Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Dream Guy..

Im not ready yet to have a Bf. But then again I do have some criteria that I want from a man to b my BF.

1. A man who can take gud care of me for the rest of his life.
2. A man who can love me more than he loves himself.
3. A man who makes family his priority.
4. A man who knows how to appreciate his partner.
5. A man who knows his responsibilities towards every single thing.
6. A 'dayus' man will be out of my list.
7. A man who doesnt know how to lie.

Dayus man is not only for man who hits woman. But also who doesnt appreciate woman as she deserves n who has hurted the woman's feelings directly or indirectly. Coz the job of a guy is that to always protect woman. But if he cannot even protect her heart, how can he protect her physically? Right?

And ya. I know my dream guy is never exist in this world coz all men are the same. Im being prejudice. And So what?!!! Hahahhaha. And for that I dont have any heart to talk about any guys in this world for the time being. UNLESS he is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy sooooooooooooo good looking and rich that I cant even resist to not look at him ;)

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