Saturday, October 9, 2010

G to the A to the M E R S!

What is love to you?
A game to play
And coincidently you found me to be in
You told me to stay
But u suddenly gave in.!

I am ur best gr u've ever had
This is what u said
But I know
That all of ur exes are!!!!
Their hearts to aid
I mean our hearts!
At that tym that I didnt realise
First round , u won.

Melt me with ur words
Make me feel guilty with ur persuading skills
And touch my heart with ur lovey dovey things,
Second round, u won - still.

Now , that u said "let's end the game"
U leave me in a total clueless!
And i started to think
Am i being too tame?
I felt like crying like a river
And I was
And kept reminding myself it's a game over.
Final round, u have won the whole game!

Time flies by
When I am still thinking that u've won over me
I just forget something
It's the time for me to say goodbye
For all those miseries you had made me feel
Coz now i am happy
With a better guy.

And you..?
You started the game
And made it as if u overuled,overpowered,controlled it
What do you have now?
Love? laughter? Or even ur life?
Not even a single thing!
Coz u with only ur game!

Im happy to see im happier
And people will say "o u'r being soo mean"
I say "hey people,he's way meaner"
Thanks to you that I am stronger
Coz u r the game starter
But I am the best player!

P/s : A poem written by me this morning. I couldnt sleep the whole nyte. And I finalized my poem. And here it is!! Yeay!! Quite long. Tp ok lohh. This poem is really general. Has nothing to do with anyone. Hope that the girls out there realize that we are stupid when we think we're smart.! Like hell yeah!

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