Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Akmar... Stop crying. Stop being stupid for someone who doesnt appreciate us. I was stupid enough to cry over someone who loves me just for awhile. I was stupid that I have the thought of committing suicide. I was stupid when I cut my finger for someone who doesnt truly love me for the way I am. I was stupid back then. We have to move on. We have our own pride n dignity as girls that we have to take care of. Kite bukan perempuan murah. Cukup la ngn kite terhegeh2 cani akmar. Stop all that. N have a new life with new people around you. Remember 1thing. We are not that desperate. Seriously. We arent! When they decide to throw us away from their lives, what if we try to do the same thing? Its hard. I know. We love them that much heh? Huhu. Oh ya. Stop saying u love him. Try to live in denial for a while to face reality. After awhile, I bet we will be just fine. they did this to us as if we dont have feelings. But ya. Prove to them that we are strong enough to face all the things that they have given to us. It takes time. I know. But at least we try okay? Its hard. i have had such hard time this few weeks. But ya. Thanks to him. he has made me stronger than everything. Thanks to u, my so-called friend. U know who u r. ;)

Okay akmar? We try our hard okay. U n I know that we may be wrong in treating the guys. But then again we obviously dont deserve such treat that the guys have given us. And REMEMBER, GUYS! What have we given to u guys? What have we done and sacrificed for u guys? Recall all those things and compare with the way u guys treat us now. Its not comparable at all. We gave EVERYTHING, remember? EVERY SINGLE THING. However, u guys are still our friends. There is no revenge in our hearts. We pray for u guys that u guys will live happily ever after with someone better. I mean it. seriously... ;)

p/s: Kami bukan patung or sampah yg boleh dibuang sesuke ati. Kami manusia,perempuan yg ade perasaan n kaum yg sgt lemah. If ever kami ade sakitkan ati, maafkan kami. Tapi jgn hukum kami teruk sgt macamlah kami buat satu kesalahan yg amat besar. Tapi if sayang kami kpd kamu tu adalah satu kesalahan besar, maafkan kami sekali lagi. Sayang ni dtg tak dipinte. Sayang ini kalau pergi pun tak disuruh. Sayang kami kpd kamu dtg selepas sayang kamu kpd kami kamu ucapkan. Salahkah kami untk mempercayai kata2 cinta kamu? Salahkah kami untuk mempercayai janji2 manis yg kamu berikan di awal perkenalan kita dahulu.? Salahkah kami bila kami percaya bile kamu kata kamu sukakan kami? Salahkah kami untuk menyayangi kamu lebih dr ape pun. Salahkah? Salahkah kami bila kami membalas cinta kamu? Salah kami jugak kah? Salah kah kami bila kamu buang kami? Apa salah kami? Tapi terima kasih. Memori tu sume akan kami simpan smpai mati. Kan Akmar? ;)

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