Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Am Stonger...

Im way stronger than yesterday... Even if yes, sometimes, Im not. But at least I am. I was being pushed by some power to ensure Im down. Well, apparently, I WAS down. But Im NOT now. I really felt and wanted to be strong before this. It's juz dat I am a GIRL.. Who also has feelings. Who wanted to love and to be loved. Who dont want to hate nor to be hated. I was down for couple of some times.

Luckily, I have frens who have been very supportive all this while. They understood n understand me. What I felt and feel. Especially all my girlfriends.J.P.Sy.Se.F.B. Simply bcz they are girls. They should understand better what their girlfrens feel. They do know why sometimes, I repeat, SOMETIMES, I feel miserable and down and was crying like HELL. I HAVE FEELINGS THOUGH! I jz cant ignore what people say bout when I know it is SOOOOO not true. I jz cant ignore when people are sarcastic with me when I dun even know them. N when I dun know them, I dun disturb their lives and I really wish they do the same thing too. But they jz dont. And That is why i feel upset like HELL!

Having said all those, I jz have to be strong! I dont wanna lose to some1 or some2 people who really want to see me to lose though. Im not a loser. Again! I AM NOT A LOSER! It's true. I hv to be strong. Well, yes, sometimes I jz cant help to be some sort of emotional thingy. haahah. I jz need YOU GUYS AND GIRLS to support me all the way physically and of course emotionally. And ya.. 1 more thing assobru minal iman.. Juz be patient of what had happened, what happens and what will happen.


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