Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Terbace Balik.

Aku sgt bijak. tah nape aku sgt bosan dan aku pon tergerak hati nak bace blog aku tym 2009. Hmm. When I read all those, I had my tears. Teringat balik sume bnde jd. how happy we were. hahha. Happy gile! Rindu sgt. Sgt2. Sedih. Why do we have to be like this at the end of the day???!!

I ' ve once written this to him.

A hope from me.
Never leave me even for you its for good.

Bcz the BEST thing happes to me is

It will never be a better one.

The same feeling is still the same though. I know it wont b a btter one.

And this too.

I am missing you like crazy syg. I cired of missing you.Baru 2hari tak jumpe n jarang cntc. I am like this.
Juz imagine if ever u r to leave. Imagine how I will be.

U can see. U dont have to imagine cz it had happened.

Im sorry. Im crying again. This is not the ending that I have expected. Sorry. Im not strong enough!