Friday, November 20, 2009

Shud I Call It A Nightmare..?

I dun noe wat happen dat nyte. Somehow n somewat I jz have done somethg dat hurted my sayang. My egoistic has gone higher than ever. I need to so called revenge to my sayang for not paying enough attention to me when we hang out with other frens.

As alwiz, we had dinner together. Well b4 dat Akmar n I planned to not give attention to our bfs. And we did! And they jz pist off like hell. I've never seen my bf dat mad. He just left me with a very hateful line 'KALAU TAK DILYN WATPE NAK LEPAK LG'.. And I was pissed off also. I was ego. When Jowi n Phye tried to clear things up for us, I yelled at them. Sorry. I was dat mad.B4 dz, if they advised me, I accepted. But not dat nyte.

And he never be dat sarcastic b4. He is juz sooooooooooooooooooooo sarcastic dat nyte. When I tried to b rational, he was like refused to do so. And I finally said the crappy break thingy. And he ACCEPTED dat! But not that long he called me and said that he didnt want to. And I was glad. I mean I am glad.

Sayang, sorry for the though nytes dat we had. I know I should understand u. Sometimes I jz dont. Sorry. I really love u that I cant even live without u sayang. Plz dun ever leave me. I need u to be in my life.


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