Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kejap je as expected!

Daia ade cakap, "Harap2 kau suke mmt ni tol2 lahh. Jgn kejap je."

Hmm. Daia! Nape aku da tak rase ape2 skang? Hahhaha. Gile la aku ni. Hari tu beriye lahh konon prince charming. Hahhaha. But I know Daia knows me well kan. Die takkan terkejut kalau die tau. Bape ramai dah aku tuka2 suke kat PJ lu hahhaha :))

Monday, March 29, 2010

the only way

The only way to forget ur loved ones is by pretending u hate them so much. It works! I've tried. :))

To Akmar..

U once have asked me, whether or not u have to wait for him. I said it is up to you. But now, can I say something more exact?? Akmar, I think u have to wait for him for some more times.. I can see he still loves and cares for you. Coz at least we can see he misses u. And stuff. Huhu. So, wait for him okay!!! For your happiness. Be strong. The happiness that u deserve will come to you after awhile okay! I love you Akmar. I want to see u happy. And I know only he can turn you to the old Akmar. Okay??? Aku doakan kau .. There are still hopes for you guys. For us? I dont think so. So, I stick to our first plan. MOVE MY ASS ON WITHOUT HIM!!!! :))


Hey you! I love you! Seriously, I love you and is afraid of losing you!!! :))))) And I know we will try not to lose each other. Wahh! :))

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Buat Ku Tersenyum.

Datanglah sayang, dan biarkan ku berbaring
Di pelukan mu, walaupun untuk sejenak
Usaplah dahiku, dan kan kukatakan semua

Bila ku lelah tetaplah di sini
Jangan tinggalkan aku sendiri
Bila kumarah biarkan ku bersandar
Jangan kau pergi untuk menghindar

Rasakan resahku, dan buat aku tersenyum
Dengan canda tawamu, walaupun untuk sekejap
Kerna hanya engkaulah yang sanggup redakan aku

Kerna engkaulah satu-satunya untukku
Dan pastikan kita selalu bersama
Kerna dirimulah yang sanggup mengerti aku
Dalam susah ataupun senang

Dapatkah engkau selalu menjagaku
Dan mampukan engkau pertahankanku


You have made me cry. After all the laughing2 that we had, I cried for your words that I know are not serious at all. How soft my heart is?.. :)

Thankss. Appreciate it. You teach me to value friendship. Wahh. :)

People Change, I Change..

After months of not working, aku stat keje balik ari jum arituh.. Preparation bday party. Aku wat keje sorg2 okay. All i have to do sbnrnye blow balloon gune blower and ikat and decorate lah Science Station tuh. Yg wat penatnye. beratus kot nak ikat and jari aki melecet okay! Dah la sorg2. Bosan gilak! Ohh. Luckily ade Volunteer baru nih sgt frenly. Hariz. Dak Subang. 18 thn. He called me kak dyg. Cam klaka lahh. hahhaha..

Volunteer baru ramai yg sombong n berlagak. haih. Aku tak bla tol. Hello! Aku senior korg okay! Mule la aku nak tunjuk seniority aku kan. Dah 2thn 3bulan aku kije. Korg baru 3bulan dah kecoh. Haih. I dont loikke! Oh ya. Sebb dah lame tak dtg keje, so dorg nmpk aku cam alien hahah. Eh dyg! hahah. Oh n byk la feedback dr dorg :

Dyg, asal lain?

Dyg, cam makin gemuk je?

Dyg, cam makin kurus je?

Dyg, skang nmpk kau matang doe. Dah tak budak2 dah.

Dyg, kau skang alim doe . Asal ek?

Macam2 kan. Aku pon cam ape nih? hahhaha. Well. They observed me. All I can say, people change. Dorg pon pelik asal aku dah tak gile2 cam lu. hahahha. Tah. Aku pon tak pasan aku camtuh. ;)))

Only One

Broken this fragile thing now
And I can't, I can't pick up the pieces
And I've thrown my words all around
But I can't, I can't give you a reason

I feel so broken up (so broken up)
And I give up (I give up)
I just want to tell you so you know

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one that gets me like you do
You are my only, my only one

Made my mistakes, let you down
And I can't, I can't hold on for too long
Ran my whole life in the ground
And I can't, I can't get up when you're gone

And something's breaking up (breaking up)
I feel like giving up (like giving up)
I won't walk out until you know

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one who gets me like you do
You are my only my only one

Here I go so dishonestly
Leave a note for you my only one
And I know you can see right through me
So let me go and you will find someone

p/s: u r sweet . terharunye. hahaha.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Terbace Balik.

Aku sgt bijak. tah nape aku sgt bosan dan aku pon tergerak hati nak bace blog aku tym 2009. Hmm. When I read all those, I had my tears. Teringat balik sume bnde jd. how happy we were. hahha. Happy gile! Rindu sgt. Sgt2. Sedih. Why do we have to be like this at the end of the day???!!

I ' ve once written this to him.

A hope from me.
Never leave me even for you its for good.

Bcz the BEST thing happes to me is

It will never be a better one.

The same feeling is still the same though. I know it wont b a btter one.

And this too.

I am missing you like crazy syg. I cired of missing you.Baru 2hari tak jumpe n jarang cntc. I am like this.
Juz imagine if ever u r to leave. Imagine how I will be.

U can see. U dont have to imagine cz it had happened.

Im sorry. Im crying again. This is not the ending that I have expected. Sorry. Im not strong enough!


I am happy today. Veryyy!!!!!!! I said I have moved my ass on. But yah. I lie again! Im happy. Serious. Bak kate Hatim :

"Kau kate kau strong la jadah ape. Move on la. Tp still dok cite2 kisah silam kau ngn die. Move on cirit lu."

"Aku dah tak syg die la. Aku da lupekan die. Saje je nak igt."

"Tak syg ? Penipu! Lupe? Lg la penipu. Pape tah kau ni."

That's the only way to avoid me igt die. Aku deny yg aku syg die. Hmm. Padehal. Hmm. I want to move on. Seriously. I am. But kdg2 i ter recalled all those memories. That is when I cant move on. When he called. I was like happy gile. Tapi cover je. :) Tanak la die tau yg aku sgt2 happy kan. Rileks je. Huhu. We talked n had conversation like the old days. That what makes me even happier. Serious. But then again to hope that we can be together .. Im hopeless. Hhaha. Ayat hatim gak. Its impossible I know. Cz he has a new freaking hot gf. Doakan yg terbaik je.

Oh. Pasal mmat yang i ade crush tuh. You guys must be wondering kan. Kate ade crush kat mamat ni, tp syg lagi kat ex.

HAVING A CRUSH AND FALLING IN LOVE are 2 different things. Ngn mamat tuh pon, I cam suke cam bese2 je. Its juz that care i describe how much I like him tu yg buat macam I da jatuh cinte ngn die. HELL NO!!

The conclusion : My heart is still and always with him. Haih!! But im moving on! (another lie) hahahah :)

Thanks for making me happy!

I Miss..

I miss someone that I dont think I have to. hahha. Cam klaka. hhahahah :). Tape.. rindu jehh. Hahha. Klaka2.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Petrosains, Here I Come!

Okay. Juz now, I received a call from Petrosains Sdn Bhd. Asking me to work on Friday and Sunday. Yippi! Finally, they called for my 'khidmat'. Hahha. Its ok though if its only 2days. For 2days work I can earn RM80. Thats enuf. For this friday, I have to do preparation for Sunday's bday party. ALONE! Arghh! Bosannye takde kawan. Mesti aku tatau nak watpe memndgkan dah lame sgt meniggalkan dunie pekerjaan nih hahahah. CAm akan awkward je. Huhu.Takpe. Ahad tu reunion la ngn kawan2 balik. I dont know sape akan ade ahad ni. Tp geng2 bday party addalh geng2 aku ape! Hahah.

VAD is coming soon. Volunteers' Appreciation Day 2010. At the end of May I think. Ya. Loads of times. Tp kene kumpul duit lu. Nak beli baju sesuai tok theme this year. MUSICAL. Ape yg sesuai? Hmm. Mase 2008 pny VAD bes! Sbb ramai dak batch ade lg. Kitorg wat performance. Menari! Mmg bes gile. Tym tuh tema nye Cartoon Mania. Tp kitorg tak sewe ape2 kostum pon memndgkan kitorg ni penari berkaliber. Hahha. 2009 pny VAD aku tak p pon. Cheh! Baru igt nak join. Tp sbb isnin, aku tak cuti. tak dapt join! Sedih! Tp takpe. Dorg kate bosan. Hahha. Tema nye Retro. This year, td Apin ckp aku kene menari lg sekali. Cheh!!! Aku ni mmg muke penari ke ape? hahah. Baru je igt nak duduk kat krusi penonton melaram pakai dress lawa2. Ni kene menari lg. Hmm. Takpe la. Bnde aku minat pon. Yg aku tak gemarnye, make up tu konfirm tebal gile bai. Dah macm bukan aku je nnty. Haih. Nak tggu make up tu lg la. Pehh. I hope Kak Dayu akan jd koreographer kitorg sbb she knows how I am. heheh. I hope this year pon akan pull out cam thn 2008 tuh. We had so much fun ouh menari. Ade videonye. Tp tatau kat sape. Damn! Nak tgk!!! Tak sbr pulak saye nak join menari nih. hahah. My passion! :)

So, Petrosains! Here I comE .. My Come back!!!

Kembar Hatim :)

Maulana. Hahha. Aku tatau la knp dan mengape setiap kali aku tgk mmt ni, aku terigt Hatim Roslan. Hahah. Nak kate muke same tak pon. Perangai kot. Gile dan mereng. Haha. Hatim kate sbb aku angau kat die tu yg tgk sape pon igt die. Weyh. Elok sikit! haha. angau cirit waklu! Takde maknenye gile! hahaha.

How Pathetic I am?!

