Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am happy today. Veryyy!!!!!!! I said I have moved my ass on. But yah. I lie again! Im happy. Serious. Bak kate Hatim :

"Kau kate kau strong la jadah ape. Move on la. Tp still dok cite2 kisah silam kau ngn die. Move on cirit lu."

"Aku dah tak syg die la. Aku da lupekan die. Saje je nak igt."

"Tak syg ? Penipu! Lupe? Lg la penipu. Pape tah kau ni."

That's the only way to avoid me igt die. Aku deny yg aku syg die. Hmm. Padehal. Hmm. I want to move on. Seriously. I am. But kdg2 i ter recalled all those memories. That is when I cant move on. When he called. I was like happy gile. Tapi cover je. :) Tanak la die tau yg aku sgt2 happy kan. Rileks je. Huhu. We talked n had conversation like the old days. That what makes me even happier. Serious. But then again to hope that we can be together .. Im hopeless. Hhaha. Ayat hatim gak. Its impossible I know. Cz he has a new freaking hot gf. Doakan yg terbaik je.

Oh. Pasal mmat yang i ade crush tuh. You guys must be wondering kan. Kate ade crush kat mamat ni, tp syg lagi kat ex.

HAVING A CRUSH AND FALLING IN LOVE are 2 different things. Ngn mamat tuh pon, I cam suke cam bese2 je. Its juz that care i describe how much I like him tu yg buat macam I da jatuh cinte ngn die. HELL NO!!

The conclusion : My heart is still and always with him. Haih!! But im moving on! (another lie) hahahah :)

Thanks for making me happy!