Saturday, March 20, 2010

His Ways Drive Me Crazy!

Oh. I slept at 6am . I had so much fun chatting with him. I mean seriously, I have never been like this since forever. The last time I think when I was 18. I mean to have crush on someone like this. It makes me happy and smile all the way of my days. I'll be even happier if ever he likes me back hahha. In my dreams!! But when Hatim asked, do I want to be with him? I dont know. I enjoy this crushing feeling without him knowing. Coz we can be frens. And plus, if I ever will be with him now, I dont think it will work out. Cz knowing me, I like people easily and I easily get bored with people. Hahah. But then again, I adore this guy ever since when he and I were in CFSIIUM PJ together . No one knows. Only now, my likeness grows like hell. Hahha. But I know he is a nice nice guy. He concerns even we are not that close. But he concerns about me. about his friends. And ya despite having nice-good-smart-cute looking face, he is cool. I mean I love the way he brings himself out. The way he asks questions. The way he appreciates wishes his friends give him. The way he talks ( i dont have much chance to talk with him but yet i know he is gud at that.). The way he walks. The way he's in the class. When everybody is bz to have free onlining, he does his programming. The way he dresses up. I love all of his pics! Cool and smart.. Am I falling in love? haha. Knowing me, I like people easily but I dont love people this fast without knowing him in total. But ya. I do like him that much! Ngee ;)))