I am envy with people who are being loved by someone who truly loves them. Aku tak penah rase disayangi. Byak kali rase dpermainkan. Am I pathetic? Yes I am. Hahha. But it makes me strong.


Akmar, Phye, Bilaa, Pika n NiK..

1:Apakah hubungan anda dengan dia????
ohh. kawan baik baru saye! eh tak. lesbo partner. hahhan

2: 5 impression terhadap dia.
1~ cun.
2~ cam sombong.
3~ garang.
4~ ego (kdg2 la)
5~ baik. :)

3: Perkara yg paling memorable dia lakukan pd awk.
pd sye? hmm. tatau. tp kalau ngn saye is when kitorg karok bdue kat nilai! :)

4: Perkara yg paling memorable dia katakan pd awk.
hmm. die ckp sye cute. hahaha. (penah ke?) hahah

5: Kalau dia kekasih awk?
ohhh. she is. im engaged to her! :)

6: Kalau dia musuh awk?
no. kitorg tak suke musuh2 n drama2 :)

7: Kalau dia kekasih awk,awk akn.....
do something gud to her cam belikan HANDPHONE baru ke hahahahah (harapan la akmar!)

8: Kalau dia musuh awk mungkin kerana??
die cpl balik ngn ex die. n saye tak cpl balik. ohh sedih n marah hahah

9: Overall impression ttg dia.
she's cool!

10: The most desirable thing to do to her.
be with her now! right now. cz we have a pretty same situation that I guess we really need each other kan?

11: Apa awk rasa pandangan org pd diri awk?
saye rase byk la. hahah. tp yg plg byk org ckp yg saye ni CUTE. hahahah :)

12: Apakah sebenarnya perangai awk?
sye orgnye sensitif. tp tak sensitif ngn kawan. sy suke gelak. sye suke hp. sy cpt suke org n cepat bosan. sye malas. sy tak mudah syg org. bile sye syg tol2, i will try my best to b with him. sye syg family. sye syg kawan2. sye tak suke bermusuh. okay?

13: Perangai anda yg anda benci.
senang dipijak kepale. org wat ape pon mest saye ngalah sbb sye tak suke bergaduh. sbb tu org suke pijak kepale saye. sakit ok!

14: Org yg anda ingin bersama?
family, friends and someone I love until today. saye INGIN. tp saye tau keinginan tu takkan dpt. hahaha

15: Katakan sesuatu utk org yg suka anda.
org yg suke saye? hmm. saye tau sbb ape ande suke saye. hahah sbb saye comel hahahahah :) saye suke bile org suke saye. so thx!

16: Tag 5 org
1~ akmar
2~ phye
3~ bilaa
5~ nik adilah.
(saye tak reti nak tag org hahaha)

17: No 2 ade hbgn dgn siapa?
ohh. she's single!

18: No 3 lelaki atau perempuan? dan ada hbgn dgn siapa?
pompuan la hahaha. hmm tatau la ngn sape. die byk rahsie hahahah

19:No 1 single kah?
ohh. hmm aah. same ngn saye :(.

20: No 4 belajar apa?
belajar camne nak gune dslr hahahaha :)

21: No 5 buat apa?
hmm. kau nga watpe nik? memasak ke? ehehhe

Phewiitttt awek2 cun! Syg korg ! hahhaha. Bce la. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

We are Done but..

I know we are done. But I seriously dont want the ending to be like this though. I mean I have several ex-es who can still be my frens. And is it awkward u may ask. HELL NO! Before we were together pun, we were frens kan? So, ape yg susah sgt? I juz cant understand this part. I dont want it to be the end. I mean hack ya our relationship is OVER but the frenship is never end I guess. Maybe I expect more from you. FRIENDLY. I never hate you. I promise you that. And I keep my promises. Ok fine. U r still in my heart. And so what?! I am sorry. I cant forget you as fast as u thought I will or as fast as u forget how happy we were back then. I am truly sorry. :(


Okay! Again! Im browsing ALL his pics! Arghh.. Damn it. I dont like to stalk him. But I love his pics. :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


All posts saying that I hate you. You make me miserable. All are lies. Lies. I can lie you. I can lie everyone. But I know I cant lie myself. I am sorry. U r still in my heart. U r. But u said I have to move on kan. Kite tgh. I follow ur advices. Tq 4 everything.


Im sorry. I cant live in denial. I still love you. But Im moving on. Sometimes, i juz need to say this. Or else it changes to pain. sorry.

Him and only him.. ;)

Oh. Now I have his phone number. :). I just want to keep it. To start it first, ohh that is soo not me. Saye pemalu ;). My best fren bg semangat. She told me how nice he is? Damn! Makin suke la aku nih. And she even said, "What if u try him , dyg? Try as in rapat2 la ngn die. Tak salah pilihan kau yg nie."

OMG! Hmm. He's nice with everybody. I know. That's why I like him. I mean the way he cares for people tu yg wat aku cam cair la. We r not even close. He cares! He concerns! My best fren said he is gud for me. Hahah. Jgn main2kan die. Hahahah. Weyh! Aku takpenah mainkan org la. sebb tu la aku tanak die tau aku suke die. Bia la. Go with the flow. Well I dont put my hope to b with him. Tak lgsg. Tp care aku suke org mmg cani. Saiko ck8. Hahhaha. ;)).

To him : Thanks tau weyh. For a lovely nyte. :)) Haven't really met you yet. But I think I have fallen for you.!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

His Ways Drive Me Crazy!

Oh. I slept at 6am . I had so much fun chatting with him. I mean seriously, I have never been like this since forever. The last time I think when I was 18. I mean to have crush on someone like this. It makes me happy and smile all the way of my days. I'll be even happier if ever he likes me back hahha. In my dreams!! But when Hatim asked, do I want to be with him? I dont know. I enjoy this crushing feeling without him knowing. Coz we can be frens. And plus, if I ever will be with him now, I dont think it will work out. Cz knowing me, I like people easily and I easily get bored with people. Hahah. But then again, I adore this guy ever since when he and I were in CFSIIUM PJ together . No one knows. Only now, my likeness grows like hell. Hahha. But I know he is a nice nice guy. He concerns even we are not that close. But he concerns about me. about his friends. And ya despite having nice-good-smart-cute looking face, he is cool. I mean I love the way he brings himself out. The way he asks questions. The way he appreciates wishes his friends give him. The way he talks ( i dont have much chance to talk with him but yet i know he is gud at that.). The way he walks. The way he's in the class. When everybody is bz to have free onlining, he does his programming. The way he dresses up. I love all of his pics! Cool and smart.. Am I falling in love? haha. Knowing me, I like people easily but I dont love people this fast without knowing him in total. But ya. I do like him that much! Ngee ;)))


Oh my God!!! Something good happened!! Hahahha.. at 4am skang ni, aku mmg tak ngntuk lg. So online dr td. Guess what!!! Die online plak!! Hahahha. ;)))) And he even said he misses me too. Ohh. Serious shit. Im melting! ;)

Angau Dayang.

The only thing that can calm me down skang is when i browsed all his pics all over again. Haisy. Ensemnye kau kawan! Ahhaha. Oh ya! I did my confession of liking him to my best fren who knows him. She said:

"La. Die ke dyg yg kau suke tuh. Aku slalu je text ngn die. Eh. Btw, he is a nice guy. Bijak pilihan kau."

Hahhahahaha. Yeah bebeh!! MMg bijak pilihan aku ;))). Hey my best fren, once Im in Gombak, bring me to him straight heh! HAhah. Lame tak jumpe. Ade la dekat setahun. So, skang aku nak kurus lu hahahah ;)) Bg hot2 lu. Hahhahaha. Haisy. Ok. Skang aku da stat angau. Ngee ;))

He is My New Love... :))

Emirza Azwan Zulazrin Chew...
Ahha! Tadi aku ade cakap yang aku takmo BF kan. If ever la,if ever... Mamat ni propose aku, malam ni gak aku accept!!!!! Hahhaha. Fanatik AF ke? Hahha. Sbb ade Iwan!!!! He's staying in Seremban. Ok. Sgt dekat ngn Nilai. N He was born on 21st April 1990.! same umor! Yeah bebeh! ;)) I fell in love with his voice. I HAVENT MET YOU YET, but i have fallen for you. Seriously.! Hahahaha. Oh.. Yg my crush tuh, sorry!! Takleh nak letak gmbr. Bahaye! Ngee.. AFUNDI IWAN~! I am melting ;)))))))) I love you, IWAN!!!
hmm. sorry. dyg mmg fanatik af sikit hahhaha. my aim tgk af ialah untuk carik student yg ensem2 n cute2 ;)) I found 1 this season. Iwan, you have made my day n will always make my coming days! ;)

story telling

Hmm. Only now I can tell Dayang Athira, my sister, wht happened to me n him. And her reaction was surprising me. I mean.... Ok I tell u guys.

I started to tell tra the whole thing. Each tiny little thing. From the beginning until the last time he called. He basically said this:

"Sorry. Bukan kite taknak tegur awak tp kite nak tgk muke awak pon takleh. Bukan sebb benci but sedih. Sedih thinking of kite takleh together"

Tra's reaction:

"Ina, asal aku rase nak nangis?" And she started to cry. I didnt cry at first. Kuat la kan. Huhu. Aku lak ikot nangis. Tra gile. ( tra bukan jenis yg senang nangis mcm aku hahaha)

Well. what he said tu, only he knows whether he is sincere or not. But I did feel sad, sebak sume. So tape. Im really moving on without him. He said I need to b strong. So do him.

p/s: Hatim gile! Tym aku ngadu kat die aku sedih pasal ni, die leh plak, " weh dyg! Aku nga bace msg2 kau ngn die dulu2. Sweet gile doe. Aku harap leh la ke pgkal jln n betolkan ape salah kite sume kan." Hatim!!! Kau mmg sgt membntu sebenarnye. hahahaha ;)) Makin nangis la aku that tym. Mengong! ;))


Ok now I know ade sorg mmber aku ni tgh tggu aku. As in u guys know la. Hmm. Maybe die gurau but he said until now. Ok fine! He doesnt propose yet but then again can I say I am not ready yet. Ohh. It sounds ssssoooooooo clishe. Tp tol. aku tak ready doe! Haisy. No BF at the mean time. Nak rase cane setahun yg lalu tanpe BF selame 2 freaking years. Bes gile! U hv no commitment. Bile ak da nak berkomitmen ade lak yg halang kan. Takpe. Skang NO BF!!!!!

