Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, I had my Linguistics class at 1pm. We were disscusing bout all the phonetics, morphology thingy. I was like not 100% paying attention to what my lecturer was teaching n explaining. I was bz doing somethg elseS. Huhu. Ya, apparently, Im not a good student. The point is during the lecture of me not paying attention, there's this one issue dat really made me.. I mean MAKES me think bout it.

The issue is about the word NIGGER or NEGRO. Wats wit the word that really can make me pay attention to the lecture? Miss Aisyah asked us why is that the word is very offensive? And this one student answered the question. Eleda. She said that long tym ago, the word Niger is a bad word indicates the Black pipel. So they really dont like it. So do the word KELING in Malaysia. That is very offensive. We shouldnt call anyone like that. She asked Miss Aisyah back if n only if the word MELAYU is offensive. She said no. MELAYU is not ofnsive.

But the wod KAMPUNG to describe n label pipel IS offensive. She said there her fren saying that she is kampong juz bcz she doesnt go clubbing n doesnt wear the obscene clothes n dresses. She said if BANDAR is like dat. then she prefers to b a kampong girl.

And I was like, So do I Miss! I am a kampong girl if a bandar girl is someone who goes n has her social life unlimited n doesnt have boundaries. I am a kampong girl when a bandar girl is considered as a girl who doesnt wear the hijab n cover their aurah. I AM a MELAYU yg KAMPUNG my dear. I really am if the bandar girl of wat u think of is like u. Credits to Miss Aisyah for this post! :) Miss Aisyah is someone who had live in England for years n yet she admits she is a kampong girl. But some of us live in Malaysia, not even in the capital city of Msia and think of they are bandar girls. HAhahahahah. Funny!

p/s: This is sooooooooooooooo not an offensive post :)


sipisenan said...

tu yg plik.. rmai jer org cmtu... aku pon x paham.. dressing maut.. ngaku org bandar.. at last, kantoi jgk yg die ni org kampung.. menjadi persoalan la.. trok sgt ker jd org kampung? aku pon org kampung.. x de hal jer aku rse... hihi...

.d.a.y.a.n.g. said...

dat is y.. masalahnye.. persepsi dorg kat org kg ni cam teruk sgt je. ak tak phm tol kdg2. haisy

sipisenan said...

pd diorg, org kampung ni kolot.. x tw paper.. pastu x modern.. lurus.. pengotor.. tu sumer andaian diorg.. tp sumer tu x btol.. aku tgk member aku, kampung lg dr aku.. skali pandai gler, pembersih dan die tu mcm tw serbe serbi.. so, sbagai manusie jgn la kte mengukur org tu dr luaran..hehe.. x semestinyer org bandar ni perfect. =P ~sowi klw ader yg trase~

.d.a.y.a.n.g. said...

cant agreed more.. btol sgt2 ape yg kau ckp tu haa