Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am missing some people..
Family ayah.. Abang2 sedare ku.. Kakak2 Sedareku.. Sepupuku yg gile. ;)

Well, I close to some of them.. Abg Azly, Ziyad, Iwan, Arif and Izyan..
Well my father's family is full with BOYS! hahaha..

I dont have any big brother.. They are like my big bro. They care bout us, their cousins.

I miss them so badly. It's been a long tym since I met them. I miss the moment when we are gathered. Almost all of us.. I love being with them..

All the trips that we've gone thru together. The Genting thingy. Huhu.. The Family Day in Melake. That was when I know u guys care for us..

Some of the abg are married. And they have children. Loads of them. I dont remember some of their names. heheh. Sorry.

Now, Abg Azly je blom kawen haa.. Kalau die kawen, kitorg rase sedih plak t.. Huhu.. Sbb ktorg tau. Bile die da kawen, he wont be our Abg Azly anymore. T_T..

Tp ne la tau kitorg kawen dulu.. heheheh

Rindu each and everyone of u..


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