Monday, March 22, 2010

We are Done but..

I know we are done. But I seriously dont want the ending to be like this though. I mean I have several ex-es who can still be my frens. And is it awkward u may ask. HELL NO! Before we were together pun, we were frens kan? So, ape yg susah sgt? I juz cant understand this part. I dont want it to be the end. I mean hack ya our relationship is OVER but the frenship is never end I guess. Maybe I expect more from you. FRIENDLY. I never hate you. I promise you that. And I keep my promises. Ok fine. U r still in my heart. And so what?! I am sorry. I cant forget you as fast as u thought I will or as fast as u forget how happy we were back then. I am truly sorry. :(