Saturday, December 18, 2010


new update.

well. nothing interesting to share. being at home for the whole wikens. nothing much to do. eat and eat and eat. Fb is getting annoying day by day. I mean it's boring man! i cant do much with it. Blogging...?? malas.

i am putting my weight i think. haih. i keep on eating like non stop. like seriously non stop. haih. and to add it up. tomorrow will be the day of finally, my sis who's taking kulinary arts will make chicken chop for us,. like finally. after 2 years of studying, only tomorrow she'll cook us somethng special. urgh. huhu. but cant wait!

my youngest brother, azin has had his khatan yesterday. he was like lying on the sofa for the whole yesterday. and today, he is walking, climbing the stairs to have his PS. and sitting on the chair just to check his FB. haih. he is active today. the only thing is that. he wear ayah's sarong. he doesnt tie it. and when he wanted to stand, the sarong almost fell over likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee urghhhh! haha. my dad even said to him 'kalau camtu tak pakai kain pon takpe'. haha.

we had watched malaysia's game against vietnam for the second leg of the semi final in hanoi. we got thru to the finals. but, if the players are consistently doing what they did just now, we will never win the cup . we are to defeat indonesia in the finals. err herlowwwww. plz recall back our game against indonesia peringkat kumpulan. it was embarrassing ! i mean, its not that im saying the players cant play. mentality and strategy. a game , any game is all about ur bran and how to strategize and put ur strategy works! that is all. yes. a game is always about luck. but we can try our very hardest , cant us? we support u all the way malaysian team! malaysia boleh! :)

ha. and thats all for my post today. boring kan..? haha.

p/s : dah kul 12 malam ni kawan2. selalu 12 malam , dyg watpe ekk?? HAHA. till then!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nawwal Nafisah!

my lil cousin .
she is soo adorable. and cute. and she has a very cute cheek that u wanna kiss it all the time.
she has cute hair. and when she walks, it looks sooooo cute. and she has a bantal busuk. she will hold it whenever she sees it. and the bntal busuk also is cute. so smallll! and when she calls her sis, kakak2. ohhhhhhhhhhh. how cute!!

these are the pictures of hers. have a look and enjoy the cuteness.

i know.

i know sometimes , i would rather choose to be with my frens than to let you be with me.
i know sometimes, i dont reply ur text juz cz.
i know sometimes, i take u for granted bcz i know that u love me so much and u wont leave me.
i know sometimes, i cannot be the one u want me to be.

And. All that sometimes to what i did to you, often i cry thinking of what i've done. becoz i did that in the position of me realizing it but yet again to do it accidentally. i am being so egoistic to let you feel at least loved.

This scar is this heart is soo deep.

Not to bring up the old stories.

Not to have the hatred again.

Nor to blame anyone.

I am just saying of why am i being like this.

The scar is sooooooooooooo hard to be healed. It takes time. And that I dont want to be hurt again. So it is for you to be hurt than I am! That is what i'm thinking and i know i am being soo unfair to you and our relationship. I know. But every time i try to be nice and to let you win over me, i just cant. Cz the scar in my heart tells me to stop doing it. I am sorry!!

I cant be a good one for you. I know. u deserve to be treated better. ! i am trying so hard.!
Bare with me. Thank you.

With Love

the new sem has started last monday.

and so far, i had fun with my roomies and my classmates. i had lots of laughing . HAHA.

Add and drop thingy...?? alhamdulillah. I have got all the subjects i want to add. except for halaqah. will try to add it later.

Girls' talk everywhere. After a month of not seeing each other, girls gather just to share their own stories and recalling old2 stories. huhu.

I had fun!

Nurul Akmar Zainuddin

Nur Syafiqa Ismail

Nurul Nabilah Razali

Hasmawani Mat Hussin.

I love each and every single of you. I meant it. Like seriously. I swear to God twice. I hope this semester will be a great one for us and let's us search for a dean's list this sem. Yeah . we can do it!!!!!! and........................................ frenship never ends sayangs!!! Love you all so much!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


award lagi!!

hye korg!!!! i received another tagged award from bilaa sayang!.
Thanks for liking this blog yg berhabuk dan bersepah nih :))

okay. now , to answer all the questions below. let's get started!

Pernah hilangkan barang rakan dan buat2 tak tahu saja?
haha. penah je rasenye. :)

Pernah tak meniru dalam ujian/peperiksaan?
-duhhhhhhhhhhh, penah lahh. sape tak penah sumpah paling nerd di dunie. haha

Blog sendiri dibuat berasaskan apa?
i usually write my heart,. :)

Berapa kerap anda blogwalking?
jarang sekali. huhu

Perkara paling memalukan dalam hidup anda?
byk sgt lahhh. hahaha. hmm. haha. tayah lahh. memalukan je.

Berapa anak anda impikan selepas berkahwin?

Berapa lama boleh tahan nafas?
yg penting tak lame. haha

Jika anda terkentut dalam lif yang penuh dengan orang, anda buat apa?
buat as if terbau bnde busuk. padehal kentut sendiri. haha

Apa haiwan yang anda rasa orang lain tak tahu wujud tapi anda tahu?
tatau lahh.

ohhh kene tanye satu soalan kat si comel.

dayang comel takkk?? haha

tag 2 org blogger yang layak terima award nie

Monday, December 6, 2010

result sem 1, 2010/2011

Resul last sem telah pon diketahui. Alhamdulillah. Menepati sasaran.

Selalu nye previous2 sems. Semangat je nak tgk result. HAHA. kalau kol 5 leh tgk, kol 4 dah ade dpn laptop. Semalam, siap tdoq . 430 bru bgun. Haa. Sume dah cek.

Alhamdulillah . Sebab ade result2 yg tak disangke. Target lain dapat A, yg lain dapat A. Tp takpe lahh. Yg penting result overall.

Poetry : Tak sgke dapat tggi tuh. *takde lahh tggi mane pon, Haha. Tp saye rase cam dapat C je. Nak at least B, tp memandangkan final saye tak dpat buat. Takleh nak letak as B pon. Hmmm. Carry mark okeh. Tp final leh tarik kann2. Ha. Tp alhamdulillah!!! It went beyond expectation sebab finals 1 soalan je confident jwb. and and soalan 1 tak yg bernilain 12 markah tu tak dijwb. ade lahh sikit. tp bodoh2 je. haha. and and scansion yg lain jwpnnye dgn org lain. Thanks miss sheena! :) *poetry nih lagi tggi dr dengan miss hanita dulu! *an achievement lahh tuh. haha

Bm : Dgr Bm cam sakai2 je kann. Tayah study pon takpe bagai. tahi! paling susah BM lahh! haha. study gile2 pon, BM lahh yg spoil ! cett! Tp mmg target B pon. huhu. syukur tak dpt C.

Writg : Haaaaaaaaaaa. 60 marks on assignments! and assignments yg diberi sejak awal sem disiapkan overnight! hebat tak hebat. haha. and and marks for research papers tuh ok lahh. sebab last min kannn. huhu. and and result overall pon ok la even writg is one of the worst. haha. sebab final tu pon saye merepek sajo. haha. tq bro sham!

Linguistic : Target A SOLID ye kawan2. SOLID. Tp tak dapat. HAHA. saye rase saye spoil kat ABC tuh. byk hentam. Tp ok lahhh. Saye suke linguistics. Miss Maimunah byk membantu! :)

SOQ : Haaaaaaaaaaaa. Soq nih saye rase saye leh dapat A SOLID. Sebab carry mark tggi gak ahhh. Final leh wat ! HAHA. Tp kann tak dapat pun! Tensionnye!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA. tp thanks Prof Israr, sekurang2nya jwb exam soq tak setension jwb paper lain. sebab anda mmg lecturer yg best!

