Saturday, November 21, 2009


Sayang.. I know u have problems. So do I. And I know there are loads of them. And that is why u r sooooo depressed lately. I know sometimes I jz couldnt understand u. That u r having probs. I miss u so badly. I need the old of u. I know it is difficult for the time being. I juz need u to be strong my dear. U have to.

Let me be with u plz sayang. Dun keep all ur problems by urself. Ya. U did tell me the problems. But I jz know that there are not in full versions though. I want to be with u. So I cud understand u. So we dont fight that much. I love u sayang. I really do. Sorry for everythg. I love u more than I love my self. Let me be into ur problems plz my dear. That is all I need from u now.

p/s: I was happy with u. I am happy with u. I will b happy with u. Never been happier and never will.


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bLaCkBoNe said...

ilymtylm 2 mende haa??