Friday, November 26, 2010

Sometimes. HIM.

This post is for him.

This post is for you. When u dont ask for it. :)

Since 3 pm tadi, my hp doesnt receive any of his calls and texts. And I couldnt reach him. I tried to do things as usual. But my day wont be as usual that now he is farrrr away.................... He is having a camp yet again. This time around the camp is being held in Grik, Perak. He said he will be staying at this one island and there will be no coverage at all! For 3days ! T_T 3 days k, :(

At first I thought I'll be okay. Urghhh, I am not! And I wont be.

3 days are long enuf to make me miss him. *crying. Yeah. I had once said that it is hard for me to be in love yet again. It is indeed! But hell yeah. He made me love him so much. For loving me like crazy. HAHA.

Sometimes, SOMETIMES i repeat. I hurt him intentionally. :) Penghamburan kata2 makan dalam tuh dah biase die dapat. HUHU. Padahal masalah sikit je. saje dibesar2kan. And and die memang sentiase mengalah. Tak pernah sekali pon die mng. Bcoz he let me win all the time. Thanks! :) And and SOMETIMES, my words even made him cry. *opps. bocor sudah rahsie terbesar . haha. I did that intentionally. Sebab..? I am paranoid. Paranoid with the past stories of mine. And and bile dah paranoid , egois tukan datang. Sorry lahh yg awak kene hadap sume nih. Huhu. And people keep saying dont live with history. Ohhh. If it is easy, people not need to say. I'll do it in the first place.! And so, selalunye, salah die tu tak besar. Kecik je. Takyah jd hal pon. Tp sebab ego................................ Hal kecik pon boleh jd gaduh lame2. Huhu. And and I know , SOMETIMES , salah tuh dtg dr aku. But i never admit it. Sebab...? ego ah! Sampai die kate,
Awak ni perfect. Terlalu perfect. (dalam nade manganjing sesungguhnya. haha) Having said that, He is being so loyal of letting me win ,! For you to know, kdg2 tu tak sampai hati nak keras sgt. Tp ego menghalang. Hmm. Ego besar sangat. Tapi bile dgr suare die yg ala2 serak nak nangis tuh, baru terpikir. Kasarnye aku. SORRY!

Why is that i can love him so much??? Sebab keSABARan die. Ha.. Nak tergelak. Sebab? Dgn the new me nih, i know sape lahh yg tahan. Tp die, so far, still ok lagi. Maybe sebab baru lg kot. Baru2 pon, in a day nih, we are going to be 5 months together WHICH if he exceeds the anniversary day tuh, he'll be my record ah. Paling lame.! HAHA. Yeah. Paling lame relationship, 5bulan ah! Last relationship which ended on our 5th month annyversary . Wasnt that great?? HAHA. so, ya. So far. We dont have any big problems. Gaduh2 manje tu ade lahhh. Sebab..? Die positif when i am not. That is what keeps us together day by day. And I know SOMETIMES, i take him for granted. Knowing that he loves me so much that he wont leave me. But my frens slalu pesan, "Once die dah polak, he wont ever accept u back?" . Ok ! I'll let my ego down for him SOMETIMES. :) That is an achievement what! That means err. I wont say I cannot live without him. *ayat drama sgt. That means he is very important in my life that without him, i dont know what happen to me. :( Dont go far.! Grik is yet far enough to me.

He is not the lelaki idaman malaya. he is seriously not. he doesnt have what it takes to be one i shud say. HAHA. Ensem..? Jauh sgt. Kaye..? Bese je. Gentleman..? *he even asked me to bring his heavy bag, not once! But he is the one who loves me wholeheartedly. I think that is what women need. Love , affection and attention. He has been giving me all those. And so, for 3days nih, i am lost! T_T. But I know, he'll remember me. Kan ..? I love you! :) And I miss you! :(

*writing this post while hugging Tommy and teka, remembering and missing you, with tears in my eyes. and keep on refreshing ur FB page just so kot2 u are there. :( i miss you so badly! Oh. u r the only guy who can make me cry for missing you even u dont have the visual. Hehe.

p/s : I know. This post sedikit geli untuk dibace. Sorry kawan2! :)

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