Forgive me, will you?

Please forgive me. I cant stop loving you. Its a crime to you I know. Sorry then.

Mum To Be..

Aha. Gmbr panas. Dayang bersame dgn anaknya? hahhahah. Hell no la! My lil n cousin n my kakak sedare .. Ade bakat tak jd ibu? Hahahahah.. Belum kowt. But angan2 nak jd ibu tu of coz ade ha.hha. Pas kawen ofcoz la. Bile tgk sepupu kawen terase cam nak kawen plak. haisy. impian tak tergapai lg nak kawen? hahahah. 1day.. mmg teringin ade anak sendiri. nak tgk gak comel ke anak aku nnty. Ohh it depends to his/her dad la. hensem ke tak hahahah. Btw, kak mimi pny husband sgt ensem. So she inspires me to find a waaaaaayyyyyyyyy hamdsomer husband hahahah ;)) Till then!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Crush!

Am I falling in love AGAIN? Oh No no no no. He is my crush. But if u say having a crush is falling in love, hmmm then I might be. Angau ke saya? Tak lah. Tapi asal everytime bukak Fb I will browse his pics. Padahal sume gmbr die da tgk. Haiyakk! OHHH. Aku sgt tak suke perasaan aku yg skang ni. hhahahaha. Malas nk suke2 kat org ni. hmmm. Breath in Breath out dyg. Chill. Tggu kat Gombak t. Jumpe die kau ade dub dab dub dab tak. Kalau ade tu CINTA la maknenye. Hahahahha. HAisy. I cannot go la cani hahhahah ;)

ohhh ya. Im not desperate. Bukan nak ber couple pon ngn die. Tbe2 tersuke. Actually suke dah lame, cume skang bertambah hahahahahhahahah ;))))). I juz cant reveal sape. Bahaye!! Can I juz say die kawan UIA saye? HAhhahahahaha ;)))

The best feeling ever when we know the person we like likes us back!!!!

Tp tak mengharap pon. Oh ya! Dayang yg lame dah muncul! Dayang yg enjoy dgn kehidupan singlenye n skandalnye. ;))) Oh I like to b free. ';))

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gatal pt 2

ak jd stalker jap. and tbe2 la kan. aku terase nak ade crush kat sorg kawan ICT aku ni. haaaaa. tbe2 aku rase die ensem. hmm. nak sebut name ke? taya la. hahahha. tp ni bukn shauqi. Someone else! heheheh. tak pernah sekelas. die kawan kpd kwn aku. hmm. sumpah weh. tbe2 ade crush on him plak pas tgk gmbr2 die yg smart tuh. damn! okay. r u serious dyg? sindrom gatal dah menyerang ke ape ni. huhuhu. tp die baik ngn aku. hmm. alamak cair2. cool dyg. chill. t kau masok gombak kau jumpe die k. die pon nak jumpe kau kan. saba dyg ea. sumpah aku dah gile hahahha ;))

And I juz found out that he IS still SINGLE! hahahha. Ape lg. Operasi akan bermule. ;))


Tra siut! I mean tra kawan petrosains aku. Aduh,. Die keje semalam sengaje nak menjeleskan aku. Die jumpe shah rukh khn!@ shahril name tol die. ala bertahun tak jump mamat tu kot . kau lak jumpe lu. sakai la tra! hahhaahha. hmmm/ ble nak jumpe die lg ngeng.. ohh terigt keenseman die lak. hehehehhe ok gatal saye dah dtg ;) kahkahkah

Ahmad Zayn Adzdzin.

Saje nak cite pasal adik aku yg paling kecik ni. He's only 10 years old which means 10 years younger than I am. Die ni pendek la tok dak2 drjh 4. Serius. Cam dak drjh 1. huhu. Tp die matang la. He is. Ade 1tym ni. die p pasa malam ngn kawan die naik basikal. N pas sejam tak balik. Aku risau la. Tym tu aku sorg je kat rumah. Aku keluar umah tggu kat lua. Nak tau die cakap ape?

'Along, yg along tggu kat lua ni nape. Masok dlm la. Bahaye tau tak'

Aku cam eh eh budak kecik ni. Kite risaukan die. die ckp camtu lak kat kite. Tp aku terharu. Huhu. Ade satu hari ni, aku mintak tlg adik (zahir,17thn) anta aku separuh jln. aku nak p keje. Kne la lalu jejantas ni which agk bahaye gak la tok pompuan kan. Pas aku trun dr moto tu adik cam nak terus bla la kan. pastu azin cakap ape?

'Abg! Tggu la dulu. Tgk along naik jejantas tu dulu. Kang ape2 jd kang susah.'

Aku dgr cam waaaaaa nak nangis. Terharu sgt2. Huhu. Lg 1 matured ni mmg cam org tue2. Ade 1hari ni aku nak sidai kain la kan kat lua umah. tak pakai tdg n pakai slua tige suku. Die nmpak aku, die leh sound

'Along. Ape tak senonoh sgt ni. Tanak pakai tdg pon ttp la kaki tuh.'

Aku cam pehhhhhh sentap siut. Tp aku happy. Sekurg2nye, sampai thp ni, die budak baik la. Cam ustaz2 gitu. Tra penah kene sound tepek sbb pakai baju lengan 3suku. Aku lak tym dlm kete bukk tdg jap nak btulkan rmbut. Tu pon kene sound? hahah Azin2..

Teruskan perangai kau yg ni zin. Sbb along caye kalau la kau cani smpai ke tue ramai nak kat kau zin. Org2 yg cam kau ni la along nak. Caring n gentle gitu. Gile la adik aku nih huhuhu. ;))


Pika, Bila n Tasha. Aku tatau la ape kau wat kat bntal ni. Tp sumpah aku syg gile bntl ni. Adik aku nk sentuh sikit pon aku tak bg hhahahahah ;)) My lovely Tommy!


Saje nak cite jerawat aku naik okay! damn! takde sbb lain la ni. hmm. sib yg comel2 je. kahkahkahkah ;))

Kisah Siong

Aku tgk cite Siong td. Kol430 tv3. Dah takde cite kan. C Tajol ni lakonan Gambit. Jht nak mapos. Ria(Sheera Iskandar)ni lak dak baik la gak. Dah ade BF. Amzar(Pierre Andre). Bf die pon baik. Tp tah cane c Ria ni leh plak tersuke kat Tajol. Tajol ni nak bdn Ria je walhal. Lelaki ni nape ea? Itu je ke yg dorg nmpak agaknye. Perempuan ni tmpt melampiaskan nafsu dorg ke. Elok sikit. Haisy. Aku jd geram lak ngn lelaki durjana cam ni. Tp ade gak lelaki yg baik. Cam Amzar. Yg syg Ria sbb Ria. Haisy. Geram. Tbe2 emosi huhuhu.

The Story of My Ex-es..

Saje nak share ngn korg crite2 ex2 saye. Cam menarik kan. ;)) Jom2..

Muhammad Danial Basaruddin.
We were together when I was form3 n he was form5. In a month. Ya. Sebulan je. Baru try nak bercinte tuh macam mane kan. Tapi cam tak bes je cpl. Hahahah. I was too young maybe. So, I broke it off. He hates me kot. Tym tu, I hate smokers. Tny die smoking tak, die jwb tak. Pastu kantoi smoke. Aku pon BENCI PENIPU. Huhuhu. Pas break, kitorg tak penah cntc dah. Aku pon taknak igt lahh. Bukan bercinte tol2 pon. ;)

Wan Faizul Syukri.
We were together when we were in form4. 12th August 2006. Igt lagi. It lasted 3months only. Sebb? It happened to be that he was the hot guy in school la kan. Sume knl die. N everyone was like chasing after him. N my frens pon ckp aku untung dpt die. Tp bile BF hot stuff. I cannot stand. Die ni lak aktif dlm Kadet Polis. P sampai daerah. So dak2 KP ni cam rapat la. Aku taleh tol. Pastu dgr lak die kua ngn pompuan lain kan. Haisy! Hmm. Tp die sumpah baik gile! Die pemalu . Wat aku jd pemalu gak. Hahahahah. After break tu die ade gak la cam tak suke aku, tp last2 HE IS THE ONLY EX THAT I CAN CONSIDER AS FRIEND COZ UNTIL NOW PON HE.STILL ASKS 'HOW R U' TO ME. Sebb die baik !! ;)) Sorry wan. Org mintak break ... Tp dyg tau u r happy ngn ur gf now kan. Almost 3years. What an achievement!!! ;))

Muammar Fikri.
We were together when we were in form5. He was schooling at somewhere else. Kitorg knl tym tuisyen. Hahahhaah. Dalam ramai2 lelaki kat dalam kelas tuh, he was the most good looking la kan. So kitorg geng2 pompuan ni cam tertarik la kat die. But I know, mule2 cam main2 la kan. Tak letak harapan lgsg. It happened to be 1 fine day ni, ade la an unknown number texted me saying that im cute n stuff. Hahahhaha. Aku bukan jenis lyn num2 tak kenal ni. Tapi tym tu ter layan lak. Die kate 'u tuisyen kat sini2 kan. i nmpk u tggu bas la. i dpt num ni dr muama. u knl muama?' Tym tu aku cam.. oh kwn muammar ke. igtkan muammar. sedih doe. tp layan la. last2 die ngaku tu die! hahahah ;) aku pny suke tym tuh haisy! hahahah. N tak lame pastu die mintak cpl tru fon la. n i dared him 'sok ade tuisyen kan. i nak u mintak dat tym. leh tak'. die kate okay. Soknye, kelas maths. Meje tym tu due2. It sooooo happened to be ak terduduk sorg2 sebb geng kitorg ade 5 org. Die dgn gentlenye duduk sebelah aku n mintak!!!! Hahahhaa. Aku malu! Pastu kawan2 aku tatau tym tu ak ade affair ngn die. Sume pon cam 'Ala dyg. suke la tu muamma dok sebelah die'. Hehehheh. Suke3!! Ahhh. Die sgt gentle tp sedikit nakal. Huhuhu. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Tbe2 rindu lak tym ngn die wpun care die break off ngn aku tuh sngt nyakitkan ati. Leh tak dah la tak ckp ape2 trus nak ade GF baru. Siut je. Tapi tak lame pastu die try mintak balik. Tp aku taknak. Baik kawan je. Yeah.. Kitorg berkawan baik sampai la satu mase ni terserempak ngn die. He had juz made me mad at him. Pastu terus tak contact sampai skang. Tp still teringat gak la.. :)) Muammar. If u ever read this(which i know u takkan pny hahahha) I hope kite still leh jd kwan doe u.. ;)0 Tol ke i nak ?? I pon tatau. ;)) Hope u r in gud health.

