Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Talent that All Guys Have.. Beware Girls!!

All guys can twist their words like they have done that ever since they are in the wombs. They can manipulate our words and theirs to make they are right and we trust them. Cz the girls are stupid, we trust them easily. N ya. When it comes to comforting the girls, guys are tiptop! We will feel like we are their princess. The truth is, only guys know. Beware this girls:

1. When a guy approaches u and says u r beautiful when u think u r not, he is being a sweet talker. hahahah
2. When ur Bf says that he loves u more than u love him,plizz.. Dont easily trust. They have to prove it first by buying u the latest handphone in the market hhaahhah
3. When he asks 'something' as in ur prove for ur love towards him, say this to him : "Hey u jerk man. Im no a slut nor I am a bitch. Get lose. Juz get sluts for ur love." hahahahha.;)
4. When he says u r the best Gf that he has evr had, say this to him : "yeah right. Whatever n talk to my ass!"
5. When he says he loves u until death, wait until he dies n asks him right after that if he loves u or not. If he can answer ur question, he truly loves u hahhahahaha.

Guys are like that. So girls beware with their words,lips n tongue. And ya. Their brains of coz. Not all guys are like that. They are some guys who are very true with their words. :0. I am waiting for this guys to appear in front of me n propose me. ;) N without hesitation, i'll accept!

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