Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rumahku Syurgaku ;0

After days or maybe I can say weeks of the jiwe kacau thingy, I am now back as I am. Well I am not sure that I am 100% I am. But at least I know I've been quite okay. I am now blogging at home. Its soooo cool being at home after about a month in Nilai. All the problems in Nilai juz make me want to go home. And here I am though. At home, blogging, facebooking, forgetting all those stupid things happened in Nilai. To see my mom, my dad n brothers, I juz feel like crying. I missed them badly. I feel very relax over here in Gombak. I wish that I could stay longer here. But, ya.. I have a 9am-monday-class. I juz need to be there by Sunday. heh! I dont feel like going Nilai though. Well. I love Nilai as it is. I hve my beloved bf there, my girlfrends, my gud frens, my dormmates and I also have LOADS of problems there. Seeing the faces that I dun want to see. Listening to the things bout me that I dun even know myself. How weird is that huh? Someone knows me better than I am. Heheheh.

Well the point of posting this post is that I love to be at home. Heaven! No that faces. I jz feel relax. No emotional thingy. Im back as wat I am. I dont know if I can ever be a 100% myself again once Im in Nilai. I hope so. I love Gombak. Now only I appreciate my so called hometown. Ngee ;)

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