Sunday, March 21, 2010

Him and only him.. ;)

Oh. Now I have his phone number. :). I just want to keep it. To start it first, ohh that is soo not me. Saye pemalu ;). My best fren bg semangat. She told me how nice he is? Damn! Makin suke la aku nih. And she even said, "What if u try him , dyg? Try as in rapat2 la ngn die. Tak salah pilihan kau yg nie."

OMG! Hmm. He's nice with everybody. I know. That's why I like him. I mean the way he cares for people tu yg wat aku cam cair la. We r not even close. He cares! He concerns! My best fren said he is gud for me. Hahah. Jgn main2kan die. Hahahah. Weyh! Aku takpenah mainkan org la. sebb tu la aku tanak die tau aku suke die. Bia la. Go with the flow. Well I dont put my hope to b with him. Tak lgsg. Tp care aku suke org mmg cani. Saiko ck8. Hahhaha. ;)).

To him : Thanks tau weyh. For a lovely nyte. :)) Haven't really met you yet. But I think I have fallen for you.!