Thursday, March 11, 2010

U. Me. Her. ;))

I dont say u contact her. Tp IF u do contact her pon, I dont mind. Dulu mungkin meroyan la. Skang ni I juz want the best for you. She is the best cz Im ur fren kan skang. But then again , I have never been treated as the way u treat her as ur fren. Nak gak rase kdg2 kan. ;) Tapi takpe. I pray the best for you. Seriously, IF after this you r with her pon, I dont mind. I mean it. I know her. Kalau tak ngn die pon, someone waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy better than I am. Okay, Kawan?

p/s: kalau rase makin menjadi2, Im sorry. Im moving on. To move on, hati kene keras, kasar,taklembut. Coz Im the good girl gone bad. Sbb? Sakit yg amat sgt. I have changed. Tp hti tak busuk. Cume keras sikit je untuk mane2 lelaki. MANE2 means sume lelaki dlm dunie. ;) Tp tol. I always pray for your happiness. Bile kite syg org, kene let go n doakan kebahagiaan die kan. Itulah yg sdg sy lakukan. ;)

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