Sunday, November 29, 2009


U've made me worried 1 whole nyte my dear..

U didnt reply my msgs, MESSAGES.. Not 1.. With an 's' there.. Bout 5-7 msgs. I couldnt sleep.. Every single hour I woke up. And checked my hp if ever u've texted me. I was thinking of u all nyte.. Seriously shit! I was worried and I m still worried.

I've cried for missing u sooooo badly.. I miss ur voice.. 2days now dat I dnt hear ur voice at all!. And I understand y u didnt call.. U r jz bz.. I knw.. Its jz dat I miss u..

And bcz u r missing in action. I called u this morning. And u didnt pick up the fone. Well. It certainly made me even woried!..

And I texted u even more. Then u finally replied at3pm!. I was like very happy.. When u started to tell me what happened, I was WOrried again! Yet he still with his laugh with what had happened..

Still waiting for him..

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