Syed Rahimin Shah.
We were together pas aku spm basically. 03.05.09. It lasted 3months gak. Hmm. Aku knl die kat tempat keje. Lepak skali tiap2 kali pas keje. Aku pon tatau cane aku leh kene gosip ngn die mule2. Tapi lame2 kitorg rapat n die mintak la kan. Hahahha. The thing is die sgt matured. N pemalu. Aku takleh ngn org pemalu aku pon jd pemalu gak. HAhahahah. Tp ngn die paling sempoi la. Kau aku je. Oh. Die ni CALON SUAMI yg sgt sesuai. Die leh membawa ke jln yg benar. CAm ustaz2 la. Die sgt bz. Final sem kat BMI. Aku takleh. I need attention. So, last2 aku gak yg mintak break. Sorry Syed. U can find a wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better girl than I am. Aku tak layak tok kau. But thanks weh. Kau sgt baik. Aku bute kdg2. ;)

Wan Muhammad Khairul Syafiq Yaakob.
We were together 4 5 months. The longest . Uhuhu!! 18 hb tarikh kitorg basically. (tbe2 takde idea ape nak tulis hahahhaha) Oh kebetulan yg amat sgt. Hari ni 18hb. Aku cam nak buang 18hb dlm idop aku leh tak. Tarikh break kitorg. Asal aku suke kat die? Ohh. He is sweet talker. Romantik gak la. Tak jiwang. Tp romantik. Beze okay. He WAS the only one who knows how to treat me well long2 tym ago. He knows how to handle me. He knows how to comfort me down. Dr marah2 trus gelak2 kan. Hahhaah. The first time he approached me tu cam klaka la. Dah nak separuh sem tak penah tegur, tbe2 nak gosipkan aku ngn sorg ni plak kan. Tym tu 1 bende je aku terpikir tau lak mamat ni name aku (memandangkan die ni jarang ade kat kelas kan) hahhaha. Tbe2 jd rapat pas Trip ke KLPac tuh. Tah . Tbe2. Leh lak lepak2 naik kete die sume2 kan. Baru nak rapat. so nak rapat2 tuh, ade la die share sikit2 pasal ex die. Sikit je tak byk. Aku dgr je la. Aku pon ade la share pasal bf aku tym tuh. Die pon dgr je la. It happened to be 1day die confess. N I kinda like him gak. Lame2 cpl la. Mmg the best moment ever la kan awal2 percouplean tuh. Happy tak hengat ni. Gado2 pon happy lagi. What to do. Takde jodoh. Malas aku nak cite nape aku break. Cane aku break ngn die. Malas2.. Tp i had great moments when i was with him. Cant deny that. And the most most most most sakit love story i ever had. Sbb? Die sendri tau. Malas la nak pk... ;))

Pesanan penaje:
To Dan: Hmm. tatau nak cakap ape ngn kau hahaha. Da lame sgt kan.
To WanF: Hey wan!!!!! Dyg suke kite skang ni. Lebih senang berkawan kan3? ;) Tp still org tak gemuk okay! hahah.
To Muammar: Seriously, i thought u were my first love. u were kot. I ambik 2thn nak lupekan u okay if u nak tau lah. 2years of not having any Bfs. Best gile saat tuh. Byk skandal. Tp ya. Thanks sebb u klaka doe. U byk buat I gelak. ;))
To Syed: Syed!!!!!!! Kau tau aku syg kau. Aku always jd kawan kau tau weh. Sorry. I am. Aku jht syed. U deserve better.
To WanS: Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Ape nak ckp kat awak ea? Kite tatau. Too many things have been said. Dah la kot. Takot awak tertekan lak. Tanak jd punce kpd masalh2 awak yg tak pernah abes tuh.

History is history. I do want to forget all those memories. Tp ya. Dorg sume ni penah jd special dlm hati dyg kan, so susah skit la. Kdg2 still terigt. Dyg doakan terbaik tok korg sume. Tp yg dyg dpt la kan, org yg paling kite syg tu la last2 akan wat kite paling sakit. Huhu. So jgn syg seseorg sampai sakit tu tak tertanggung nanti okay.

p/s: nak tau yg mane yg paling aku syg? hmm. lu pk la sendiri. hahahhahahah. the way i talked about him. u guys should have known who kan? hihi ;P

Pepatah Melayu..


rase menarik lak pepatah ni. tapi of cos takde kene mengene ngn aku. madu ade lg. Thank God. ;))

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dayang Bodoh

Aku bile igt sume janji manis die dulu, aku jd geram, marah, sakit hati,sume ade. Aku la yg bodoh. Percaye kan janji2 manis lelaki nih. Last2 aku yg sakit. Penah sekali Fauzan, kawan aku ckp lelaki sume same dyg. Takyah la caye sgt BF kau tu. Aku backup Bf tym tuh. Tak la jan. BF aku lain. Tp endingnye same je. HAhahahahah. Kalau la aku dgr cakap kau jan. Aku tak benci die. Tp aku marah yg amat sgt. Sampai skang aku terpikir ape sbnrnye aku pade die. Die bukanlah lelaki yg teruk. Cume sakit hati aku ni tak tertanggung. The thing is nape aku percaye sgt ckp die mule2? Bodoh kan aku? Padan la ngn muke kau dyg.. Lelaki sume same. Yg lain tu yg berlakon la. Bile aku bg seluruh hati aku kat lelaki, ini yg aku dpt? Damn! Takpe. Tuhan Maha Adil. Aku doakan yg terbaik je tuk die except that I need him to feel what I feel right now. Kalau die tak rase skang, soon he will. Dendamkah itu? Oh. Takde la. Cume nak die rase sikit je. Bile die syg gile babi sorg pompuan ni, n pompuan ni lak takde la syg die sgt n buang die camtu je dalam hidup die. Haaa.. Then, u will feel what I feel Now. Takpe. I move on je la. Nmpk cam lom. Tgh. Aku susah sikit nak move on. Die senang la. ;)

p/s: Bukan niat nak mencalarkan maruah mane2 pihak. I didnt even mention any name here. And u (u know who u r) are not that bad. ;)


I am thinking of pursuing my studies oversea. Ah ha! This is sooooo not me. When my mum said why dont u study oversea. Hell no! AHhahah. Tapi skang aku nak sgt2. U.S ke U.K ke. My dad skang tgh cari biasiswa tok fly. Ade la rezeki aku. Aku nak p jauh dr Malaysia ni. Bukan benci Malaysia. Aku syg sgt. But then, hmm. Tah. Die ke? I have moved on kan hahahhaahah. Yeah right. Pray for me frens. I want soooooooo badly to go over the sea. I need all that to make sure I'll recover very soon hahahahahah. I really need to get rid all my memories here with him sebb MENYAKITKAN!. Ahhahhaha. Aku harap sgt ade rezeki aku untuk ni ;(((((

Can we?

We cant be friends, can we?

i know we cant. But i dont hate you. I hope same goes to you. I care for you. After all, u r STILL my FRIEND even if we cant be one. ;)

My mum's Reaction.

Bile aku btau Ibu yang aku nak ke Beranang jap arini, my mum's reaction :

"Nak wat pe? Nak sambung balik ke tu"

Aku pny reaction lak :

Mulut ternganga " Oh. Tak mungkin la bu. Ibu wat lawak. Yg nak jumpe Ina tu bukan die."

Hahahah. Ibu klaka. Tp sungguh. Ibu tak pernah sporting cani. Ngn adik2 pny partner tak lak die concern. Hahahhaha.

Bile aku balik dr Beranang lak IBu nye reaction:

"Ade jumpe die tak? Ade tegur die tak?"

Aku jawab:

"ade je jumpe. tak tegur. cam tak knl. sedih. tapi kan bu. takpe la. drpd bukak mulut bergadoh pecah lak rumah tuh. due2 da la tgh angin satu badan hahahha ;))"

Hatim Roslan. ;)


Saje nak libatkan name kau dlm blog aku. Hmm .. CAni ade tak MENCALARKAN MARUAH KAU TEM? Tak kan. Aku tulis blog bukan tok sakitkan ati sape2. Chill la. Ak tulis post ni nak btau aku sayang kau n aku rindu kau. hahahahahhahahahahahah. :)). Hatim gile!! Thanks btw. Untuk ape aku pon tatau. Oh sbb sedarkan aku ttg baaaaaaaaaaannnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk bende. ;)) Thanks weh. Huhu

My Tommy!!!