Rasuk : HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ni tatau nak target ape sebenarnye. Sebab tym final tu, leh lahh jwb tp jwpn cam lain dgn kawan2 yg lain. hahahhaha. so ilang konfiden di situ. HAHA. tp ni lahhh yg pling cemerlang antara sume! Thanks dr usmani! :)))))

Overall, alhamdulillah. Tp kene improve lg. Sebab drop sikit dr sem kat Nilai. And my mom and my dad tak puas hati. HAIH. Nak 3.7 je. cet! pyh okeh. insyaAllah next sem 4.00! :)))

Thanks Allah atas nikmat yg diberi! :)

Friday, December 3, 2010


hye people! apa di atas2?? ha... the first ever award lahh katenye. interesting blog award. persoalannya?? Interesting ke?? HAHA! thanks to my lovely fren, Pika for tagging me khennn.
Di bwh ade soalan2 yg perlu dijwb. jom3.

blog |almari U.S.A.N.G| di mataku...

cool! ekspresi yg diekspreskan thru words. die nih very the poetic value. so, post2 die kadang2 pon very the poetic value tau. haha

nama blog.dan knp ltk nama tu...

checkmate. HAHA. ade satu hari nih kat kafe HS pas minggu bahasa tuh . Ade 2 org abang nih main chess yg hebat gile kann. so, sbb minat kat abang tuh yg ensem. tuka name blog. haha.

url blog dan dr mn dtgnye...
taking advantage of dayang nurfaizah's song.

kaedah penulisan blog ini....

kaedah...??? Dari hati :)

perasaan bile tgk blog org cntek dan blog aku xcntek....

jeles ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tp malas nak make up blog hahaha

bila blog ini wujud....

september 2009 kot.

sape owg ptma y follow blog ini...

hmmm. tak igt lahhh. maybe pika, biilaa, jowie, akmar or phye.

tag 5bloggers....

kak az

Saturday, November 27, 2010

5 months.

Happy Anniversary awak! Ily. :)

It has been 5 months since we declared to be together. And.......... I am happy. So far , not even a single regret yg dtg kat hati nih. Alhamdullilah. Berkat doa kita. And I am praying that we will be forever. amiinnnn.

Teringat tym zaman2 'mude' dulu. mude merujuk kepade zaman mase mule2 nak on ah. HAHA

We started off as frens. Kawan2 ah. Mule2 knl tu tak rapat pon. Bese2 je. And pas break off ngan ex b4 diz, die start text ah . Tanye khabar. Maybe kesian tgk aku meroyan tak tentu pasal kan. HAHA. Biase2 je. And I was damn lonely tym tuh. Sumpah rase lonely thp ape. And die dtg ah konon2 menceriekan hari2 yg datang kan. HAHA. Tapi takde lahh ceriekan sgt pon. Die byk kutuk aku. And die cite die kutuk2 aku depan ex aku tym ex aku tu still bf aku. '-_- . Jahat kann?? Macam2 ah die kate. Ustazah mane lahh? Tak semenggah lahh.. Err Herloww. Cam kau tu semenggah sgt je kan. HAHA. And so, kitorg text and text and text tiap2 ari ah.. And ade tym die takde kedit tu, aku call die. Sampai abes rm10 jugak lahh sehari untuk mamat paling ensem di dunie tuh. HAHA. Mase mule2 nak call tu nervous gak ah. HAHA. bukan sebab ape. Tak penah rapat. Tbe2 je rapat kan. So jadi cam malu ah. Tp ok ah. Everything went well.

Sampai satu tahap, die admit kat aku yg aku nih antare kawan2 pompuan yg die syg ah. *kire cam BFF gitu kan. And and and I was like suke ah. Sebab dalam keadaan aku yg sgt miserable tuh, ade yg nak syg kann. Sape tak suke. even sayang tu sbg kawan je. Rase disayangi gile. And die pon kawan yg baik. I mean when he treated u well, sape yg tak suke kann? And and bile ade yg isi ruang2 kosong kat hati kite. Sape je tak suke..? Walaupun die tak ensem! HAHA. And bile die lyn baik sgt . Sampai tahap tak boleh tak contact. Ade skali tu. Kitorg wat deal. Tayah contact sampai semggu. HAHA. Not once ok. Byk kali gak deal ini cube dilakukan. Tak menjadi. Sebab...? Rindu! :) Taleh ah tak text sehari. Rase tak complete je ari tu *ok muntah skang. HAHA. That was when i think ohhhh. if bende nih melarat, i wouldnt be able to handle it.

Maknenye, hmmm. Susah ah bile laki dan pompuan berkawan baik. Dalam erti kate lain BFF nih lahh. Kawan rapat leh jd. Tp kawan baik, it is something else. Maknenye, kawan baik tu is when you share almost everything with him or her. When u go deep with him or her. Susah lahh kan kalau laki and pompuan berBFF nih. If kau ade couple and ade BFF lain gender , lain cite. Tp ni bile kau due single. And kalau BFF sejak kecik. Kire childhood frens tu pon lain cite. Ni kesnye tbe2 rapat kan. Susah ah! I mean. Bg pompuan ah. Pompuan nih lain sikit dr laki. She cannot handle her feelings. And She even cannot distinguish feelings antare kawan baik lelaki or pakwe. Bende tu cam nak same tau. Tp laki nih die ok. So on je lahh. Nanti pompuan yg merane. Phm takk?? Cam kesian ah. Aku tanak sakit lagi. Cukuplah yg sebelum nih. So I was trying to avoid being so close with him. Still texting. Tp keep reminding myself, dont go overboard. but sometimes, girls cant handle it.! Trust me. Any girls in this whole world. Sebab tu lahh I was asking him that we need to stop now. JGN nak rapat sgt. *yg die tak phm knp. lelaki kan. haih. dah mintak camtu pon keep on contacting each other.

And tibe lahh saatnye bile die confess that he has feelings towards me. Time tuh , aku gelak guling2. HAHA. Sebab....? Before nih, aku penah gurau2 tau, ckp "Kau suke aku ekk?? Jgn weh. Kite taleh weh." Sambil gelak2. Sekali betul die suke aku! HAHA. Gelak guling2 ah ape lagi. Aku tak caye. Sumpah tak caye. HAHA. "Aku rase aku suke kat kau lahh". '-_- HAHA. GILA! Tp die keep on btau and die ckp tak tipu sume. Aku takot die nganjing je. HAHA. Sekali dah bersumpah siap. Wah suke betul tu kan. HAHA. Tape lahh. Tp when i think over back. I thought that it was not right. Byk masalah akan timbul! Kalau aku dgn die. I mean... Susah ah! And ternyate jangkaan aku tepat ah. Byk gile probs timbul. Pening gile okeh! Sheesh! So again aku ckp dgn die yg kitorg tak leh p ah. Sume2. Honestly, aku tym tu dah ade lahh rase suke, syg tuh . Tp i am not sure of my own feelings. Coz I know how much i love my ex. Way way way too much yg aku rase susah untuk aku syg org lain. Aku takut die hanye pengganti. Aku tanak wat anak org sakit sebab CINTA. HAHA. So , aku nak back off ah. Tp jodoh ennn. Last2, probs sume setel and we are together smpai skang. :)

Teringat lagi tym nak declare tu. Die dah mintak byk kali kot. Tp i refused . Sebab tak ready lagi. And ade lahh one time when i think i am ready, "Awak nak jd BF org takk? Belikan org rantai dulu. " And 28 Jun tuh kitorg jumpe, die belikan rantai and that is it! :) *cam fairytale takk,? HAHA. TAk lgsg. This is reality.

And now dah 5bulan. :) Rase sekejap je. Alhamdullilah. Tak byk masalah aku dgn die. And makin hari syg nih makin bertambah. And now i am celebrating our anni without u! Sedih! Bile nak balik nih!

"Ya Allah ya Tuhanku. Kau berkatikanlah rase kasih kami ini ya Allah. Jauhkanlah kami dr maksiat dan hasutan syaitan ya Allah. Panjangkanlah jodoh kami ya Allah hingga ke akhir hayat. Jika dia bukan sepatutnye menjadi suamiku, putuskanlah kami di tengah jalan. Kau tahu apa yg terbaik untuk kami , ya Allah. Kami mohon berikan petunjuk dan jauhkan kami dr anasir2 syaitan ya Allah. Amin amin amin ya rabbal alamin."

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sometimes. HIM.

This post is for him.

This post is for you. When u dont ask for it. :)

Since 3 pm tadi, my hp doesnt receive any of his calls and texts. And I couldnt reach him. I tried to do things as usual. But my day wont be as usual that now he is farrrr away.................... He is having a camp yet again. This time around the camp is being held in Grik, Perak. He said he will be staying at this one island and there will be no coverage at all! For 3days ! T_T 3 days k, :(

At first I thought I'll be okay. Urghhh, I am not! And I wont be.

3 days are long enuf to make me miss him. *crying. Yeah. I had once said that it is hard for me to be in love yet again. It is indeed! But hell yeah. He made me love him so much. For loving me like crazy. HAHA.

