Monday, March 29, 2010

To Akmar..

U once have asked me, whether or not u have to wait for him. I said it is up to you. But now, can I say something more exact?? Akmar, I think u have to wait for him for some more times.. I can see he still loves and cares for you. Coz at least we can see he misses u. And stuff. Huhu. So, wait for him okay!!! For your happiness. Be strong. The happiness that u deserve will come to you after awhile okay! I love you Akmar. I want to see u happy. And I know only he can turn you to the old Akmar. Okay??? Aku doakan kau .. There are still hopes for you guys. For us? I dont think so. So, I stick to our first plan. MOVE MY ASS ON WITHOUT HIM!!!! :))