Ohh. Lupe. Nak cite. Tym nak balik Gombak dr Nilai tuh, aku tertggl bantal2. Tp ade 1bantal ni aku syg sgt. Bantal yg pika n bila bg tym bday. Or I call it TOMMY. Cane leh dpt name tuh? Hahahah. It soooo happened that aku letak vest yang Wan bg aku tuh kat bantal tuh. So cam bantal tu pakai baju. Hahahah. And the vest or jumper tu brandnye Tommy something2. So aku pon letak la name tu . Hahahahha. Rumets aku sume tanak pegang Tommy. Sebb terbayangkan Wan. HAhahha. Aku pon tak bygkan die. HAhahah. Yg korg dok bygkan tu knp. And so aku soh nik amek kan. N baru dpt!! Nyenyak tdo aku. :00 I love tommy!! Thanks Pika n Bila n Tasha. Bantal tu sgt sedap dipeluk ;))

p/s : oh ya. Tommy dah bogel. Die dah tak pakai vest tu dah. Huhuhuhuh. For some valid reasons. Tp nak pggl gak tommy. N vest tu ade je dalam simpanan. ;)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

power rangers.


Nak share kat korg pasal Muhammad Hanafi. Or Api. He is like the leader of the group. Die cam abg la. He is trying very hard to make all of us happy. If we have any problems, kitorg refer kat die. For you guys to know, dulu la, dulu... Die skandal aku. HAhahaahha. But then again he is like my brother whom I love not more than that. Along all that time until now pon I know he loves me. He always wants the best for me. Die marah bile aku menangis. Die bg kate2 semangat bile aku down gile. Huhu. Mase aku btau die that I have a BF , he was like, okay.. takpe. Asalkan kau happy. Now, I am happy to see u r happy with ur GF api!! Hehhe. See. I've told you. Kat poli mest ade nye. But despite anything happen pon we are still bestfrens kan api. Hehheheh. I love you. And I really do. ;)) Thanks untuk advice n being there every single time that I need you. You r such a gud fren! ;))

I want to talk about Aznie Alif or Nini. Hahahah. Nini. Kitorg bg name tu sebb ramai sgt Alif kat Petro. So, nak wat org senang recognize die, kitorg tuka name. hahahahah. Ni pon skandal aku long long long time ago. Kahkahkah. Yg klakanye, kitorg tak penah pon suke as in suke in love with each other. Tbe2 kene gosip. Sume sebb on this one orientation day, I sat beside him, he found out that aku melatah. Tym tu thats it la. dah la mamat ni gile mengacau org. Haisy. Sume tau dah. N cz of that kitorg rapat gile. N sbb tu gak la kitorg kene gosip. Tolong la. Die ni cam haiwan peliharaan aku je kot. hahahahah. But I know nini. Kau syg aku. hahhahaha. Dr sejak aku knl kau, kau try wat aku gelak. Semalam tym kite jumpe, I shared with u my love story, u comforted me. Thanks. But I NEVER .. I repeat, NEVER will fall for you like u never too hahahahah. Sbb kau gay! Kau gay bodoh! hahahahah. Aku pelik nape org kate kau gay. Tp bile aku tgk gmbr2 mmg kau gay. Hahahahahah. Oh. Aku baru nak propose kau jd BF aku cz u have what it takes. Kau syg aku. Kau care pasal aku. Kau jage aku. AKu igt lg. Hahah. KAt petro. Kau protect aku from this one pervert guy. Damn! Nasib kau ade doe. Ohh. Tp kau ade satu je yg tak memenuhi kriteria kau. KAU TAK TERUNA!!!! Hahahhahahaha.... GAYBOY!!! ;))

Intan Munirah. Dak lompat. She's only 19 when we r 20. Sgt kecik. First kenal tym interview. Tak rapat sgt. dah start keje tu rapat. N mmg die share everything ngn aku dulu. Aku pon. Aku share ngn die how much I like dz guy kat Petro tu tp takde jodoh. hahahahah ;)). die pon ade crush on this 1guy. Pon tade jodoh. Die sgt pandai. Dah abes matrik. Budak 4flat. hahahah. n kaye. She already has a car! Damn! HAhahahhaha. I need one. She has a new BF. Gud for her . U know how much i love u intan. Makan byk2. Bg gemuk sikit. heheheheh. ;))


Nur Athirah. Aku pon tak igt cane aku leh rapat ngn minah ni. Tym Choir Petro kot. hahahha. Abes keje je lepak. Selagi lambat leh balik, lambat la. Kol9malam baru gerak. Ahahhahaha. Die ni ANAK SETAN. hahahah. Bapak setannye Azran. Membahan org je keje. Mult cam longkang. Tak hengat. HAhahhaha. Nak cite kat die pasal aku suke org, alamatnye kene bhn. Silap2 die p btau org tu sendri. Cam kes Shah rukh khan (ensemny .. haisy! huhu).. Mulut. Sampai mamat tu malu la ngn aku. Padahal minat je bukan nk wat BF pon hahahahaha. Mmg kalau jumpe aku la mangse kene bhn ngn minah tak betol ni. Tak ayu lgsg. ahahahhah :)). tra kawan gile aku. nak share prob ngn die. Tak kot. Hahahahah ;)). Tp die slalu wat aku happy kan Tra! ;00

So kitorg mmg rapat 50rg. Power rangers name kami. Ari ahad setelah bertahun tak jumpe 5 org, akhirnya dapat gak kumpul. Korg mmg bes la. Yg tak besnye, asal yg jd bhn tok korg bhn tu aku!!!! Syial je. HAhahah. Intan pick up kitorg kat KLCC naik kete die. SAGA lak. HAhahah.

Aku: Saga ke? Haisy. I cannot go tol.
Tra: Asal?
Aku: Kete ex aku lak . adoiyai. Ade je bnd nak igtkan aku kat die,
Api: HAi kate dah lupe.
Aku: hahahahah. Im trying very hard.

Pastu sampai sudah kau membahan aku kan. Kitorg p bowling kat TS. Tra dgn sialnye letak name aku SAGA. Hahahahah. Bodoh! Dah la aku kayu main boling! Pakse gak aku main . Siut je. Pastu masok longkang korg gak gelakkan aku! Haisy!!! Abes je main boling kitorg p karok kat Low YAt.. Redbox lak. Haisy/. Tp bes. Besar bilik die. Tra tak abes2 membahan aku. Nini pom. Soh aku nyanyi lagu sedih2 pastu kesian kat aku la kononnya. P mampos loh! hahahahaha ;))..
Tp bes ohhh. Nini yg dah tak teruna tu nyanyi lagu clubbing soh kitorg menari hahahahahahah, Kitorg ape lagi. Sampai penat2 lah. Haisy. Pastu aku kene marah. Sbb kes yang aku sedih2 tuh, Dorg cakap dorg dah tak knl aku. Korg.. Bg aku mase okay! Pastu nak balik naik kete. Soh aku dok dpn. Pstu ckp 'DYG STEAM DOK DLM SAGA'. Korg mulut puake! hahahahhahaha ;))

but I had fun. Aku syg korg doe. nanati kite jumpe lg okay!!! :)) MMMMMUUUUUUUUAAAAAAHHHHXX. xoxo. ;))


Thnks for the call. Didnt expect to accept a call from you. But thanks anyway.

May I?

Can I at least say I miss you?!!!!! Damn!!! Move ur ass on u lil bitch!!!!!
Oh. Aku tgh move on. Standard la tu terindu. ;))). Chill la kawan2. Semangat ku kental! ;))). Sekali sekala post camni takpe kan. Takde MENCALARKAN HATI DAN MARUAH MANE2 PIHAK KAN?? ;)))


Kitorg tak buat salah. So kitorg tak perlu kau untuk memaafkan kitorg. And in fact, kitorg tak wat ape2 salah di sisi agame pun. Juz makan n jln2. kau tak boleh maafkan kitorg??? Kitorg takpenah mintak maaf. Sebb kitorg tak slh. ;))

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Result saya alhamdulillah lepas sume. ;)). Tapi tak sangka dpt maintain. I thought I would screw up this sem. Tp alhamdulillah. Berkat doa ibu ayah n my other Ibu, saya berjaya tak screw up. Berkat usaha stay up mlm2 kan. Yehh. Thanks. Kpd adik2. Adk2 saya bukan ada 3 org je. 3+5. Tq. Bg kakak korg ni dorongn dan sokongn. Kawan2 juga. Yg byk membantu. Las sem kan penuh dgn drama. Letih saya. Tapi saya tau dgn berakhirnya sem ini, drama pun the end kan2? Start a new phase. Malas nak bermusuh dgn sesape. Itu sgt bukan care saya. Yg plg teruk, sudah tentu POETRY. saya tak suke literature. Tp saya suke linguistik kah? Susah! Yg plg Ok IRK. Hahhaha. Mungkin saya ditakdirkan untuk jd ustazah. hahah. Tak perlu lah. Rosak anak2 murid saya nanty. Tapi dgn result ini saya muhasabah diri, walaupun saya ni banyak dosa, Tuhan mahu lg memberi kejayaan dlm hidup. Kdg2 saya lalai. Tp Allah tak pernah lalai terhadap hambaNya. (bunyi cam boleh jd ustazah.heheh.). Kepada rakan2, congrates! kite dapat ape yg perlu kite dapat. Yg ade sangkut tuh, jgn cepat melatah. ade hikmah di sebalik sume ni. Abg saya kate, untuk menerima kesenangan , Dia memberi kesusahan untuk mengingatkan kita kepadaNya. kesusahan itu Dia beri berpada dgn apa yg hambaNya mampu.

p/s: adik2 saya yg ber5 tuh, jge diri. kdyg syg korg!!! korg adik kdyg sampai bile2 okay. jgekan Ibu untuk kdyg. Abah juge. Along juge. ;)

Renung2kan dan selamat beramal!


I hope we can still be friends okay. No benci2. No taksuke2. okay? No sayang2 gak. kawan kan. No rindu2 gak. Kite jd neutral je even hakikatnye kite je yg tau, okay tak cdgn saye? ;))


tra n adik.

hahahah. kecik2 dah pakai tudung.

selekeh gile!