Sometimes, SOMETIMES i repeat. I hurt him intentionally. :) Penghamburan kata2 makan dalam tuh dah biase die dapat. HUHU. Padahal masalah sikit je. saje dibesar2kan. And and die memang sentiase mengalah. Tak pernah sekali pon die mng. Bcoz he let me win all the time. Thanks! :) And and SOMETIMES, my words even made him cry. *opps. bocor sudah rahsie terbesar . haha. I did that intentionally. Sebab..? I am paranoid. Paranoid with the past stories of mine. And and bile dah paranoid , egois tukan datang. Sorry lahh yg awak kene hadap sume nih. Huhu. And people keep saying dont live with history. Ohhh. If it is easy, people not need to say. I'll do it in the first place.! And so, selalunye, salah die tu tak besar. Kecik je. Takyah jd hal pon. Tp sebab ego................................ Hal kecik pon boleh jd gaduh lame2. Huhu. And and I know , SOMETIMES , salah tuh dtg dr aku. But i never admit it. Sebab...? ego ah! Sampai die kate,
Awak ni perfect. Terlalu perfect. (dalam nade manganjing sesungguhnya. haha) Having said that, He is being so loyal of letting me win ,! For you to know, kdg2 tu tak sampai hati nak keras sgt. Tp ego menghalang. Hmm. Ego besar sangat. Tapi bile dgr suare die yg ala2 serak nak nangis tuh, baru terpikir. Kasarnye aku. SORRY!

Why is that i can love him so much??? Sebab keSABARan die. Ha.. Nak tergelak. Sebab? Dgn the new me nih, i know sape lahh yg tahan. Tp die, so far, still ok lagi. Maybe sebab baru lg kot. Baru2 pon, in a day nih, we are going to be 5 months together WHICH if he exceeds the anniversary day tuh, he'll be my record ah. Paling lame.! HAHA. Yeah. Paling lame relationship, 5bulan ah! Last relationship which ended on our 5th month annyversary . Wasnt that great?? HAHA. so, ya. So far. We dont have any big problems. Gaduh2 manje tu ade lahhh. Sebab..? Die positif when i am not. That is what keeps us together day by day. And I know SOMETIMES, i take him for granted. Knowing that he loves me so much that he wont leave me. But my frens slalu pesan, "Once die dah polak, he wont ever accept u back?" . Ok ! I'll let my ego down for him SOMETIMES. :) That is an achievement what! That means err. I wont say I cannot live without him. *ayat drama sgt. That means he is very important in my life that without him, i dont know what happen to me. :( Dont go far.! Grik is yet far enough to me.

He is not the lelaki idaman malaya. he is seriously not. he doesnt have what it takes to be one i shud say. HAHA. Ensem..? Jauh sgt. Kaye..? Bese je. Gentleman..? *he even asked me to bring his heavy bag, not once! But he is the one who loves me wholeheartedly. I think that is what women need. Love , affection and attention. He has been giving me all those. And so, for 3days nih, i am lost! T_T. But I know, he'll remember me. Kan ..? I love you! :) And I miss you! :(

*writing this post while hugging Tommy and teka, remembering and missing you, with tears in my eyes. and keep on refreshing ur FB page just so kot2 u are there. :( i miss you so badly! Oh. u r the only guy who can make me cry for missing you even u dont have the visual. Hehe.

p/s : I know. This post sedikit geli untuk dibace. Sorry kawan2! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Claire and Michelle TARA 4!

Michelle and Claire.
credit to axn website.

After the frustration last week with the elimination of Ethan and Khairie, I have decided to support Claire and Michelle. They are Singaporeans. Reasons of supporting them..? Hm. They are very cute and and they are good frens of Ethan and Khairie. Boleh takk reason die yg tuh..? HAHA. Anyhow, i am hoping that they can win the race. Nak wish luck, well, the race dah abes pon kan. HUHU.! :)

Keep it cool ya Claire and Michelle. Go all the way! Wehee!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Biarkan Aku Jatuh Cinta - St12

mata ini.. indah melihatmu
rasa ini…rasakan cintamu
jiwa ini…getarkan jiwamu
jantung ini…detakkan jantungmu

dan biarkan…aku padamu
menyimpan sejuta harapan aku padamu
rasa ini…tulus padamu
takkan berhenti sampai nanti ku mati

biarkan aku jatuh cinta
pesona ku pada pandangan saat kita jumpa
biarkan aku kan mencoba
tak perduli kau berkata tuk mau atau tidak

My mom is a big fan of sinetron Indonesia. She had had her a month leave that she filled her days with all Indonesian dramas. Cinta Kirana lahh, Alisa lahh, Cahaya lahh, Safa dan Marwah lahh. Bcoz of terpakse, ikot lahh tengok. And ya. Tersangkut sudah dgn Safa dan Marwah. So far, not bad lahh. Even jalan cite die same je. Atas tuh posternye. And bile dah tersangkut dgn citenye, OST nye pon sedap jugak nih. Heroin die (Safa) tuh comel en. Baru 16 tahun. Hero die si Ilham (ujung sebelah kiri). Abangnya si Safa. Cite nye cam adik beradik angkat bercinta. Cam tu lahh. Best ah! Try ah tgk. Tp episod nye seperti bese sampai 200++.

*lirik nih khas untuk awak! Sweet kann saye.?? :) ILY!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Freaky Lil Cousins.

Penah tgk tak Misteri Nusantara ke The Seekers ke. Or ape2 yg seperti itu lahhh.? Maknenye yg melibatkan alam misteri ni lahh. Seronok bile dapat tgk dan dgr macam2 cerite misteri alam ghaib nih kan. Haaaaaaaaaa. Tu lahh die. Tp untuk sendiri menghadapnye, mintak mahap lahh. Tak kose den. HAHA.

Tapi adelahh setengah org nih Alalh tu Maha Kuasa bg satu kelebihan dapat melihat apa yg di tak ramai dr kita nmpk. Ha. Contohnya..? Misteri Nusantara lahh. HAHA.
Me..? Oh. Mintak jauh lahh kelebihan itu. Tapi tapi tapi.. ade di antara family sye yg ade. Pakcik2 saye tuh ramai je. Yg best nye 3 org dak kecik nih. Macam diberikan kelebihan pulak. Org ckp mmg lahh dak2 kecik nih boleh nmpk. Tp selalunye kalau dah sampai tahap umo die dah boleh berckp, rasenye hijab dah ditutup. Tapi. kazen2 saye yg kecik, siap leh bercerite cane bentuknye lg. BOLEH???? Ok. Mari kite dgr satu persatu ye.


Ok. Izzah nih my youngest pakcik punye anak. Berusie due tahun anggarnya. Apa cerite misterinya? Ok. Si izzah nih bercakap tak berapa fasih lagi. Tapi kdg2 tuh, kita phm bijik butirnya. Perkataan2 asas sepeti umi ayah, kakak, abg, pakngah, atok. Sume tu die dah pandai dah. Nyanyi lagu 'Cair"(syahir) pon dah boleh dah. Die ni baru lg diberi kelebihan rasenye. Sebab tak byk lg cerite dtg dr mulut die.

Insiden 1 : Di rumah mereka yg mana didiami oleh ayah,umi and dia sahaja. Ditegaskan SAHAJA! Tba2 dgn tak semena2, izzah memanggil ayahnya.. "Ayah, Atuk2." Ayah nya pon bertanya "Mane Izzah?" Jawab Izzah "Tu!" Sambil menunjuk ke arah satu tempat dan ayahnya tak nmpk. Izzah siap leh p kat Atuk nya tu. Seriau gak lahh ayah nya.

Insiden 2 : Sedang Izzah bermain2, die boleh kate die nmpk baby..? Celah mane? Celah ruang tamu! HAHA. Yeah bebeh yeah.!

Mungkin lahh org akan ckp alah standard lahh dak2. Leh nmpk. Ok . We'll move on to the next kazen.


Ha.. Ni umor nye 4tahun. dah boleh berckp. dah boleh mengata aku dah. haha. die ni rase aku rival die kot. konon2nye princess kan. tgk ade lakk kakak sedare secomel aku nih, dengki lahh tuh. HAHA. Kidding. Mak die penakot gile! Paling penakot. Ayah die rasenye mmg boleh nmpk. Die pon diberi kelebihan untuk melihat yg misteri2 lahh. And and die nih dah byk kali dah nmpk. Tp chill je. Tak nangis pon. Huhu.

