Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy 3d month Anny..

Happy 3rd month Anniversary!!!

It has been 3 months since we are together.. Loads of thg we have gone thru together. The hopes of not even say the break thingy in the 3rd month ni tak jadi kenyataan.In fact, we broke off for several tyms diz month. When I told the gang I broke off with u,they didnt belive.. They said:
"Ala, kau jgn ngade2.. Japg sambg balik tuh."
Hahhahah. Well Im glad la bende tu betol... And every single anny mesti nak break.. Yg ni takde lasampai nak break. Tp hampir la.. Gadoh tak hengat.. Tp bes gado kan wak..:).. And I realize dat half way of the month kite da jarang gado. Tatau sebb ape but I know it is for gud. :)

Awak.. Makin lame we're together.. Makin kite kenal awak. And awak pon camtu. I love u as the way u r. I hope u too. Thx for acceptg me as the way I am. Wpon kite gemokke tembam ke.. Awak still sayang kite kan. :)..

I love u and always missing u..

With love,

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bLaCkBoNe said...

u must be storg syg..
there are so many bitches that won't let u both happy..
but no matter what, we r always here beside u to support both of u..:))