Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Phye! This is for you.


Hahahah. When I read ur blog, ur post Fake Jealousy. I was like What can I say ea?
I wont b with him for certain reasons :

1. U like him. (u hv mentioned in your post)
2. U r my fren (u hv mentioned also in ur post)
3. I wont betray frens.
4. I dont like him as u like him. Well I do like him but not in a way that u do.
5. HE IS MY EX'S BESTFREN, PHYE!!!!!!!! I am not desperate to take my ex's besfren!!! Durhhh!

Konklusi : No worries. It wont b any fight between the two of us. For now. Ya. I might end up liking him as u like him for other some more time. We never know. ;)

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