Insiden 1 : Di umahnya. Di Shah Alam. Sedang die bermain sorg2, smbil tu ayah n Mak PAdi (makcik kitorg) sedang menonton TV. Die berhenti dan berlari ke ayah. "Nape myra?" ayahnya bertanya. "Nmpk ape? Aki ke?" (aki merujuk kepada atuk). Myra tak mampu berkata apa2. Die hanya mengangguk tanpa menoleh tmpt die nmpk Akinya tuh. Ayah nya bertanya "Mana Myra?" Myra tunjuk di ruang makan. Myra tak nangis, Cume die cam takot2. Dalam 5-10 min jugak keadaan die camtu, pas tu baru die bermain macam bese. "Ayah, Aki dah takde, die kua ikot tgkp."

Insiden 2 : Kejadian berlaku di rumahnya lagi. Di ruang tgh di bahagian atas. Sedang Myra naik atas nak main2, die berlari turun balik ke ayahnya. "Ayah2. Myra nmpk pocong!" Ha.. Terlopong pakcik aku dgr. "Katne Myra?". Myra jawab "Ala kat tgh2 tuh. Jom ayah tgk." Ayahnya pon gagah lahh naik atas. Tp ayahnye tak nmpk "Ade lg ke Myra?". Myra kate "ade lahh nih. Jom lahh turun ayah?". Dalam pade nak percaye tanak percaye, tatau lahh ayahnya. Last2 untuk mengesahkan cerita Myra, ayahnya bertanya " Pocong tu cane Myra?". "Ala. Yg ikat2 pastu loncat2 tuh." Ok. sahih lahh Myra nih nmpk.

Insiden 3 : Kejadian di kampung kami. Rumah tggl kan. Balik raye setahun sekali. So kemas2 dulu baru nak tdo sane. Ade satu kali tu kitorg baru nak tdo di situ. Bru sampai dr KL. Kitorg smpai2 terus kemas2 lahh. Tym ni Pakmal (ayah myra) n Myra tak smpai lgi. Tak lame pastu br smpai. Smpai2 je dekat depan umah "Nape nenek tu ade kat tgge? Die nak tdo sekali ngan kite ke?" BOLEHHHHHHHHHHHHH???? Ha... Tym ni Pakmal tak terus cite kat kitorg. Dah balik KL baru cite. Gile!! Kalau kitorg tau, dan2 tu gak ajak balik kl.

Ha. Seram takk. Pocong bagai ha.. Aku lahh si Myra. Asal myra dtg umah je , kitorg warning. "Myra, nmpk ape2 diam je k." HAHA. And ayah die lg best "myra, kalau nmpk. mintak lahh duit" HAHA. Ade sekali tu die nmpk lg, cerite kat ayah die. Pastu ayah die tny nape tak mintak duit? "Myra dah mintak lahh yah. Die tanak bg pulak." BOLEHH EHH CAMTU?? Ayah die gelak je. Ohh. Btw, sume insiden ni disorokkan dr pengetahun Mama Myra yg penakot die. "Myra, jgn btau mama ehh." "Ok ayah!" HAHA. Myra bertindak sbg peneman mama die nak naik atas. Pon boleh!


ha. Ni Iman. Umor die skang 3 tahun. Tp ni gmbr die tym kecik. Comel enn. Geram. Die nih byk mulut cam mak nenek. Or boleh dikatakan cam mak die lahh hahahah yang kitorg pggl Mekty. Anak Pak Imam. (Pak piee). Ayahnya@Pakpiee tuh tahfiz ha.. Keje Imam kat JB nun. Si Iman ni pemegang rekod . Paling byk nmpk.

Insiden 1 : Kat rumah die yg lame before pndh. Die ckp kat umi die die nmpk nenek kat luar tgkp bahagian dapor.

Insiden2 : Kat rumah baru die. JB jugak. Yg tggl kat tu 4 org je ye. Pak Piee. Mekty. Iman . N Fisah. (adiknye). Sedang iman bermain di tgge, berlari die ke dapor. "umi3!" Mekty jwb, "Ha. Nape man?". "Iman tgh main2 kat tgge tuh. Tbe2 ade nenek tuh. Nape nenek tu duduk kat tgge Umi?" Sambil muke nak nangis. tercengang kau Mekty dibuatnya., HAHA.

Insiden 3 : Kat bilik belakang umah die. Ade katil 2 tgkt dabel decker. Die main lahh trun naik tgge tuh smbil di temani uminya. Dgn tak semena2, die ke belakang dah trun dr tgge dabel decker tu. Umi die bertanye "Nape man?" . "Hisy. Nenek tuh nape naik jugak?" Muke tak puas hati. Haaaaaaaaaa. Nenek tu main trun naik tgge katil dabel decker gak tau. Cayalah. HAHA.

Insiden 4 : Kat umah die jugak. Abi die baru balik dr kursus kat hutan mane tah. Terus ke atas nak mandi. Uminya pulak teman abi nya ke atas kejap. tggllah Iman sorg2 kat bwh tuh. die brani aja. Tbe2 die berlari naik atas pergi kat umi and abi nya. "Umi, abi... Nape byk sgt rambut kat bwh tuh. Iman nmpk kat tgkp ade. kat karpet ade., Pnjg2. cm rambut antu lahh umi. Iman takot." Ha.. Nak menjawab ape kau?? HAHA.

Insiden 5 : Tym nih dalam kete . Tatau lahh dr mane nak ke mane.? Tbe2 Iman bersuare "Umi, nape nenek tuh lambai2 kat Iman?" Seram seh!

Insiden 6 : Insiden ni berlaku semalam ye. Di rumah nenek Iman lagi satu. Ade kerja kwen. Nikahnya malam pas isyak. Kami pon bergegas ke sane. Duduk dlm umah tuh. Tbe2 die p kat Abi die, die ckp, "abi. Td kan iman nampak pocomg. main lompat2." (sambil tunujk care lompat) BOLEHHH>>? Ha.. Ni first tym kitorg dgr live ok. Kitorg tny die bile. Die kate baru je. Mase kitorg2 nak masuk umah td. Haha. Cube cer macam ne tu?

Itulahh die kisah misteri yg dpt dikongsikan. Nak kate dak2 ni nipu, tah lahh. Dak2 ne pndai nipu dowhhh. Haha. So kisah benar lah nih. Smpai bile dorg leh ade kelebihan nih, tatau lahh . Yang penting, dorg sgt berani! Tak takot cam kitorg nih. HAHA.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Azizulhasni Wins Gold Medal [Keirin] Asian Games 2010

Yeay ! A gold and a silver medal for Malaysia. Great great great Malaysia!

TARA 4- Ethan and Khairie

Ok. This post is about my frustration last night. Hmm. I am a follower of The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) eversince season 1. And now TARA is in season4.
We were proud enough back then 4 years ago, when our Malaysian team won the first season. I cant recall their names. But ya.. We are proud of you, ladies! For your great achievement!.
Season 2 was not bad too. Pamela and Vanessa were in finals to take the 1st runner up. They did great anda great competitor too.
Season 3. Well I was not following this season as I followed all other seasons. But ya. I know that one of the Malaysian Teams was in the finals. And They had their spot for the 2nd runner up.

And now. Season 4. Ethan and Khairie. They showed they are great competitors to all other contestants. But ya. It is a race. They have been eliminated last night! Ohhhhh. I am soooooo not in the mood in watching TARA anymore. What is the best part? They expected that they will be going to be eliminated. And Khairie had taken out the flag of Malaysia. And so we cud see the flag's waving at his bag. See . How Patriotic Malaysians are??? They played for Malaysia!!! Yeah bebeh! Good to see you guys!

Ethan and Khairie.
credits to TARA website.
p/s : Jom support Claire and Michelle. They are good frens of Ethan and Khairie. And they are cute too.!
p/s/s : rindu nak tgk TARA ngan uols!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Definition : someone who is fake... like duhh. obviously.

Well. What about fake and fakers nih? Lately, there were so many talks on this issue. Be it in FB or among my frens or anywhere . Naturally, we really like to accuse people to be fake and so forth. I really was liking it back back back then. I mean, I have this strong intuition u know. So ya. I know right away whether they are fake or not. After analyzing them, I will like *menyumpah dalam hati. And start tak puas hati. *Apahal nak fake plakk? Aku baik tol2 ape ngn kau!. Well. Something like that.

And when I can think, hey! sometimes i am a faker too. Yeah. I am fake. !

And everyone is faking around and around and around without u realizing it. When I realized that everyone is trying to be fake. That was when I looked at myself. Oh yeah. I am fake tooo. Being a fake is not necessarily a bad thing, you know. There are reasons why are you being fake. Tak kire lahh sebab nye. Tp sume sebab tu tak semestinye jht je sume kan.