Gmbr nostalgia knk2. hahahhaha. Tak comel, huduh buruk. Hahahahahha. Tp skang dah hot. Nanty saye upload gmbr baby saye tau la korg . hahahah. Sume nak kat I tau ;)). Comel sgt ;)). Adik mmg terlain sikit. Huhuhu. dulu mulut laser. Skang pendiam. Tra tomboy, skang lagi ayu. Aku dulu pendiam (leh caye ke korg) hahahha tp skang da mcm mak nenek kate ayah. Huuhuhuh ;))

Password name awak.

Oh ya.. My friend, password portal kite kalau awak nak tau ade name awak sikit. Kite pinjam ea. Tatau cane nak tuka. Hidup kite mmg sentiase akan ade awak. ;). Kalau takboleh nnty kite try tuka okay. Tq. ;0

Ainul Izzah.

ainul izzah mohd firdaus

Ijah!! My new GF. Comel la die ni. Dah la gemuk. Pastu macam2 jenis perangai ade. Heheh. Die nak balik ganu. Mak ayah die bwk dtg sini lepas rindu huhuhu.. Terlepas la rindu tgk telatahnya. Yg uniknye die ni, sume sepupu2 pompuan yg kecik2 akn suke syg lebih kat abg ajin dorg. Tapi ijah tak. Ijah suke abg jaher die. hehhehe. cam kelaka. Ijah bontot besar. Kak Ina syg izzahhh!! ;)

first attempt.

ajin sempat amek gmbr. aku tgh tahn sakit.

ape rasenye mencederekan diri sendiri? tentu lah SAKIT. Darah lgi.. Nasib takyah jahit cam aritu je. hahahhaah. Jari tak putus dan saye masih hidup. YIhuuu!!!! ;)))) Nmpk sikit. Tapi hakikatnye byk drh ni klua. Ni pon setelah peredaran darah disekat. ;)). Jgn risau. Saye masih hidup. Sebb ape mencederekan diri? Sbb takde akal. Ikot hati. Hahahahha.

U. Me. Her. ;))

I dont say u contact her. Tp IF u do contact her pon, I dont mind. Dulu mungkin meroyan la. Skang ni I juz want the best for you. She is the best cz Im ur fren kan skang. But then again , I have never been treated as the way u treat her as ur fren. Nak gak rase kdg2 kan. ;) Tapi takpe. I pray the best for you. Seriously, IF after this you r with her pon, I dont mind. I mean it. I know her. Kalau tak ngn die pon, someone waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy better than I am. Okay, Kawan?

p/s: kalau rase makin menjadi2, Im sorry. Im moving on. To move on, hati kene keras, kasar,taklembut. Coz Im the good girl gone bad. Sbb? Sakit yg amat sgt. I have changed. Tp hti tak busuk. Cume keras sikit je untuk mane2 lelaki. MANE2 means sume lelaki dlm dunie. ;) Tp tol. I always pray for your happiness. Bile kite syg org, kene let go n doakan kebahagiaan die kan. Itulah yg sdg sy lakukan. ;)

talam 18 muke!

Kawan2ku yg talam due muke, plizz... Aku taknak kawan ngn korg sebb korg menyakitkan hati. Dpn, aku la kawan korg. Blkg, aku ape pade korg? Aku kalau hilang kawan macam korg sumpah aku takpernah heran. Sebb aku tak penah rugi tak kawan ngn korg okay!

Thanks Allah!

Give thanks to Allah. Allah memberikan kesedihan dan kesusahan kpdku beberape miggu ini hanya kerana ingin memberkan kegembiraan kpdku hari ini. Dan kegembiraan aku pada hari in tak dpt digambarkan dgn kata2 selain Alhamdulillah. Hilang terus segala kesedihan. Inilah hikmahnya. Thanks Allah. Baru aku sedar kekasih sebenar dan cinta sebenar adalah hanya untuk Allah. Cinta kpd manusia bukan muhrim adalah dusta semata-mata.

Ya Allah. Terima kasih kerana memberi kebahagiaan ini dan kesedaran dlm diri. Maafkan aku Ya Allah. Sesungguhnya, terlampau byk dosaku padamu. Berikanlah aku lebih hidayah dan ketaqwaan dalam diri ini untuk menghadapi dunia yg penuh pancaroba ini. Amiiinnn.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


WAN FAIZUL SYUKRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U have pissed me off by saying Im fat enough to diet! Oh.. my nicest and handsomest EX-BF. U r being toooooooooo honest my dear. Taya la. Org gemuk sebb org bahagie la wan. Skang gemuk sbb dah tak bahagie. 'Dyg tak gemuk sgt kan?' And he said 'jge la makan dyg'. What the hell was that suppose to mean man! HAhahahahah. Lurus pon ade wan ni. Haisy.

Wan!!!!!!!! Dyg tak gemuk sgt okay?! Org hot la wan. hehehhe. Die yg kering hahahahah. Tau la die dak hot skola dulu. Kecoh! hahahaha.

p/s: hahhah. hmm. name depan same. what to do??


If u like her and u care for her that much and u r happy with her n u dont feel distress with her, go on. I dont mind. Even if she is my friend. Cz I know u like her waaaayyyyyyyyy before this. Thanks for toying with my feelings. Appreciate it. ;)


Oh. How I wish one day you'll regret. And at that time, I have no regrets to see u regret.

Hey you pt 3

Oh ya. Hey you my friend. I need a key chain that I have given you that has my name on it. 'DYG'. Bukan buruk siku. i dont think u need that . Ade name kite lg. So takyah simpan. Tp kite nak ok. Bile2 la boleh bg. (bukan alasan nak jumpe.kalau nak pos pon takpe.) All the letters, u can keep. If u dont want to just throw them away. N i hope i can keep the vest, the tudung n all u have given to me cz I need all that. N It gives loads of meaning to me. Kenang-kenangan. Tapi i wont throw. Dont worry.


Akmar... Stop crying. Stop being stupid for someone who doesnt appreciate us. I was stupid enough to cry over someone who loves me just for awhile. I was stupid that I have the thought of committing suicide. I was stupid when I cut my finger for someone who doesnt truly love me for the way I am. I was stupid back then. We have to move on. We have our own pride n dignity as girls that we have to take care of. Kite bukan perempuan murah. Cukup la ngn kite terhegeh2 cani akmar. Stop all that. N have a new life with new people around you. Remember 1thing. We are not that desperate. Seriously. We arent! When they decide to throw us away from their lives, what if we try to do the same thing? Its hard. I know. We love them that much heh? Huhu. Oh ya. Stop saying u love him. Try to live in denial for a while to face reality. After awhile, I bet we will be just fine. they did this to us as if we dont have feelings. But ya. Prove to them that we are strong enough to face all the things that they have given to us. It takes time. I know. But at least we try okay? Its hard. i have had such hard time this few weeks. But ya. Thanks to him. he has made me stronger than everything. Thanks to u, my so-called friend. U know who u r. ;)

Okay akmar? We try our hard okay. U n I know that we may be wrong in treating the guys. But then again we obviously dont deserve such treat that the guys have given us. And REMEMBER, GUYS! What have we given to u guys? What have we done and sacrificed for u guys? Recall all those things and compare with the way u guys treat us now. Its not comparable at all. We gave EVERYTHING, remember? EVERY SINGLE THING. However, u guys are still our friends. There is no revenge in our hearts. We pray for u guys that u guys will live happily ever after with someone better. I mean it. seriously... ;)

p/s: Kami bukan patung or sampah yg boleh dibuang sesuke ati. Kami manusia,perempuan yg ade perasaan n kaum yg sgt lemah. If ever kami ade sakitkan ati, maafkan kami. Tapi jgn hukum kami teruk sgt macamlah kami buat satu kesalahan yg amat besar. Tapi if sayang kami kpd kamu tu adalah satu kesalahan besar, maafkan kami sekali lagi. Sayang ni dtg tak dipinte. Sayang ini kalau pergi pun tak disuruh. Sayang kami kpd kamu dtg selepas sayang kamu kpd kami kamu ucapkan. Salahkah kami untk mempercayai kata2 cinta kamu? Salahkah kami untuk mempercayai janji2 manis yg kamu berikan di awal perkenalan kita dahulu.? Salahkah kami bila kami percaya bile kamu kata kamu sukakan kami? Salahkah kami untuk menyayangi kamu lebih dr ape pun. Salahkah? Salahkah kami bila kami membalas cinta kamu? Salah kami jugak kah? Salah kah kami bila kamu buang kami? Apa salah kami? Tapi terima kasih. Memori tu sume akan kami simpan smpai mati. Kan Akmar? ;)

I am NOT

I may be want you so badly. But I am NOT desperate at all to have you in my life.

A Talent that All Guys Have.. Beware Girls!!

All guys can twist their words like they have done that ever since they are in the wombs. They can manipulate our words and theirs to make they are right and we trust them. Cz the girls are stupid, we trust them easily. N ya. When it comes to comforting the girls, guys are tiptop! We will feel like we are their princess. The truth is, only guys know. Beware this girls:

1. When a guy approaches u and says u r beautiful when u think u r not, he is being a sweet talker. hahahah
2. When ur Bf says that he loves u more than u love him,plizz.. Dont easily trust. They have to prove it first by buying u the latest handphone in the market hhaahhah
3. When he asks 'something' as in ur prove for ur love towards him, say this to him : "Hey u jerk man. Im no a slut nor I am a bitch. Get lose. Juz get sluts for ur love." hahahahha.;)
4. When he says u r the best Gf that he has evr had, say this to him : "yeah right. Whatever n talk to my ass!"
5. When he says he loves u until death, wait until he dies n asks him right after that if he loves u or not. If he can answer ur question, he truly loves u hahhahahaha.

