Monday, March 8, 2010

A Quote.

Dont make someone a priority when that someone juz makes u as an option!

An advice from a friend of mine. She is right though. Watpe kite susah2 pentingkan org yg tak pentingkan kite. But then again, mmg susah la kalau nak tak pentingkan org tu sebb obviously, kite pentgkan die sbb kite syg die. Well, when they eventually make us as an option, they obviously dont love or even care about you anymore! So move on lil bitch! U r a loser now. R u going to b a loser forever?! Naah,! Shit! Im seriously tired of all these but then again I kept feeling the same things and that what makes me sooooooooooooo hard to move on. Shit! I am an idiot! Shit! I am losing it!

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