Ade je makhluk yg fake nak mampus tp bajet tak fake. Nak tuduh2 org lain fake. Weh cermin diri dulu lahh der. (all my roomies should know who is this makhluk. haha)

Ade tuh, die punye bajet tak fake. Memang tak fake. Yg kau dtg kat A kutuk B. Pastu datng kat B kutuk A. Pastu mule lahh melage2kan. pastu tmbh2 cite. oi! Memang kau tak fake pon. (ni pon korg mest tau sape. haha)

Konklusi : Sume org fake lahh dowhh. Be it in a good way or bad way. Chill je lahh. tayah nak beriye2 sgt ckp org fake. tgk diri sendiri tu haaaaaaaaaaa. Aku lahhh.

Nak handle org fake nih senang je, fake je lahh balik! :)

And and and Everone is fake but not towards everyone.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cinta Antara Kita


Our song. Pasangan duet abad ini. HAHA.

He is My Soul.

Celebrating the birthday quite late sounds boring , isnt it? My birthday was on the same date withh the finals. And what to do? We have decided to celebrate it after raye. (we as in me and my boyfie). And and and dat our 4th anniversary fell on the day before my birthday, so we were thinking to celebrate it along. (jimat kos). And and i have not met my bf for like 2 months (Phewww. lame gile ok) . At first, igt nak p isnin. But then my assignments are to be submitted by tuesday . So i told him what if we meet on Saturday. And here we go.

As usual. Meeting point KL Sentral. *boring. Awal gile. Jalan2. Sampai Low Yatt *boring. Awal lagi nak p masuk Karok kannn. So I treated him COOLBLOG pika, yeah coolblog! haha. But he didnt like it. ! Masuk Redbox. We got 2hours of karaoking . Padia! Sakit pulak hati nih. Tak puas ok. Haha. Doing things that we love. Then P Ts. Nak tgk wyg smbil usha baju * bosan. takde yg best. wyg pon tak best. Gerak pavi, sggh BB. Cari sandal and baju. TAKDAK ! Sedih skang. P Pavi . Tgk wyg. You Again. Best! Kelaka. And jalan2 lagi tgk baju *bosan lagi. P makan kat Pizza Hut. Service cam kambing! HUh! Then balik.

Besides he was giving me the bday present and the card and a cd *containing a video he made for it. We were not that celebrating pon. And oh yeah. Choc indulgence. Cz we did our normal things . Cant run from doing them. It was fun. And and and i am not saying im not happy with it. I am happy as long as I were to meet him *sweet kan. tau dah. haha. and and and yeah. he sent me back smpai terminal. he walked me to the cab. isnt he sweet? HAHA!

And this is the necklace he gave to me. :) takut nak pakai. takut ilang lagi!

Coolblog Pink Guava Watermelon! Weheee. :)
This is the card, Comel kan. And I bet you that u dont want to know what he had written. Toooooooooo sweet to be true. Ahaks!

Yeah. So that is our celebration. Nothing much special with it. Yeah. Not until I went home and ran the cd he gave me. To watch what is inside. U guys know what. I was always saying that last year's bday was the best bday ever. Here. Now. I would like to say that this gift is the most precious and valuable gift i have ever had. I cried watching it. I dont know if he was just being a sweet talker. But it touched me. Knowing him yg konon2 baragas, tbe2 terjiwang, rase cam nak gelak. But I love it! The videos u have made for me. And I want to share this video. Korg mungkin rase nak muntah. HAHA.

Thanks awak for everything today. I had fun. And most of all, the videos. T_T I want you to be here always. and i know sometimes i am cruel to u. But u still accept me , hehe. :) and i know sometimes i seem to take u for granted. Hey! I am not. ! U r my life. I cant imagine my life without you. And and I love you sayang. so much that u cant even imagine. Thanks!!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Karaoke is my Passion


My hobby! Karok dgn bf dan bffs............. :) Ni lagu wajib! Enjoy. even tak sedap.

Birthday Birthday Birthday.! :)

29 October 2010.

Officially, I am 20 years old. Bye bye teen . Welcome ty! Haih. Ty sounds soooooooooooo old! Cet! But its ok. I look teen. Kannnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Haha. Well. To compare this year's bday with yg sebelum2 nih, bday ni palinggggggggggggggggggg bosan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sebab...?? 30hb tuh ade paper. So, i celebrated my bday with notes bergelimpangan atas katil H.5.5 Asma'. Alih2 , eh dah abes dah 29hb. Hahahahah. Last year best! Celebrate 3 kali. :)

As usual, i dont need a gift for my bday. I just need the ingatan. The wishes. And when i received msgs wishing bday, rase cam terharu gile!

Phye Alainaa punye post made me cry.

Msg dr rumet dulu. Atyn n Ina. Made me cry.

I just miss Nilai soooooooooooooooooo much! :(

Ibu's text :

Happy besday untuk anak ibu tersyg semoga sentiasa dilindungi n diberkati Allah, sentiasa sihat dimurahkan rezeki n mencapai kejayaan dlm hidup. pesan ibu sembahyang jgn tggl n cantikkan diri dgn perkerti yg mulia. I love you so much.

Ayah's text :

Salam Ina, dari jauh ayah panjatkan kesyukuran atas hari kelahiran anak ayah dayang amalina. Tidak terperi kebahagiaan ayah mempunyai seorang anak yg berpelajaran dan tinggi akhlak serta budi pekertinya. Ina dah sampai tahap sekarang dalam segala kepayahan ayah n ibu membesar dan mendidik. Kalau ada kekurangan , ayah mintak maaf. Teruskan usaha sehingga ina menikmati masa depan yg lebih baik. Ayah sentiasa doakan. Happy bday girl. Love u so much.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. These two msg wat saye menangis sampai skang. :( I love you ayah n ibu. Takde ape2 kekurangan pon. Sikit pon takde dalam 20 tahun Ina hidup. Ibu n ayah byk berkorban untuk Ina n adik2. Ina mintak maaf kalau selame 20 thun Ina penah sakitkan hati Ibu n ayah. Ina mintak maaf. Ina selalu tak dpt apa yg Ibu n ayah harapkan dalam pelajaran. Tp insyaAllah ibu , ayah. Ina study hard tok Ibu n ayah. If Ina dpt markah tggi ke ape, Ina tersenyum. Sebb Ina tau Ibu n Ayah mest bangge ngan Ina, Ina tak perlu org lain tok be proud of me. Ina nak ibu n ayah je. :) Tp so far, I know , I dont yet achieve what u really wish. Tp insyaAllah, dgn doa ibu n ayah, dalam mase 4thuim lg nak graduate, Ina akan wat terbaik tok ibu , ayah, adik2. I love you!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Someone's text :

Happy bday syg. maafkan org sebab org takde kat sisi syg tym bday syg. Syg atem dah besar.Org syg awk sgt2 . Org doakan syg pnjg umo. Berjaye dunie akhirat n dpt kecap semue impian syg. Org akan sentiasa ade tok support syg. Syg. Org rindu awk. 1st tym org rindu smpai kelua air mate.. Org nak ade ngan syg. Org nak slalu ade dgn syg. Even kite jauh. Syg dah 20! awak jgn nanges2 tau, Ape2 gtao org. Org paling benci sape2 yg sakitkan ati awak sampai awak nangis, Org sentiase ade untuk awak. Syg org punye. Org sentiase doakan kite syg. Org syg sgt2 relationship kite. Ini yg terbaik even baru 4 bulan.Org akan wat lg baik. org syg awak. Orang tanak ilang awak. Ilysfdm syg. Happy bday! :)

Ni pon........... wat saye nangis! HAHA! tq! U know , u see how much I suffered back then. And now that I love you this much, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Dont do anything that might make me in hell again. Tq! I trust you! Ilym.

Hadiah Hari Jadi

thanks Nik Adilah for buying me choc indulgence. As though u know it is my fav. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuaaaaaaah! :)

Thanks Tira. Wpun murah........ Haha. Saye menghargainye! woot woot. My fav choc!

This oneeeeeeeeeeeee. Heeeeeeeee. Ni kad raye. From someone special. Tak sgke die ingat kat Dyg Amalina nih. Tq dear! :) i will always suppory you. saye kene surprise ngn Kak yati n Ayai.! Dorg dtg 27hb uia secare tbe2. Ily kakak2 syg sy! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMuuuuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhh!

