Saturday, November 14, 2009



My dear... Sorry for everything. I should have understand you better than anyone else. I should not force you in any way directly or indirectly. I dont even hv the intention to do so. It's juz dat I have feelings sayang. Sometimes, I AM emotional. N I know that is what makes you even more depressed. I seek for ur understanding to understand me (its not dat u don understand me) when I am crying bcz of THOSE stupid things!

When I am crying, I juz need ur shoulders like before. Not u asking me to break off with u.
When I am crying, I dont want you to be depressed. I juz want to hear ur voice, saying "Sayang, jgn nangis. Kite kan ade." like before.
When I am crying, I juz need u to wipe my tears as always. Not u saying to me that ur the one who make me cry.
When I am crying, I juz need u to ask me to be strong of what happened. Not u saying that u r not the one for me.

I really love u. I love u more than u do. I juz cant let u go even if u r to leave me. Cz I love you n I cant live witout u.

When I say, I never love a guy like I love u, it is alwiz true.
When I say, I never fall for a guy like i fall for you, it is true.
When I say, I wont leave you, it is true.
When I say, I love u more than u do, it is true. And u know it is true ;)

I really wish, if there are fightings between us after dis, (I bet there will be loads!) U WONT ASK ME TO LET U GO AND TO BREAK OFF WITH U! Coz I dont want to! Ever! Kite sayang awak sangat. PLZZ.. Im begging u to not mention the word 'BREAK' ever again.

D.Am <3>


fYqA said...

just be strong..
and whatever happen,happen 4 a reason..
i know u can face ol the things by ur own..
i olwez love you syg!!!

life is like maths.
when its getting complicated,just simplify it!!!

dayang ina said...

and as if to simplify it is easy..

si ngeng. said...

hesh si mangkuk wan ni.poning pale den haa.