Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HAppy New Year

Away 2009.. Year comes and goes..

Thru out this one whole year, I've learned a lot and I've gained loads of experiences. Sweet and not that sweet. Well. That is life though. It cant be sweet all the tym. And all those not that sweet thingy had teached me how to be strong, how to make gud decision, how to make frens and cus gud frens..

Nilai is the place which I lay all my life diz year.. Most of my 2009 memories were all happened in Nilai. Nilai which I thought at first will be like hell!! But apparently, I love Nilai as the way it is.

Having new frens, a bf, enemies, and all...
That colours my life in 2009..
2009 is for me a drama year... Loads of drama with the crying and emotional scene happened.
That colours my life too..

Coming .. Year comes and goes..

Will be 20? Im that old? That fast? Huhu..
Hope 2010 wil be a bettr year than ever

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