Saturday, October 2, 2010

We Eat ROMANTIC Poetry Event!~

Venue ; Experimental Hall, UIA.
Date : 1st Oct 2010
Time : 2030

Poetry. Poem recitation. Bla bla bla. People think it will be boring and dull and so on so forth. But we've made it INTERESTING. Like hell yeah. If other people think it is not, well at least i think it is! We have been given a task. And it included in our assesment this semester. We have to like manage an event. Poetry event. And the theme for us is Romanticism. Our whole section which consists of 51 students were divided into 5 groups. And each group has its own task. Group 5 with their video performance. Group 4 with the selling of the chapbooks. And the other 3 groups were in-charge in performing! I am in Group 4. Looking for romantic poems . And I was pointed to be the host that night. First time. Luckily, I have my frens who support me. And Nuzul, host partner, he is just spontaneous that I somehow felt relieved! Chaotic I should say at first coz last minute baru nak jumpe , meeting and all. Baru nak beli barang adn to know what stuff to be done. Everyone was like hypertension and stuff. But the event ran smoothly! :)

The performances were just great! I like the Choral Speaking conducted by Syaza. So cute!!! And ya the acting-poem recitation conducted by Kerin. Soooooooooooo cool!!!!! With surprises and stuff. Ai loikke. And I like the way Zira and Nija recited their poems. The poem yg Zira recite tuh sgt best. I mean its a reality check untuk org bercinta. Terutame untuk perempuan. ! Kan?? Falling in love is like a bite of dark choc! We know it's bitter but we want it anyhow!! That's falling in love. Cant agree more!!

The behind the scene crews, Ain, Pika, Akmar, Dila, Hasma and many more. They did the flower ring. They bought stuffs. They decorated the stage! :)) Sian korg. Mest Penat.! But to see the event went well, penat hilang kann?? Haha!

P/s : Gmbr kat dalam hall takde!! BUt gmbr kitorg ber cam whore dalam bilik ade lahh :))
Thanks Bila for coming! :)

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