Saturday, December 18, 2010


new update.

well. nothing interesting to share. being at home for the whole wikens. nothing much to do. eat and eat and eat. Fb is getting annoying day by day. I mean it's boring man! i cant do much with it. Blogging...?? malas.

i am putting my weight i think. haih. i keep on eating like non stop. like seriously non stop. haih. and to add it up. tomorrow will be the day of finally, my sis who's taking kulinary arts will make chicken chop for us,. like finally. after 2 years of studying, only tomorrow she'll cook us somethng special. urgh. huhu. but cant wait!

my youngest brother, azin has had his khatan yesterday. he was like lying on the sofa for the whole yesterday. and today, he is walking, climbing the stairs to have his PS. and sitting on the chair just to check his FB. haih. he is active today. the only thing is that. he wear ayah's sarong. he doesnt tie it. and when he wanted to stand, the sarong almost fell over likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee urghhhh! haha. my dad even said to him 'kalau camtu tak pakai kain pon takpe'. haha.

we had watched malaysia's game against vietnam for the second leg of the semi final in hanoi. we got thru to the finals. but, if the players are consistently doing what they did just now, we will never win the cup . we are to defeat indonesia in the finals. err herlowwwww. plz recall back our game against indonesia peringkat kumpulan. it was embarrassing ! i mean, its not that im saying the players cant play. mentality and strategy. a game , any game is all about ur bran and how to strategize and put ur strategy works! that is all. yes. a game is always about luck. but we can try our very hardest , cant us? we support u all the way malaysian team! malaysia boleh! :)

ha. and thats all for my post today. boring kan..? haha.

p/s : dah kul 12 malam ni kawan2. selalu 12 malam , dyg watpe ekk?? HAHA. till then!

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