Akmar waldorf bg. Nak tau ape yg terharunye?? C akmar tgh meroyan lg tym nih. Dok dalam bilik gelap2. tanak makan. tanak ckp ngn org. Tbe2 mase bday saye, die p bilik saye wish haapy bday ngan mate yg bengkak. Huhu. Tq dear! Lain kali, jgn simpan sorg2 k. share ngan aku. N i love you too,. Frenship never ends! :) Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Pika dan bilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Kite makan Johnys same2. Haha., Sedap walaupon biilaa tak cukup kenyang. And makan kongsi sgt best okeh. Ily, rumets! Thnks pika syg for the post! :) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

The thought about bday stops when recalling i have 4 papers left! Sheesh! Till then!
Thanks for allll who have wished me............. 200 wallposts uolssssssssssssssssss. Thanks again. Sayang sgt2! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Nak cari kawan senang.
Nak cari kawan rapat senang jugak.
Nak cari kawan baik pon senang.
Kawan sejati hidup dan mati...? Payahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sgt.

Knp susah...?? Tah lahh. To find someone u can trust. To find someone u can hold on to. To find someone who does not backbite u no matter what u have done to him/her. It's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too hard. Way way way too hard. It's hard to find someone who can be satisfied with u all the time. To find someone that u can quarrel with without any heart feelings. It is even harder when u have this special sense. Sense that someone is talking behind ur back and it's not good thing.! *sigh sigh sigh.

I hope that i dont have this ability!!!!!! Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. It makes me think over n over n over that i dont wanna think. But I kept thinking and that I can muhasabah diri. That's a good thing about it lahhh. :)

Fake a smile cz this world is ur acting stage. Go with it. And u'll be fine.........! And dont worry about being fake. Coz every single each one of us issssssssssssssssss fake. Kalau tak selalu pon kdg2. :) Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn. Live in denial as long as u want to. But u know when u r fake. :))) Muah Muah Muah! Lots of love, Dayang.

I have plenty of frens. Trusted frens? Couples of them. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

G to the A to the M E R S!

What is love to you?
A game to play
And coincidently you found me to be in
You told me to stay
But u suddenly gave in.!

I am ur best gr u've ever had
This is what u said
But I know
That all of ur exes are!!!!
Their hearts to aid
I mean our hearts!
At that tym that I didnt realise
First round , u won.

Melt me with ur words
Make me feel guilty with ur persuading skills
And touch my heart with ur lovey dovey things,
Second round, u won - still.

Now , that u said "let's end the game"
U leave me in a total clueless!
And i started to think
Am i being too tame?
I felt like crying like a river
And I was
And kept reminding myself it's a game over.
Final round, u have won the whole game!

Time flies by
When I am still thinking that u've won over me
I just forget something
It's the time for me to say goodbye
For all those miseries you had made me feel
Coz now i am happy
With a better guy.

And you..?
You started the game
And made it as if u overuled,overpowered,controlled it
What do you have now?
Love? laughter? Or even ur life?
Not even a single thing!
Coz u with only ur game!

Im happy to see im happier
And people will say "o u'r being soo mean"
I say "hey people,he's way meaner"
Thanks to you that I am stronger
Coz u r the game starter
But I am the best player!

P/s : A poem written by me this morning. I couldnt sleep the whole nyte. And I finalized my poem. And here it is!! Yeay!! Quite long. Tp ok lohh. This poem is really general. Has nothing to do with anyone. Hope that the girls out there realize that we are stupid when we think we're smart.! Like hell yeah!

Friday, October 8, 2010


U've cried? U cry? For me? Because of me. ? Oh tho thweet. There's just one thing that i wanna let u know. Buruk sgt nangis tuh. Haha. Practice more my dear.

Haha. Only now I know, what did I suffer soooooooo much last time. Bcz Im about to gain so much more happiness. I know I cant keep comparing. But I cant stop! I am just soo grateful to have you. :) Like seriously. thanks for the love. At least I can feel that is not fake! :)

I am paranoid. I am scared to lose you. I am scared to even think that the things happen again. Cz it is tooooooooooo painful to be happening yet again!

This is a reminder for you. If u were to toying me around, just go away. But if u really love me, stay! I need you. :(

P/s : Reading all those very old posts, i was like what the heck ! I was too obsessed. Dah2. Takmo lovey dovey sgt. Hahahah/ sikit2 sudah

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just the Way You are!

Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment her
She wont believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think she don't see what I see

But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Her nails, her nails
I could kiss them all day if she'd let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think its so sexy

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Oh you know, you know, you know
Id never ask you to change
If perfect is what you're searching for
Then just stay the same

So don't even bother asking
If you look okay
You know I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Thweet kan lagu nihh! How I wish my Bf bagi. (ha. tak reti2 lagi :) )

Kau CHENTA hatiku!

Dulu kau cakap aku membosankan.
Dulu kau cakap aku pompuan tah pape.
Dulu kau cakap aku takde ape2. Comel pon takk.
Dulu kau ckp kau serabut dgn aku.
Dulu kau ckp kau tak suke layan aku.

Sekarang...................?? Padan muke!
Sekarang aku lahh chenta hati kau kann?? :)
Sebab kau pon chenta hati aku! :)

We Eat ROMANTIC Poetry Event!~

Venue ; Experimental Hall, UIA.
Date : 1st Oct 2010
Time : 2030

Poetry. Poem recitation. Bla bla bla. People think it will be boring and dull and so on so forth. But we've made it INTERESTING. Like hell yeah. If other people think it is not, well at least i think it is! We have been given a task. And it included in our assesment this semester. We have to like manage an event. Poetry event. And the theme for us is Romanticism. Our whole section which consists of 51 students were divided into 5 groups. And each group has its own task. Group 5 with their video performance. Group 4 with the selling of the chapbooks. And the other 3 groups were in-charge in performing! I am in Group 4. Looking for romantic poems . And I was pointed to be the host that night. First time. Luckily, I have my frens who support me. And Nuzul, host partner, he is just spontaneous that I somehow felt relieved! Chaotic I should say at first coz last minute baru nak jumpe , meeting and all. Baru nak beli barang adn to know what stuff to be done. Everyone was like hypertension and stuff. But the event ran smoothly! :)

The performances were just great! I like the Choral Speaking conducted by Syaza. So cute!!! And ya the acting-poem recitation conducted by Kerin. Soooooooooooo cool!!!!! With surprises and stuff. Ai loikke. And I like the way Zira and Nija recited their poems. The poem yg Zira recite tuh sgt best. I mean its a reality check untuk org bercinta. Terutame untuk perempuan. ! Kan?? Falling in love is like a bite of dark choc! We know it's bitter but we want it anyhow!! That's falling in love. Cant agree more!!

The behind the scene crews, Ain, Pika, Akmar, Dila, Hasma and many more. They did the flower ring. They bought stuffs. They decorated the stage! :)) Sian korg. Mest Penat.! But to see the event went well, penat hilang kann?? Haha!

P/s : Gmbr kat dalam hall takde!! BUt gmbr kitorg ber cam whore dalam bilik ade lahh :))
Thanks Bila for coming! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Yesterday's Sun

The Sun was there,
Completing its jobs and its routine,
Feeding the flowers and freshen the air,
And for the moon to lean.

The Sun was so bright and shining,
Brighten the whole, entire universe,
Ensuring that all contents were with its lighting,
How they wish the time would reverse,
To the moment- that moment with no sorrow.

The stars start to dim,
They are hidden behind the darkness,
No more Sun-the stars limp,
To cure they might need a moon nurse,
But nurse is no a Sun,
Who can lighten them the whole night and month.

Today is the day,
Rain starts to fall heavily,
No more Sun-the clouds conquer all,
Forever they'll be dark and cloudy,
The brightness will eventually fall,
To the Sun-so long and goodbye,
To it the send to the high.

It felt just yesterday,
Today is not indeed the day of today.

Nine had flown through and through,
Ten is waiting to pass too,
Fast they would run,
Leaving all the forever memories behind,
Like the evergreen songs they live,
Forgotten she will never be, they believe.

We miss you,
As the day waits the night to be coming through.

Ha. This is my own poem. Dah lame nak pos. Tp baru amek dr lecturer. Nah! Bace. The bold lines to credit to HATIM ROSLAN. He gave me the idea lahh in BM. I translated it. Thnks2. :) Hang mmg jiwang. Haha. :))) Poetry is so not me. Tp bile ade mood nak tulis poem, masing2 pon berlumbe. :))

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raya Raya dan Raya~!

