doesnt wear the obscene clothes n dresses. She said if BANDAR is like dat. then she prefers to b a kampong girl.

And I was like, So do I Miss! I am a kampong girl if a bandar girl is someone who goes n has her social life unlimited n doesnt have boundaries. I am a kampong girl when a bandar girl is considered as a girl who doesnt wear the hijab n cover their aurah. I AM a MELAYU yg KAMPUNG my dear. I really am if the bandar girl of wat u think of is like u. Credits to Miss Aisyah for this post! :) Miss Aisyah is someone who had live in England for years n yet she admits she is a kampong girl. But some of us live in Malaysia, not even in the capital city of Msia and think of they are bandar girls. HAhahahahah. Funny!

p/s: This is sooooooooooooooo not an offensive post :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Am I a Good Cook?

I cooked today. Hahaha. I was kidding to my mum yesterday dat I wanted to cook. I said, "Bu, sok Ina nak masak tomyam la.".. N This morning she bought all the ingredients for tomyam. And I was like I was kidding bu. Huhu. And I cooked! Well, I got some hands from Jowi, Akmar, Tira.. Hahaha. And the supervisors were my mom n my aunty.

Well my tomyam jd la gak. But this one with the help kan. So cam tak feel sgt. But I did cook it by my self. Ngee.

p/s: Sayang, hope u like it. I've cooked it specially for you actually. ILY


Sayang.. I know u have problems. So do I. And I know there are loads of them. And that is why u r sooooo depressed lately. I know sometimes I jz couldnt understand u. That u r having probs. I miss u so badly. I need the old of u. I know it is difficult for the time being. I juz need u to be strong my dear. U have to.

Let me be with u plz sayang. Dun keep all ur problems by urself. Ya. U did tell me the problems. But I jz know that there are not in full versions though. I want to be with u. So I cud understand u. So we dont fight that much. I love u sayang. I really do. Sorry for everythg. I love u more than I love my self. Let me be into ur problems plz my dear. That is all I need from u now.

p/s: I was happy with u. I am happy with u. I will b happy with u. Never been happier and never will.


Im Not A Shopaholic

Jowi and Akmar are at my home.. We were shopping like mad on Friday. I mean THEY shopped like mad. I was like at first juz watching n giving opinions about wat they want to buy. I didnt even withdraw my money. And in my mind I was thnking of buying a new shirt. It is an A there. But they juz influenced me to buy more than 'a'. And I did. I did buy 3 new shirts instead of the 'a' earlier. In fact I also bought a slipper which didnt cost like a slipper. N I bought a bag. Well that one IS cheap enough to buy though. And we bought it for 3 of us.
p/s: If u guys ever see us wearing the same bags, juz ignore! ;)

They were to be blamed I shopped more than I expected. They said, "Dyg, once in a while though u have loads of money in ur pockets". And I was like " Aah kan". And there go my RM100++. They are shopaholics! And I really mean it. Serious shit!. And I AM not one. I was damn exhausted that day! Accompany them to shop! Fuhhh.. hahah But I did have fun wit them. Thx for the memories.

Notes: Sayang, u are lucky to have me. ;). Only if u r not a shopaholic!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Shud I Call It A Nightmare..?

I dun noe wat happen dat nyte. Somehow n somewat I jz have done somethg dat hurted my sayang. My egoistic has gone higher than ever. I need to so called revenge to my sayang for not paying enough attention to me when we hang out with other frens.

As alwiz, we had dinner together. Well b4 dat Akmar n I planned to not give attention to our bfs. And we did! And they jz pist off like hell. I've never seen my bf dat mad. He just left me with a very hateful line 'KALAU TAK DILYN WATPE NAK LEPAK LG'.. And I was pissed off also. I was ego. When Jowi n Phye tried to clear things up for us, I yelled at them. Sorry. I was dat mad.B4 dz, if they advised me, I accepted. But not dat nyte.