Guys are like that. So girls beware with their words,lips n tongue. And ya. Their brains of coz. Not all guys are like that. They are some guys who are very true with their words. :0. I am waiting for this guys to appear in front of me n propose me. ;) N without hesitation, i'll accept!

My Dream Guy..

Im not ready yet to have a Bf. But then again I do have some criteria that I want from a man to b my BF.

1. A man who can take gud care of me for the rest of his life.
2. A man who can love me more than he loves himself.
3. A man who makes family his priority.
4. A man who knows how to appreciate his partner.
5. A man who knows his responsibilities towards every single thing.
6. A 'dayus' man will be out of my list.
7. A man who doesnt know how to lie.

Dayus man is not only for man who hits woman. But also who doesnt appreciate woman as she deserves n who has hurted the woman's feelings directly or indirectly. Coz the job of a guy is that to always protect woman. But if he cannot even protect her heart, how can he protect her physically? Right?

And ya. I know my dream guy is never exist in this world coz all men are the same. Im being prejudice. And So what?!!! Hahahhaha. And for that I dont have any heart to talk about any guys in this world for the time being. UNLESS he is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy sooooooooooooo good looking and rich that I cant even resist to not look at him ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010

azin my yougest lil brother..

ni gmbr skang. dah tak comel. hahah

Nak tunjuk gambar azin mase kecik! Comel!!

Jauh Kau Pergi...

Pernah ada rasa cinta antara kita
Kini tinggal kenangan
Ingin kulupakan semua tentang dirimu
Namun tak lagi kan seperti dirimu oh bintangku

Jauh kau pergi meninggalkan diriku
Di sini aku merindukan dirimu
Kini ku coba mencari penggantimu
Namun tak lagi kan seperti dirimu oh kekasih

My favourite song!!!!


I am very touched with my dad's post on my FB's wall. Thanks ayah!

I hate waiting..

Result ohh result... Haisy! Some of my frens knew their results already. The thing is when I tried to check my results, it said : Result is available on 11th March 2010. Apakah? I have to wait about two days while my frens have known theirs. This is not fair at all! I hate waiting!

Oh ya.. this thursday pon result Spm!.. Gud luck kpd sesape yg amek.. To Wan Nur Syuhada Yaakob. I wish u all the best, sis!! InsyaAllah. Sume akan ok je.. U r now free from PLKN. Yihuu. Hahahah. Sukela tuh.. ;).. do text me if theres anything ya.. ;) Gudluck!!!!

My Prays For You.

Get well soon. And ya. I am always praying that u will find the most understanding girl in this whole world. Coz I know, with the understanding girl only u can b happy. I've tried so hard to b one. But then again, I think Im not one. I dont understand as the way u want it to be. I am sorry. I am not as u expected . . .

And Yet

And yet u said we are still FRIENDS. Yeah right! Friends.

What the....??!!

When I started to feel strong n ok, I'll b losing it all over again! What the hell?!

Only now I know....

U asked me ape salah kau kat aku kan, now I know. Now I know! U wanna know? U figure that out by urself!

My Promise

hey kau! What goes around do come around. Jgn wat aku teruk sgt. Sbb wht u give, u will eventually get back! Thats my promise.

A Quote.

Dont make someone a priority when that someone juz makes u as an option!

An advice from a friend of mine. She is right though. Watpe kite susah2 pentingkan org yg tak pentingkan kite. But then again, mmg susah la kalau nak tak pentingkan org tu sebb obviously, kite pentgkan die sbb kite syg die. Well, when they eventually make us as an option, they obviously dont love or even care about you anymore! So move on lil bitch! U r a loser now. R u going to b a loser forever?! Naah,! Shit! Im seriously tired of all these but then again I kept feeling the same things and that what makes me sooooooooooooo hard to move on. Shit! I am an idiot! Shit! I am losing it!

Penat dan Letih

Aku penat. Aku nak move on. Tapi taleh. Sorry susahkan kau. Aku letih cani. Letih tau tak?!!!!! Letih bile sedih. Letih phm tak?!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hey You!

I miss you. I love you. I am still hoping.

our journey

Last Friday, aku balik kampung. Pas maghrib bersame2 Poksu n moksu n Makdi. Decide nak ikot dorg sbb serabut la duduk rumah. So tumpang la dorg. tapi same gak. Serabut gak akhirnye. Huhuhu. Poksu bawak laju gile ok. 140km/j. 2 jam setengah da sampai Johor. Gile! Sampai2 rumah Maklong, mkn sikit, pastu tdo. Penat. Sok nye, pagi2 da bergerak ke JB lak. Singgah rumah Pak Ojan. Jumpe la si kecik, Ainul Azwa.. Muke cam abgnye, Iwan. Iwan dah kawen!!Umor baru 18 thn. Haisy! Die telah melangkah 5bendul ea. Ade 5 org kakak2 sedare die yg blom kawen. Kak Yana (26thn), Kak Yani (23thn), Kak Fifi (22thn), Kak Ina ,aku la tu (20thn), Kak Tira (19thn). Sekali lafaz je lak. Hebat. Tahniah la ape2 hal. Pastu p umah Mekty. Jumpe anak2nye, Iman (3thn) n Nafisah (5bulan). Nafisahhhh!! My fav lil cousin! ;).. Malm lak p umah baru Pakman kat Pasir gudang. Ramai gile malam tuh. haisy! Penuh la 1 rumah. Last2 kitorg lepak luar je. Tgk dak2 main gelongsor. Hahahha. Paklong Hamid sekeluarge pon ade. Ade la anak die ni. Farhan namenye. 25thn kot. Aku tgk die nak tergelak. Sebb tra penah minat die dulu. Penah main jentik2 tym kecik2 lu. Berebut ngn Masyitah, kazen kitorg. Hahah. Tak bla. Pastu geng2 mak2 ayah2 ni pon berkumpul kat lua rumah. Cite hantu. Takot aku. Hahah. Akibatnye, tak dapat tdo mlm. ;).. Pg2 tu pas subuh terus bgn. Ngntuk doe. 1 lgi cite bes, pg tu dalam kol 8 lebih. Aku blom mandi. Dgn rambut serabai, Seluar aku angkat ke lutut, aku p dapor.. Tym nak p ruang tamu balik, aku cam bertembung dgn sorg ni. Cam tak knl. Lelaki la. Rupenye adik ipar pakcik aku. Terkejut aku. Yg pentimg ensem ohhhhhhhhh. Hahahahah. Tapi abes aurat I u hahahahah.....

My family:
Poksu : Pakcik yg dulu kurus skang gemuk.
Pakmal: Pakcik bajet ensem.
Makdi: Makcik yg plg sporting,.
Mekty : Makcik mulut laserr.
Pakman: Pakcik plg cool..
Pak ojan: Pakcik gangster. Suke rabe org hahahahahahha ;) hotGurau
Cik Marlia: Makcik hot tgh pregnant anak kedue tp perangai cam budak2 g. hahahah

My Lil Cousins:
Humaira: She never likes me. I never like her too. Hahhahah.
Ijah: Gemol! c budak obes. heheheh
Iman: Gangster besar. hahahah. Bekeng!
Fisah: Fav!!!! juge dikenali sbg papau. hahahah. pp sgt tembam . tapi sgt baik. Jarang merengek,
Dini: comel! tp tanak kat org.
Azwa: Kecik je. Mate sepet. Comel.

tu la familyku yg gile. Balik johor pon kecoh pasal the break off thingy. Sume tny " Cane ngn Wan".. Wan tu Wan ni. Haisy. P mane pon takleh lari.


I am truly sorry if ever what I have written so far ade menyakitkan mane2 pihak. Takde niat pon nak sakitkan ati sesiape. Sorry.
dyg tertekan.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Karena Ku Sayang Kamu

seandainya kau ada disini denganku
mungkin ’ku tak sendiri
bayanganmu yg selalu menemaniku
hiasi malam sepiku
kuingin bersama dirimu

kutak akan pernah berpaling darimu
walau kini kau jauh dariku
kan slalu kunanti karena kusayang kamu
hati ini selalu memanggil namamu
dengarlah melatiku
ku berjanji hanyalah untukmu cintaku
takkan pernah ada yg lain

adakah rindu di hatimu
seperti rindu yg kurasa
sanggupkah kuterus terlena
tanpamu di sisiku
kukan selalu menantimu

for someone karena ku syg kamu.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Akmar.. Barang2 yg die bg aku pon aku igt nak buang. Tapi takleh. Bile tgk aku sakit. CAne akmar. Huhu. Sib gmbr aku n die ade 1 je. Tu pun da cukup wat aku sakit. Aku rindu die weh. Cane kau rindu pokyea, camtu la aku rindu die. T_T


Bile aku cani, baru aku perasan ramai kawan aku yg concern pasal aku. Kawan skola lu,kawn petrosains, kawan kat Uia Pj lu, n ya of coz kawan2 Nilai aku yg tau every single thing yg jd. Diorg risaukan aku. Hahaha. TQ. Diorg cakap "nape teruk sgt. Kau takpenah cani dyg, aku takpenah tgk kau heartbroken cani. Kitorg tak suke tgk kau sedih2." Sebb korg tatau aku syg die cane. Sebb korg tatau cane aku leh wat ape je tok die. Tbe2 endingnye cani lak. Sedih. Mmg la kumbang bukan seekor. tapi die sorg je. Sampaikan ade 1 fren of mine nak bckp ngn die. Takpayah. He has done nothing wrong to me, frens. He had to chus. And he chose to not be with me. Bukan salah die aku teruk cani. Lgpon aku yg mintak break. hahah. Padan muke. ;) Tq korg..


Bye Gombak.. I'll b back in days. ;(.... Hm.

Do u?

Do you ever realize if u do this to me, it hurts even more?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phye n Akmar...

