Saturday, November 21, 2009

Im Not A Shopaholic

Jowi and Akmar are at my home.. We were shopping like mad on Friday. I mean THEY shopped like mad. I was like at first juz watching n giving opinions about wat they want to buy. I didnt even withdraw my money. And in my mind I was thnking of buying a new shirt. It is an A there. But they juz influenced me to buy more than 'a'. And I did. I did buy 3 new shirts instead of the 'a' earlier. In fact I also bought a slipper which didnt cost like a slipper. N I bought a bag. Well that one IS cheap enough to buy though. And we bought it for 3 of us.
p/s: If u guys ever see us wearing the same bags, juz ignore! ;)

They were to be blamed I shopped more than I expected. They said, "Dyg, once in a while though u have loads of money in ur pockets". And I was like " Aah kan". And there go my RM100++. They are shopaholics! And I really mean it. Serious shit!. And I AM not one. I was damn exhausted that day! Accompany them to shop! Fuhhh.. hahah But I did have fun wit them. Thx for the memories.

Notes: Sayang, u are lucky to have me. ;). Only if u r not a shopaholic!


si ngeng. said...

okay tak belikan aku beg sama gak. takpe. aku tak terase.haha.

.d.a.y.a.n.g. said...

hahahhaha tak cakap nak haa,, rm5 je wei