This year punye raye cam bese. Best lahh. Sebab raye kat kampung kan. Johor. At first, sume pakcik makcik were to be gathered. Turn johor sume tahun nih. Tp last2 yg ade seperti biase kami sekeluarge, Makpadi , Poksu sekeluarge and Mekty sekeluarge. Yg lain, last minute pny plan terpakse lahh balik kelantan lahh terengganu lahh, kedah lahh , perlis lahh. Nak dijadikan cerite pulak. This yr tak dpt nak raye umah arwah nenek. Rumah tinggal kan. Tp sebenarnye selama 7 thun raye sebelum nih mmg raye situ pon. This year, cabel elektrik abes kene kebas. Takde elektrik. So, kami menumpang tdo kat umah maklong.

Seperti biase. Aktiviti memasak akan bermule pg sebelum raye sampailahh malam raye tuh.
Menu :

Nasi impit ( takde ketupat. sedih!)
Kuah kacang
Ayam masak merah
Daging gulai kawah
Rusa masak rendang.
Ayam masak kicap (special. org johor je ade)
kuah lodeh
Sambal goreng.

Byk kaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Haha. Pnt tolong msk nih uols. (padehal tlg potong2 je hahaha).

Pagi raye. Seperti bese juge. Yg lelaki akan ke masjid. Solat sunat raye. Para wanita akan tggl di rumah. Menyiapkan ape yg patut. Dan bersiap! Heeeeeeee. Ok. Sume nak melaram lahh kan. Theme?? Hitam. Boleh faham taaaaaaaaaaaaakkk uols?? Raye2 pakai hitam? Haha. Ok. Rare lahh tuh. Bersalam2. Makan2 dan makan2 lagi. Lepas tuh baru start p beraye. :)

Perihal duit raye. Ha.. Dah besar2 nih, pyh lahh sikit nak dpt kann. huhu. Tp kalau makcik pakcik bg tuh, mmg selalu dpt lebih lahh. Ohh. Ade satu rumah sedare jauh nih. Tak bape knl. So die tatau bape umo kite kann. Saye diberi duit raye! Tra, adik saye tak dpt! Maknenye.........??? Awet muda lahh. haha. Byk kali! haha

Tak puas sebenarnye kat kg. Raye ke3 dah balik sini balik. Tak best kan. Ayah kene keje ke Indon. Tak dpt beraye!~ I miss kazen2 sebelah ayah saye sebnrnye. Huhu. Dah lame tak jumpe.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


I think i need to write something to clear things up. It happened so fast isn't it?? Be matured as your age plz. And even so, u said it is not for us, we are not stupid in analyzing it. And u r not good in lying. Trust me. We CARE! Seriously! Why did we do the so-called backtalking..??? U had done that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy before we did! I trust you. U are like my big brother. And tbe2 u didnt want to talk to me for so many times for no reasons. Ape yg kau ckp kau being emotional with reason?? Tell me that ur earlier post wasnt meant for me. Tell me those posts werent for us. I wont believe you. I am 20 and yet i know how to think.

Ni ade cite. Mase aku form5, aku tak disukai sume dak pompuan. Sbb dorg kate i am being tooooooo loud. They had a confront wit me. Respon saye? trime dan baiki diri. If org taleh ikot care kite, kite ikot care org. Not saying that we are being hypocryte, it is to at least make people see that we are trying to change. Kalau dah majority dah tak suke, maknenye kite yg silap. Igt suke ke keadaan jd cani?? I wanted us old days. Dulu. Yg bersatu. This is not us anymore. I dont wanna see this. Even i am not there to really see whats happening, but i know. I still can read and write. Do you think we are happy things become like this? We are not. Tanye je spe2. Takde sape suke. Takde sape tak kesah. Hey. It is ur right to be straight forward. And it is our right too to ask for ur cooperation to soften a bit ur thoughts. Bukan sume org leh trime straight forward. Lg2 pompuan. Lg2 pasal fizikal. U r allowed to be straight forward but plz dont be too harsh.

Hey. Dgr nih. Kami care. Kami syg frenship nih. We want to solve things. Let bygone be bygone. Lower down ourselves and we'll finally be ok. Thats all we need. :(

P/s : This is not for you. ( But somehow u feel like it was being pointed to u kan. That was what we felt.) Tq.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rindu Ibu. :(

Ibu. Dayang rindu ibu. Dayang nak jumpe ibu. Tapi tatau bile. Rindu nak borak2 ngn ibu. Rindu nak gelak2 ngn ibu. Rindu ibu. Ibu selalu ade dalam ingatan dayang. Dayang tak penah lupe. walaupun dah lame tak jumpe. Adik2 jugak. Rindu. InsyaAllah. Satu hari nnti kite jumpe lagi ye ibu. T_T terime kasih ibu layan dyg cam anak sendiri. Hari ni rindu dyg kat ibu membuak2. Huhu. Dyg syg ibu. Terime kasih ibu. :((

Sorry n Thank you.

Sometimes I do feel that I am being unfair. Unfair in judging all men are the same. But the paranoid that I have inside me is toooooooooooooooooo big and beyond deep. I dont wanna be hurt again. And that I am being very defensive and egoistic. With men especially. I know i am at fault but yet to admit it.

I am touched. Touched by him. Thank you. Thank you for being a good listener. Thank you for loving me more than I deserve. Thank you that you treat me beyond what i wud ever expect. Thank you that you cud stand with my perangai. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. Thank you for everything.

I know i am not a good gf. Suke majuk. Suke marah. Pastu bile awak majuk, org sikit pon tak pujuk. Last2 , what usually happen, awak akan mintak maaf ngn org balik. Even awak tau, org tau yg salah sebenarnye org.

Org mintak maaf. Org suke layan awak kasar2. Org tak jage hati awak sgt . Awak sgt jage hati org. Awak tanak buat org sakit pon. Tp org...??? Org tau awak kdg2 terase hati ngn org. Org mintak maaf.

I am grateful that I have a bf like you. Siyes tak tipu. Awak mungkin tak seromantik lelaki lain. Awak mungkin tak manis memuji . Awak mungkin tak sehensem Shahir. Awak mungkin tak sekaye Datuk K yg leh belikan org lancome bile2 mase je... Tp I love you. For who you are..

I am happy. Happy with him. So, kalau ade la suare2 sumbang kate aku tak patut ngn die, hey i wouldnt care. Coz all I want is to always be with him. I dont wanna let him go. Not even once. Coz I know no one can love me like he does. And no one can bare with me like he does. No one! No once can accept me in and out like he does. Unfortunately for him that he came after my most heartbraking love story that he needs to accept a new me. Defensive. Egoistic. Sorry.

Hey! I love you coz u love me. I am touched by the way you love me. By the way you see the 'cuteness' in me. (padehal takk). By the way you say sorry all the time. Hey. I love you. Very much that I wouldnt even bare to see u go away from me,. Stay near coz i'll always need you.

Despite saying all this, u r still in trial time my dear. Coz ni baru bulan kedue. Dont be toooooo happy reading this. :) Ur job is to prove that not all men are the same.

p/s : Lancome lancome lancome. Haha. :))) Bile agaknye aku nak dpt tgk blog kau?? Hurmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I miss you. Thanks. Walaupun gf awak ni sememeh. Serabai. Dabel chin. Ketawe bersepah. Ckp cam jntn. Awak terime org kan..?? :))))

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Analogy Lumba Lari.

Hmm. Kite igt2 balik. Kalau kite lumbe lari, kite wat ape?? Mest laju gile lari. Nak pingat emas kan. Semangat lahh kan lari laju2. Ade lak nmpk org lain cube memintas tuh. Lagi semangat lari. Paling laju kalau boleh. Kire cam no boundaries at all. Tiada penghalang lahh kan. If ade pon, ohh tak kesah. Asalkan dapat pingat emas tuh. Bile dah sampai garisan penamat, amboi. Bukan main suka lahh kan. Dah dapat pingat, 2 3 ari tayang lah. Bangge katenye. Pastu lame2, gantung wat perhiasan. Sampai dah agak2 lupe tuh , berhabuk lahh kat dinding. Ade tuh , simpan terus dalam kotak. Tggu mase nak buang je.