And he never be dat sarcastic b4. He is juz sooooooooooooooooooooo sarcastic dat nyte. When I tried to b rational, he was like refused to do so. And I finally said the crappy break thingy. And he ACCEPTED dat! But not that long he called me and said that he didnt want to. And I was glad. I mean I am glad.

Sayang, sorry for the though nytes dat we had. I know I should understand u. Sometimes I jz dont. Sorry. I really love u that I cant even live without u sayang. Plz dun ever leave me. I need u to be in my life.


HAppy Anniversary


Happy 2nd month anniversary to my beloved sayang. It's been 2 months we're together. And there are loads of things that we have gone thru together. In this 2 months I jz love u even more. More than u can ever think of. And for sure, more than u do syg. Sorry for everythg. Thx for everythg. You've made me happy tru out dz 2 months. And I swear its true.

I've made a card for you sayang. hahAha. and u noe wat make dat card by myself is SOOOOOOOOOO not me. I jz need to give u somethg dat sincere from my heart. I hope u like it...

I love you sayang.. ;)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


If u ever think I AM like u, well apparently, u r wrong my dear.. I am not a type of person yg suke nak maki org tak tentu pasal. N taksuke n bnci org taktentu pasal.. Im not a girl who love to fight over a guy. Tolong la kau.. Tolong la phm. It is not me! Well Im not the BITCH dat ur thinkig of. I AM NOT! I hate bitches. U hate bitches. Everyone hate bitches. So stop being one plizz..

And a bitch to YOU is like wat? Everyone u hate is a bitch to u. Well think of wat ur haters think of. They may think u r bitch also my dear. So stop saying people are bitch when u dont even realize dat u r may be in same grup!

Bcz of that I NEVER call people of my own gender as BITCH!.. Ak agk baik la. Ak bukan macam KAU!

P/s: To those yg terase, sorry.. This post is dedicated to this one special person in my life. Enjoy readg it ya!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Im not weak nor Im afraid.. Its juz dat its not me when it comes to maki-ing people out of sudden. Well yes.. Maybe u can call me chicken cowardy whatever. I juz want to be myself. heheh. But luckily I have frens who are really outspoken. They can speak for me. They can fight for me. Thx.. I can be sarcastic if I want to be. Even more sarcastic than u can ever think of. I juz dont wanna be. My mom once said, Let people do bad things to us. Not we are the one who do all that. I agree with that though. but when my frens said Dunt let people pijak kepale, Well I start to think back. Sometimes I mjuz let it be. Without even thinking of wat do I feel. I've hurted myself by keeping all the hurt things inside. It is juz me when I dun let it go..

It is juz me when I cant ignore wat people said.. Especially bout me.. I want EVERYONE to be satisfied wit me. But I realize I juz cant do that. To please everybody, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. So, who takes the priority? Family? Frens? Strangers? Stalkers? Hmm. Family comes first. then, frens... The strangers n stalkers.? Go to hell with u guys. When u guys hurted me, I still think of not hurting u guys. When u guys said bad things bout me, I jz wonder how to make u guys not to.

And even when my frens said bad things bout u guys n are sarcastic with u guys, I said "Eh da la korg. Tak baik la." ( Sometimes, I jz feel I love when my frens are like that. Puas hati!) I've done that to my HATERS! BUT u guys will never be satisfied kan! TAkpe.. Jz live ur life. I'll live my life.


Saturday, November 14, 2009


A date which is soooooo not cool to almost everyone of us. This day told us that Pokyea's appeal has been rejected by IIUM. So, we all are like very sad thinking bout this. We are close. And it is sooooooooooooooooo new that we are close. We can share all the things together. Owh. Not all I think. Huhu. There are some other things that we dont want the guys to konw. Heheh. Girlfrens, syhhhh. Huhuh.. Melodrama hatiku will not be melodrama hatiku ever again when Pokyea is not here anymore. Pokyea is one of the guy frens who I alwiz ask for his advices regarding my relationship with Wan other than Dudi n Muq. Pokyea is sometimes very understanding bout my situation. Thx yaw. If he is no longer in Nilai, I will lose a fren whom I can share my problems with.

