Thursday, December 16, 2010

With Love

the new sem has started last monday.

and so far, i had fun with my roomies and my classmates. i had lots of laughing . HAHA.

Add and drop thingy...?? alhamdulillah. I have got all the subjects i want to add. except for halaqah. will try to add it later.

Girls' talk everywhere. After a month of not seeing each other, girls gather just to share their own stories and recalling old2 stories. huhu.

I had fun!

Nurul Akmar Zainuddin

Nur Syafiqa Ismail

Nurul Nabilah Razali

Hasmawani Mat Hussin.

I love each and every single of you. I meant it. Like seriously. I swear to God twice. I hope this semester will be a great one for us and let's us search for a dean's list this sem. Yeah . we can do it!!!!!! and........................................ frenship never ends sayangs!!! Love you all so much!

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