Haa.Ni analogy pasal lelaki lahh. Nak ngorat kan. Mule2 tuh pehh. Semangat bukan main wa cakap lu. Nmpk lakk ade yg nak bersaing. Makin semangat. No boundaries katenye. No matter what lahh i nk u jugak katenye. Dah konpem dapat, bgge bukan main. Ade aweek kan. Tayang lahh sane sini. Bulan pertame bulan kedua. Tgk bulan ketige tgk. DAh kene 'sangkut' kat dinding dah aweknye. Berhabuk pon dorg tak sedar. Haaa. Cam best kan analogy nih. Kredits tok my ex class mate tym kat nilai. Die sorg lelaki. But I twisted cite die to hentam lelaki pulak. Heeeeeeeeee.

So, pd lelaki. renung2kan dan selamat beramal. Perempuan skang dah tak sebodoh yg disangke. We know when u lie. We know when u do not want us anymore. Peace!~

Misteri atau Ilusi.

Okeh. Back to something more interesting. Hmm. Interesting ke?? Nih nak cite. Ade 3 situasi saye di bilik di UIA Gombak. Tatau lahh misteri ke atau ilusi kitorg je.

Situasi #1

Okeh. Kami berempat berada di compartment Bilaa. Sembang2 malam katenye. Bergosip lahh kan. Tgh berborak2 tuh, dgn tbe2 ade bunyik kuat menerjah telinga kami. (ayat novel 1.haha) Akmar paling cuak. Bilaa n Pika pon cam cuak2 berani je. Aku dgn selambenye ketawe sambil berkate "Alah ilek lahh". Sambil berjalan ke arah compartment sendri. Di pikiran ku, bunyik tuh bunyik baju aku jatuh. BAru nak kua dr comp bilaa, aku yg start cuak. Hmm. Baju2 yg aku sangkut takde yg jatuh pon. Aku pegi balik kat dorg " Weh . Aku igt baju aku jatuh. Tp takk pon." Pika n Bilaa pon bergerak ke comp masing2 cek ade tak ape2 yg jatuh. Tak lame pas tuh masing2 berlari balik ke comp Bilaa. Hmm. Takde ape yg jatuh. Pika nak sedapkan hati kitorg " ala bunyik kunci aku berlage ngn locker tuh." Aku tak puas hati. Aku try lahh lagekan kunci tuh . Bunyik tuh sgt perlahan. Not comparable langsung. Dorg terus bersembang. Aku still tak puas hati lagi. Aku try ketuk locker tuh. Aha! Same! Ok. Itu freaky. Sebab malam sebelum tuh kot dorg nih bercerita ade sorg mmber dorg kene kacau. Malam2 ade 'org' main ketuk2 locker. Huhu. Conclusion of the day : Akmar ajak tidur sekatil. Haha!

Situasi #2

Okeh. Jam menunjukkan pukul 1130 kot. Malam masih mude. Aku tgh on call dgn ehem2. Haha. Comp Bilaa n Pika dah gelap. Menandekan dorg dah otw nak tdo. Atau dorg dah tido. Si Akmar masih terang. Mengemas locker rasenye pade ketike itu. Tgh2 ber gayut tuh, tbe2 terdengar lahh ade org cam kua bilik. Pintu berkunci. So bile ade org bukak pintu, bunyi 'keletak'. Aku pelik. Sebab akmar kalau dah malam2 cani, mane berani nak p toilet sorg2. Mest ajak aku. So aku jerit, "Akmar! Akmar!". Akmar menyahut. Ak tanye " Kau ade kua ke weh". Pastu die berlari2 anak p comp aku. "Takde weh. Kau dgr ekk bunyik pintu tadi? Sape weh. Tkut weh!" Aku pon sedapkan ati. ala. Bunyik locker kau kot. "Aku tau la beze bunyik locker ke pintu." Soknye isu ini dibangkitkan di hadapan Pika. And Pika pon dgr. Die igt tu kitorg. Aha! Sape pulak yg main2 pintu nih??

Situasi #3

Ohh. Ini baru terjadi semalam. Oleh kerane demam dan pening yg amat sgt, pukul 10 dah tertido. Agak nyenyak lahh. Dalam pukul 12 tuh , terjage. Bilaa pon dtg lahh jenguk aku. "Demam ke?" Die tanye. Aku jwb "Tadelah. Pening je." Pastu die tanye ade takk dgr org ketuk pintu tadi. Aku dalam hati ah sudah. ade yg main pintu lagi ke? Bilaa cite kali ni die ketuk sekali je. Dak2 nih takut nak bukak sebab dah kol 11 lebih dah. Igt kot spot check. Kalau spot check, mest die ketuk sampai nak roboh pintu tuh. Ni takk. Sekali je. Dorg pon pelik lahh. Dorg jenguk kat tgkp, takde nmpk kelibat org pon. Huhu. Bulan2 pose ni pon kene kacau?? Wahhh.!~

Ha. What say you? Haha. Tepuk dada tanye iman. Agak2 takut, bacelahh yasin , ayat kursi dan 3 qul. Allah knows best! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Perihal Remove Connection.

Haih. A big big big sigh.

I thought bile buang, things will get much more easier. Tp tak pon. I did that bukan sebab ape. For the sake of me , my self. I want to be free. Free from everything that has to do dgn org yg di delete. Haih. Kadang2, i need to think pasal diri sendiri. Kalau asek pk pasal org, pasal ak .... Mest lahh aku sendiri yg nak kene jge. So...??? I need people to understand nape aku delete die. First, tuk kebaikan aku. Second, takde effect pon! Die kate. "We wont be frens." Die dah buang aku dr hidup die lame dulu. Salah ke kalau aku mengiyekan ape yg die nak thru FB.? Salah ke aku?? Salah ke aku kalau aku nak lupekan every single thing pasal die? Mmg boleh je. Kalau nak biakan. Tayah lahh sampai buang. Tayah lah masuk page die. Wat bodo je. If it is that easy........ Sume bnde tuh is past. Sebab past lahh I deleted him. Cz I want to erase everythg! Give me some spaces that I deserve. If die sakit skang, die marah skang..... Cube pk tym aku marah die, sakit sbb die dlu. Did he ever care? What i did is i clicked the remove connection button. Thats all. What he did is beyond that.

I may have evrything. A new bf bla bla bla. Tp kau realize takk yg ramai are backing u up. They said what i did was wrong. What u said was ryte. Sume hentam aku. And how is my everythg when u also have everythg? Every supports that u need..?? Dah lahh. I want all of these to be over. End! Plzz. Let me do bende yg aku rase baik tok aku. I am nothing for you that i need to think of ur emotions. U made me nothing. So, plzz. I am begging you. Sorry if kalau2 kau kesah aku delete kau. Aku delete kau bukan sbb emosi. Bukan dalam keadaan marah. Bukan dalam keadaan tak waras. Dah lame dah I thought of deleting you. Kalau kau ade dalam frenlist aku, tendency for me to stalk you tu sgt besar. Watpe nak stalk2 lagi aku pk? So , aku delete. I want to forget every single tiny little thing! Wat pe aku nak kau ade dalam frenlist. Aku akan sakit. I dont wanna be sakit forever! I am begging and seeking for your understanding. Kau yg ckp kau tanak kawan ngn aku dah. Tp now ... Aku makin serabut skang.

Percayelah cakap aku. Ap yg aku wat nih takkan ade effect ape2 pon kat kau. Trust me. Oh. Maybe kau akan kate akan ade effect regarding ur fren. We are mature enuf kan. Take it profesionally lahh. We know how to separate things. I believe he is matured enuf. U need not to be worry. I am truly sorry. Sorry sgt if I made things even more complicated for you. Cz i juz want to make things easier for me. I wish that u will understand why i did this. Let me be happy with my life. Baru skang nak rase happy balik. Plzz. Kesian lahh kat kite nih. I need some fresh air to breath. After all this while, baru je nak rase happy sikit. Let me be, will you?? Not saying that I am happy deleting you. It is just that aku tanak dibayangi kau lagi. Tanak igt kau lgi. Plzz.

Aku just berpegang kpd kate2 kau. Byk kali dah aku cakap aku tanak bergadoh pon ngn kau. Aku tanak bermusuh pon ngn kau. But the way you treat me tuh cam tak membolehkan kite berkawan. So, watpe nak jd 'kawan' dalam fb lagi?

Tah lahh. I have my reasons. Everyone, plzz understand. And plzz. I need tym to recover. Jgn push aku. Luka nih terlalu dlm. Ye. Maybe aku terlalu emotional. Tp tak ketika masenye aku click butang tuh. Tq. And sorry for everything. Pffftttt!~

(dalam keadaan sgt serabut. haih. and i need you!~. How i wish u were here. T_T)