So, the Melodrama Hatiku geng wanted to make a plan that can help Pokyea to b in IIUM again. And so we planned in the evening of the day. Plan A : We go to the Dean in Pj and beg to him to let Pokyea study in IIUM. Plan B : NIL. Well apparently, we only have 1 plan. But that doesnt make us feel down. So, we planned to meet up in the night to write a letter to the Dean. We planned to have dinner at Teabox Cafe. Phye, me, Akmar, Senah, Jowi, Wan, n Pokyea.

Well that night didnt go so well. I mean it went soooooooooo wrong. First, Phye had a fight with his bf. Then, I did. Crying like hell. Akmar followed me after that. Senah on the phone, also fighting. Basically for the same reason. That is about relation ship. Jowi was the most stable at that nyte. Pokyea came with a suggestion that we shud go somewhere. We seem to have tooooo many problems.. Ya.. It IS TOO many. And the reason we were there was not even accomplished at all bcz of all the problems. We dont even disscuss on wat to write the letter. It seems funny. Yes it is pon. Huhu. When we think about it, It is funny. Well at least it shows that alhamdulillah our relationship ad frens overall is gud. We went n go through all things together. Love u guys.

Rumahku Syurgaku ;0

After days or maybe I can say weeks of the jiwe kacau thingy, I am now back as I am. Well I am not sure that I am 100% I am. But at least I know I've been quite okay. I am now blogging at home. Its soooo cool being at home after about a month in Nilai. All the problems in Nilai juz make me want to go home. And here I am though. At home, blogging, facebooking, forgetting all those stupid things happened in Nilai. To see my mom, my dad n brothers, I juz feel like crying. I missed them badly. I feel very relax over here in Gombak. I wish that I could stay longer here. But, ya.. I have a 9am-monday-class. I juz need to be there by Sunday. heh! I dont feel like going Nilai though. Well. I love Nilai as it is. I hve my beloved bf there, my girlfrends, my gud frens, my dormmates and I also have LOADS of problems there. Seeing the faces that I dun want to see. Listening to the things bout me that I dun even know myself. How weird is that huh? Someone knows me better than I am. Heheheh.

Well the point of posting this post is that I love to be at home. Heaven! No that faces. I jz feel relax. No emotional thingy. Im back as wat I am. I dont know if I can ever be a 100% myself again once Im in Nilai. I hope so. I love Gombak. Now only I appreciate my so called hometown. Ngee ;)



My dear... Sorry for everything. I should have understand you better than anyone else. I should not force you in any way directly or indirectly. I dont even hv the intention to do so. It's juz dat I have feelings sayang. Sometimes, I AM emotional. N I know that is what makes you even more depressed. I seek for ur understanding to understand me (its not dat u don understand me) when I am crying bcz of THOSE stupid things!

When I am crying, I juz need ur shoulders like before. Not u asking me to break off with u.
When I am crying, I dont want you to be depressed. I juz want to hear ur voice, saying "Sayang, jgn nangis. Kite kan ade." like before.
When I am crying, I juz need u to wipe my tears as always. Not u saying to me that ur the one who make me cry.
When I am crying, I juz need u to ask me to be strong of what happened. Not u saying that u r not the one for me.

I really love u. I love u more than u do. I juz cant let u go even if u r to leave me. Cz I love you n I cant live witout u.

When I say, I never love a guy like I love u, it is alwiz true.
When I say, I never fall for a guy like i fall for you, it is true.
When I say, I wont leave you, it is true.
When I say, I love u more than u do, it is true. And u know it is true ;)

I really wish, if there are fightings between us after dis, (I bet there will be loads!) U WONT ASK ME TO LET U GO AND TO BREAK OFF WITH U! Coz I dont want to! Ever! Kite sayang awak sangat. PLZZ.. Im begging u to not mention the word 'BREAK' ever again.

