Saturday, November 21, 2009

Am I a Good Cook?

I cooked today. Hahaha. I was kidding to my mum yesterday dat I wanted to cook. I said, "Bu, sok Ina nak masak tomyam la.".. N This morning she bought all the ingredients for tomyam. And I was like I was kidding bu. Huhu. And I cooked! Well, I got some hands from Jowi, Akmar, Tira.. Hahaha. And the supervisors were my mom n my aunty.

Well my tomyam jd la gak. But this one with the help kan. So cam tak feel sgt. But I did cook it by my self. Ngee.

p/s: Sayang, hope u like it. I've cooked it specially for you actually. ILY


si ngeng. said...

aku nak sikit gak haa!!

fYqA said...

aku nk gak???

sipisenan said...

tetibe aku rse lapa...ish2..