Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Besty.

I miss Nur Amniah Abdul Rahman damn much.

She is my BFF eversince we were in form4. She understands me. I understand her. She moved out to Kelantan after Spm. And I really lost her. I feels the lost. She knows every single thing bout me. N I mean every single tiny thing.


I love u as the way u are. I know u also accepted me as the way I am. We never back biting each other. And that is best fren for me. If I ever hurt u, u'll slow talk to me. That is y I love u damn much! I dont like wat u dont. U like wat I like. We love to argue. We fight. We are like siblings. Thx for all the memories!


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sipisenan said...

kerinduan jelas terase bile sumone tu tiade lg d sisi kite...huhu