D.Am <3>

I Am Stonger...

Im way stronger than yesterday... Even if yes, sometimes, Im not. But at least I am. I was being pushed by some power to ensure Im down. Well, apparently, I WAS down. But Im NOT now. I really felt and wanted to be strong before this. It's juz dat I am a GIRL.. Who also has feelings. Who wanted to love and to be loved. Who dont want to hate nor to be hated. I was down for couple of some times.

Luckily, I have frens who have been very supportive all this while. They understood n understand me. What I felt and feel. Especially all my girlfriends.J.P.Sy.Se.F.B. Simply bcz they are girls. They should understand better what their girlfrens feel. They do know why sometimes, I repeat, SOMETIMES, I feel miserable and down and was crying like HELL. I HAVE FEELINGS THOUGH! I jz cant ignore what people say bout when I know it is SOOOOO not true. I jz cant ignore when people are sarcastic with me when I dun even know them. N when I dun know them, I dun disturb their lives and I really wish they do the same thing too. But they jz dont. And That is why i feel upset like HELL!

Having said all those, I jz have to be strong! I dont wanna lose to some1 or some2 people who really want to see me to lose though. Im not a loser. Again! I AM NOT A LOSER! It's true. I hv to be strong. Well, yes, sometimes I jz cant help to be some sort of emotional thingy. haahah. I jz need YOU GUYS AND GIRLS to support me all the way physically and of course emotionally. And ya.. 1 more thing assobru minal iman.. Juz be patient of what had happened, what happens and what will happen.


Friday, November 6, 2009


Thank u frens for being there for me everytym.


U guys are my besties to me skang.. Tu yg ak rase..

Kalau korg taknak jd besties ak pon takpela,, hahahah..

Yng penting ak syg korg... Thanks au..Ak bukan nak sweet saje2. hahahah
Sweet btol2 la n sayang..

N bcz of korg da diiktiraf as my bsties, ak takkan emo ngn korg..

Ak pon harap same goes to u guys.. Sayang korg sgt2..

Thx sb tahan ngn ak yg kadang2 emo.. hahaahahaaha

Love u darls!

When Dayang Emo Lebih..

Bile ak tak kacau hidup org, ak haaaaaarrrrraaaaappppppppp sgt org tak kacau idup ak for gud! Ak taknak membenci n taknak dibenci! Ak taknak buat musuh! Sumpah ak taknak! Tp bile org da stat kaco idop ak........ Ak jd nyampah! Ak ade plak kene mengene ngn korg2 ni.. Takde ak rase. So plz la.. Jgn la nak campor idop ak bolehhhhh! Korg sibuk hal2 korg da la. Lantak la korg nak kate ak emo lebih. Ak takkan emo kalau kwn2 ak yg wat cani. Ni knl pon tak, nak cari pasal ngn ak. Ape masalah tah! U dun even know me for God's sake! N u are asked to keep in eye on me? BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! What for? Ak tau jge diri la// TAkyah la bz body sgt.. Ak da lame tak benci org sebenci ni! N org yg ak benci tu.... HAhahahah taknak ak btau.. Sumpah! Ak rase nak mencarot sgt skang! Tapi takpe dyg.. Sabar tu separoh dari iman...Too many barriers skang.. Tapi lantakla! Ak tak kan mengalah sebb org2 cam KORG!!!! Grow up plzzzzzzzzz.... Tolong la bg ruang tok org jd senang sikit boleh! Haisy!!!!! HA... Korg nak sgt jd stalker ak kan.. Tlong la ak nak bg korg URL ak tok korg bace blog ak.. Senang la korg nak stalk ak mengong! Da la.. Ape2 je.. Tak baik meruntuhkan rumahtangge org btw...

Monday, November 2, 2009


There's too many to tell in too short of tym.. But still wanting to post an entry.. Well.. Nothing much happen yet today. its yet to happen I think.. GTG.. Having lunch with frens yg gilo! hahahahah