Saturday, November 14, 2009


A date which is soooooo not cool to almost everyone of us. This day told us that Pokyea's appeal has been rejected by IIUM. So, we all are like very sad thinking bout this. We are close. And it is sooooooooooooooooo new that we are close. We can share all the things together. Owh. Not all I think. Huhu. There are some other things that we dont want the guys to konw. Heheh. Girlfrens, syhhhh. Huhuh.. Melodrama hatiku will not be melodrama hatiku ever again when Pokyea is not here anymore. Pokyea is one of the guy frens who I alwiz ask for his advices regarding my relationship with Wan other than Dudi n Muq. Pokyea is sometimes very understanding bout my situation. Thx yaw. If he is no longer in Nilai, I will lose a fren whom I can share my problems with.

So, the Melodrama Hatiku geng wanted to make a plan that can help Pokyea to b in IIUM again. And so we planned in the evening of the day. Plan A : We go to the Dean in Pj and beg to him to let Pokyea study in IIUM. Plan B : NIL. Well apparently, we only have 1 plan. But that doesnt make us feel down. So, we planned to meet up in the night to write a letter to the Dean. We planned to have dinner at Teabox Cafe. Phye, me, Akmar, Senah, Jowi, Wan, n Pokyea.

Well that night didnt go so well. I mean it went soooooooooo wrong. First, Phye had a fight with his bf. Then, I did. Crying like hell. Akmar followed me after that. Senah on the phone, also fighting. Basically for the same reason. That is about relation ship. Jowi was the most stable at that nyte. Pokyea came with a suggestion that we shud go somewhere. We seem to have tooooo many problems.. Ya.. It IS TOO many. And the reason we were there was not even accomplished at all bcz of all the problems. We dont even disscuss on wat to write the letter. It seems funny. Yes it is pon. Huhu. When we think about it, It is funny. Well at least it shows that alhamdulillah our relationship ad frens overall is gud. We went n go through all things together. Love u guys.

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