Wednesday, November 18, 2009


If u ever think I AM like u, well apparently, u r wrong my dear.. I am not a type of person yg suke nak maki org tak tentu pasal. N taksuke n bnci org taktentu pasal.. Im not a girl who love to fight over a guy. Tolong la kau.. Tolong la phm. It is not me! Well Im not the BITCH dat ur thinkig of. I AM NOT! I hate bitches. U hate bitches. Everyone hate bitches. So stop being one plizz..

And a bitch to YOU is like wat? Everyone u hate is a bitch to u. Well think of wat ur haters think of. They may think u r bitch also my dear. So stop saying people are bitch when u dont even realize dat u r may be in same grup!

Bcz of that I NEVER call people of my own gender as BITCH!.. Ak agk baik la. Ak bukan macam KAU!

P/s: To those yg terase, sorry.. This post is dedicated to this one special person in my life. Enjoy readg it ya!


si ngeng. said...

kenapa mcm aku terasa ni??? :(((((

dayang ina said...

hahahah bangang kau ni haa.. mmg takla mengong