Saturday, November 13, 2010

He is My Soul.

Celebrating the birthday quite late sounds boring , isnt it? My birthday was on the same date withh the finals. And what to do? We have decided to celebrate it after raye. (we as in me and my boyfie). And and and dat our 4th anniversary fell on the day before my birthday, so we were thinking to celebrate it along. (jimat kos). And and i have not met my bf for like 2 months (Phewww. lame gile ok) . At first, igt nak p isnin. But then my assignments are to be submitted by tuesday . So i told him what if we meet on Saturday. And here we go.

As usual. Meeting point KL Sentral. *boring. Awal gile. Jalan2. Sampai Low Yatt *boring. Awal lagi nak p masuk Karok kannn. So I treated him COOLBLOG pika, yeah coolblog! haha. But he didnt like it. ! Masuk Redbox. We got 2hours of karaoking . Padia! Sakit pulak hati nih. Tak puas ok. Haha. Doing things that we love. Then P Ts. Nak tgk wyg smbil usha baju * bosan. takde yg best. wyg pon tak best. Gerak pavi, sggh BB. Cari sandal and baju. TAKDAK ! Sedih skang. P Pavi . Tgk wyg. You Again. Best! Kelaka. And jalan2 lagi tgk baju *bosan lagi. P makan kat Pizza Hut. Service cam kambing! HUh! Then balik.

Besides he was giving me the bday present and the card and a cd *containing a video he made for it. We were not that celebrating pon. And oh yeah. Choc indulgence. Cz we did our normal things . Cant run from doing them. It was fun. And and and i am not saying im not happy with it. I am happy as long as I were to meet him *sweet kan. tau dah. haha. and and and yeah. he sent me back smpai terminal. he walked me to the cab. isnt he sweet? HAHA!

And this is the necklace he gave to me. :) takut nak pakai. takut ilang lagi!

Coolblog Pink Guava Watermelon! Weheee. :)
This is the card, Comel kan. And I bet you that u dont want to know what he had written. Toooooooooo sweet to be true. Ahaks!

Yeah. So that is our celebration. Nothing much special with it. Yeah. Not until I went home and ran the cd he gave me. To watch what is inside. U guys know what. I was always saying that last year's bday was the best bday ever. Here. Now. I would like to say that this gift is the most precious and valuable gift i have ever had. I cried watching it. I dont know if he was just being a sweet talker. But it touched me. Knowing him yg konon2 baragas, tbe2 terjiwang, rase cam nak gelak. But I love it! The videos u have made for me. And I want to share this video. Korg mungkin rase nak muntah. HAHA.

Thanks awak for everything today. I had fun. And most of all, the videos. T_T I want you to be here always. and i know sometimes i am cruel to u. But u still accept me , hehe. :) and i know sometimes i seem to take u for granted. Hey! I am not. ! U r my life. I cant imagine my life without you. And and I love you sayang. so much that u cant even imagine. Thanks!!


akmar waldorf said...

mende ha? tak nmpk pape pon videonye. tulisan tak nmpk dy tulis ape doe? hehe

.d.a.y.a.n.g. said...

tu lahh pasal nye. haha. jiwang gilak weh. tp sweet. tape2 next sem aku bwk cd. kite tgk ramai2 dan bhn atem. hahahah

si ngeng. said...

auwwww.. i didnt know hatim can be so sentimental at times. so sweet ! heheheh :))

top_ace7 said...

apo bondo ni ehh? pink ajo yg den nampak. poning den. background pink, video pink. gay ke apo? hahaha.

tp idea ni mmg sweet. i wish i could do it to someone :)

.d.a.y.a.n.g. said...

phye : haha. aku pon tatau. tatau nak klasifikasikan jiwang or romantik. hahahaha. ni video hang tak dpt tgk, kalau dpt.. kau akan rase nak muntah hahahha

acid : hahah tu lahhh. tulisan tak nmpk... tape lahh. aku sorg je leh bace. hahah. aku pink freak. sorry lahh. hahhaha
wat canii cid. konfem gf hang cair weh. kadang2 cinta tu tak perlu dicari. die dtg sendiri. :) and i really hope to that u have someone that loves u as u deserve. waaaaaaaj. sweet takk sye. :)

top_ace7 said...

sweetnyeww kamooooo. hahahahahaha.

gf aku kejadahnye dayang? celah mana datang aku ada gf? hahahaha :p