Thursday, November 18, 2010

TARA 4- Ethan and Khairie

Ok. This post is about my frustration last night. Hmm. I am a follower of The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) eversince season 1. And now TARA is in season4.
We were proud enough back then 4 years ago, when our Malaysian team won the first season. I cant recall their names. But ya.. We are proud of you, ladies! For your great achievement!.
Season 2 was not bad too. Pamela and Vanessa were in finals to take the 1st runner up. They did great anda great competitor too.
Season 3. Well I was not following this season as I followed all other seasons. But ya. I know that one of the Malaysian Teams was in the finals. And They had their spot for the 2nd runner up.

And now. Season 4. Ethan and Khairie. They showed they are great competitors to all other contestants. But ya. It is a race. They have been eliminated last night! Ohhhhh. I am soooooo not in the mood in watching TARA anymore. What is the best part? They expected that they will be going to be eliminated. And Khairie had taken out the flag of Malaysia. And so we cud see the flag's waving at his bag. See . How Patriotic Malaysians are??? They played for Malaysia!!! Yeah bebeh! Good to see you guys!

Ethan and Khairie.
credits to TARA website.
p/s : Jom support Claire and Michelle. They are good frens of Ethan and Khairie. And they are cute too.!
p/s/s : rindu nak tgk TARA ngan uols!!!!!!!!!!

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Anna Hannah said...

i also felt sad for their elimnation... I always hope they to go to the finals. I even hope that that episode will be no elimination.... Huhu... T.T