Bodoh! Kau wat aku menangis... hahhaah. Kalau kau nangis sbb kenangkan kitorg, Kitorg ni lg la phye. Sakit gile kowt. Sgt2. Bile ak pk ak sggp tgglkan laki lain tok die, mayb ni la balasan aku. Padan la muke. HAhahaha. Die pon sggp tgglkan aku tok pompuan lain kot. hhahahaah. Tah la. Doa2 je la yg terbaik tok kitorg hihi.


Weyh! :(... Kite same je akmar. Same je. Kau sedih ak lg sedih. Tol la. Pe yg kau cakap kat blog kau tu tol. Aku tak penah syg org cani akmar. Takpenah. Tu yg cam org gile sikit tuh huhu. Lantak la org nak cakap pe, aku nak die je. Tapi.. Hahahahahaha.... Diorg jage kite weh. Jage sgt2. Sedih.. T_T... Aku sedih tok kau n pokyea. Takpe la. Ade jodoh tak ke mane. Tggu je la akmar.

Am I Ok?

U asked me yesterday 'dah ok ke?'.. Tlg la. Mestilah belum. Kalau tak takde la kite call awak. Haisy. Blum leh nak move on pon lgi. What the hell?!!! Ape yg susah sgt!!!!! Try la tanak nangis dalam sehari but then again taleh sebab..............


Sorry la wak. Mmg terpakse jd murah jap terhegeh2 sgt kat awak. Lantak la awak nak pk kite ni ape pon kan. Hmm

p/s: Get well soon my dear. Tlg la makn ubat. Kang demam makin melarat.

An Advice

Nasihat Amni pade aku.. "Dyg, jadi mahal sikit leh? Kau kene kuat."
Tersentap aku. Hahahah. Kerek tol pompuan ni. Murah sgt ke aku? hahahahaha. Tapi tol gak ape die cakap. ;) I am trying to not b one.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

rep : Hey You! ;)

Thank u again. What else I wanna say. Basically, we've gone thru bende same. Ade sikit je la kot yg membezekan. For me, time will heal kan. Takpe la. Yeah. I do have loads of girl frens that are always b there for me. Thanks to them la I takde cubaan bunuh diri. Hahahah. Kiddg. Takde niat pon. I baru pas kua td n now I know how going for a walk and talk with ur girl frens would help. Thanks again yaw for the posts and advices and the things u have made me realize.. Really appreciate it. :)

p/s : I juz wonder how did u find my blog as u wonder how I did. Haha.

To Akmar..

Nurul Akmar Zainuddin.
Hey. Aku terbace post kau pasal aku n the latest post pasal kau n pokyea. Hmm. Skang kite same. Love is mystery kan. We love them out of nothing. We have been there WITH them no matter what condition they are in. While we were still together with them, there are soooooooooooo many people that have asked us to look back. Aku nak suh kau kuat pon, aku sendiri tak kuat. Been there. Done that. I know how u feel. I really know. I know how u love pokyea. N u know how I love him kan. Hahaha. Kdg2 aku terpk, dorg ni sengaje ke kan. Tah la. Kite ni kontrak dorg sampai abes sem je kot . Hahahhaahha. Tak kot. I am trying to think positive. The thing is susah. Aku tahu. But try to recall what Mdm Mum has told us. N bace balik post yg kau bg aku. Igt janji kite nak carik Bf kat Gombak. Hahahahahaha. Susah keadaan kite. We love them that much. Kite kene carik org yg syg kite. Bukan kite syg org. Sbb inilah akibatnye. ;). Strong my dear. Love u!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hang out

I am looking forward to hang out with my very own besfren Nur Amniah Abdul Rahman n Nik Nur Adilah Nik Azmi. Hopefully, I can forget my problems yg belambak tuh! ;)

.he has his own asset TOO.

Pika. I juz read ur post on 'he has his own asset'.
Aku pon nak cite bende same la hahhahaha. Adik aku pon same. Mane aku tau mule2 geran atas name die. Bile sampai tgk, name die pulak. Leh la die bawak awek die berronggeng. hahahahah.

Nah. Num plat adik ak lak. WTP3304. Nak kat same kan hahahah ;)

Dan Sebenarnya

Sbenarny.. Tatau la nape awak taknak balik kat kite. Sebb sakit tu ke or sebb u have a new fucking hot gf or maybe u have found someone that cud understand u waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than I am or someone that can make u happy all the time. Cz I juz got this instinct. I dont know. U know how much I trust my instinct n stuff kan. Hahaha. Whatever it is, i really wish u r happy. Thanks for last nite. Really appreciate it.

Tikam Menikam.

Phye, kau cakap kat aku that the most trusted fren pon akn tikam kite when it comes about love n feelings n stuff kan. Well. At first, aku taksetuju. Cz I have faith in all my frens. But then bile aku pk balik. Tol gak. I mean kawan baik aku pon leh betray aku ngn amek ex aku yg aku syg gile bab kan. anything cud happen. The thing is ak caye 1 bende je. Kalau kite tak penah tikam org, org takkan tikam kite. Aku harap sgt org tak tikam aku. Sgt2. Aku pcaye kawan2 baik aku wont betray me. Mmg la die ex aku. Tapi still. Kawan baik cpl ngn ex. WTF?!! I am soooooooooooo not into that kind of drama. cukup la ngn drama yg dah ade.

p/s: No worries. InsyaAllah. Selagi aku berdaye aku takkan tikam kau. I cant say that I wont. Sebb we never know what might happen. So, insyaAllah la. 99% sure.

To someone.

Hey! I did my stalking too today. Thanks for the advice my dear. I hope that really was meant to me. Ur ex's ex. ;) Maybe u r certainly right. I deserve better. But ya. Still.. To forget the past, I mean the way he treated me or even us in a way that he was sooooooo in love with us tu cam susah sikit la. But I know I have to move on. U baru rase how gud to b single kan? I baru nak rase cane btol2 syg kat org. But endingnye, hahahha. I need to move on. Juz tell me how to b strong. Cz apparently u r waayyyyyyyyy stronger than I am.


Phye! This is for you.


Hahahah. When I read ur blog, ur post Fake Jealousy. I was like What can I say ea?
I wont b with him for certain reasons :

1. U like him. (u hv mentioned in your post)
2. U r my fren (u hv mentioned also in ur post)
3. I wont betray frens.
4. I dont like him as u like him. Well I do like him but not in a way that u do.
5. HE IS MY EX'S BESTFREN, PHYE!!!!!!!! I am not desperate to take my ex's besfren!!! Durhhh!

Konklusi : No worries. It wont b any fight between the two of us. For now. Ya. I might end up liking him as u like him for other some more time. We never know. ;)

This Love Kills Me.

Kau membuat ku berantakan
Kau membuat ku tak karuan
Kau membuat ku tak berdaya
Kau menolakku, acuhkan diriku

Bagaimana caranya untuk
Meruntuhkan kerasnya hatimu
Kusadari ku tak sempurna
Ku tak seperti yang kau inginkan

Kau hancurkan aku dengan sikapmu
Tak sadarkah kau telah menyakitiku
Lelah hati ini meyakinkanmu
Cinta ini membunuhku
p/s: suddenly, it happens to b my fav song.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Air Panas

Dayang sangat happy bile tgnnye dicurah air panas. wpun sdg menahan kesakitan tgn kanannye, still lg bersemangat nak post ni. Huhuhuh. Ok. Sgt sakit ye tgn dayang.

New Chapter

This is a new me! New chapter. No u!


Dayang happy bangat.


Dayang amat happy.


Dayang sangat happy. Dayang dah ade BF baru.

Final One

I somehow know u still love me but ur love to me is toooooooo small in amount compared to my love for u. Plz agree...

Kau nak aku lupekan kau. Sebb tanak aku sakit. Aku agree tok tak cpl balik pon sbb pk kan kau yang akan sakit. Aku sumpah tak kesah kalau ak sorg je yg sakit. Aku sggp sakit demi nak dgn kau. Tapi aku tak sggp tgk kau sakit dgn aku. Sebab in either way, samada ak ngn kau ke tak ak still sakit ok! So mmg takde manenye la. Wat la ape2 pon aku still sakit! Tp sakit aku tym aku tak dgn kau lg sakit compared to dgn kau. Kau nak aku lupekan kau. Kau nak aku berhenti syg kau.

OK fine! Harini aku dah lupekan kau. Aku da berhenti syg kau! Puas?!
Mmg senang nak lupekan kau. Mmg senang nak tak syg kau. Sgt senang!!!!!! That is what u want. So I give what u want!! So u'll b happy. Sebb ape aku happy bile kau happy.

Kau igt dulu tym kau nak kat aku, aku penah cakap jgn letak harapan, lupekan aku. Kau cakap tanak. Kau still nak tggu. Ade aku pakse kau ke pastu. Same je situation die. Kau tym tu akan sakit gak kalau tggu aku. Tapi kau nak gak kan. Sebab ape? Sebab kau syg aku sgt2 kan. Kau tanak ilang aku kan. Same la dgn keadaan aku skang.

Sorry n thanks for everything. Thanks for the care of wanting me to b happy. I want u to be happy. So I back off from ur life if thats what make u happy. Take gud care of urself.

Love, dayang.

p/s : Dont treat me as if u wanna please me. Do treat me as the way u want to treat me. Tq.


Janganlah kau tgglkan diriku
Takkan mampu ku hadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantung ku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayang ku kau begitu sempurna

Lagu ni kite penah bg kat awak tym anny kedua kite. If awak tak igt la. Kalau tak caye cek kad kite bg kat awak. Tu pon if ade lg. It really portrays what I am feeling right now. And ade 1post pasal lagu ni. Tym tu kite tulis dgn sgt happy. Skang ni kite tulis dgn sgt sedih. People change,people say. So do the situation ayte. I miss u so much ... I cant stop thinking of u.


Now I can consider me myself as a loser. Yess. In love. 5months the longest . While my sis has almost 2years relationship with his BF. And my bro has 1year and a half. I am a loser. I was expecting u n I will b like years together. But it is not even half past the year see. How loser I am.